nawcom ModCD v0.3 is out

Nawcom has updated his modCD again. This time addressing most of the issues which is found in the original post. If you are wondering whats nawCom BootCD basically it makes it even easier to install OSX. There is no more postInstall crap like myHack , multiBoot. This CD will pretty much take care most of the things for you , thus making OSX installation on PCs as easy as possible. For more details on nawcom’s modCD , do check out this post or over at his blog.
Changelog (from the previous version) :-

  • Changed the boot screen
  • Used the kernel blacklist code to disable graphics kexts when using the CD. This way there won’t be issues anymore.
  • Hardware autodetection is now done in rc.cdrom instead of OSInstall.mpkg, so the Install Customize dialog now 1000% faster since theres no conditions to go through for each one.

Screenshots (thanks to nawcom)
Automatic On the fly patching - kernel , drivers , etc

Adds custom drivers during installation
Adds custom drivers during installation , so you dont have to do any work !

Please note , its not a distro. It automatically patches your disc on the fly , and includes all these wonderful and simple to use options
Oh yeah , the download link (more mirrors soon) (Mirror 2) (Thanks reuploaded/ Mirror 3)
It simply translates to you’re able to install int variety of hardware and hopefully there shouldn’t be any black screen issues during installation. Again , its a work in progress by nawcom and I’ll be helping him as well. Feel free to post comments and any feedback , as I’ll collect them and discuss with nawcom !

Nawcom's BootCD – The sucessor to EmpireEFI

As we know , EmpireEFI , tonyx86 boot cd and other boot cd variants has helped a lot of us to get retail OSX installation in our beloved Dell Computers (and clones alike). What nawcom has done with his boot cd is that he has taken entirely it into next level. His bitchblog may seem a bit technical. So I am here to translate that to plain english on simply what it means. It simply means that now you can install OSX alongside with Windows on a MBR partition without the need of formatting the entire drive as GPT and using complicated procedures to dual boot. Plus on top of that , nawcom has added support for a variety of graphics card  (well almost all which Chameleon native Graphics Injector supports) as opposed to my EmpireEFI. It will automatically detect your hardware through I/O Registry and post-instructions will be posted over at Desktop , thus making it a lot easier for you to get to know about your hardware and to determine if its supported. For your information , I’ll be working with nawcom to come up with an awesome boot CD which shall supersede EmpireEFI.
UPDATE #1 – Updated version can be obtained from here (changelog + details) Read More

EmpireEFI 1.085 for OSX 10.6.3 is out

Its that time of the year  – No silly , not Christmas. Its the newest EmpireEFI Release which caters for MacOSX 10.6.3 Retail DVD. Like the previous version , I’ve put a bit more effort on this.
I’ve now released EmpireEFI for OSX 10.6.3 . It includes OSX kernel which allows a lot of newer Core i-series devices such as Mobile Core i3 , i5 , and newer core i7s (both desktop and laptops as well). To make things even easier , I’ve narrowed the versions into Generic , ATI and NVIDIA. Each of these version contains both Legacy version (meant for problematic system) and the normal version). I am not able to test it thoroughly like I used to as I do not own 10.6.3 Retail DVD. However I can assure you that it should work . If it does not , just post a comment here and I’ll try my best to rectify it !
Changelog :-

  • Included Kernel to enable a variety of Core i series processor
  • Included Natit and newer version of Chameleon

Never the less , here are the download links for it :-
Intel ONLY (Empire EFI V1.085) – Generic (Includes both legacy version and normal version)
Intel ONLY (Empire EFI V1.085) – ATI (Includes both legacy and normal version)
An AMD Version and nvidia-intel would be released soon. So stay tuned 😛
Alternatively you may want to download older versions from here especially if you’re using AMD processors

Empire EFI V1.085 R2 is out

The newest version of Empire EFI is out . This time , I’ll be tackling on certain motherboards and graphics card incompatibility issues. For instance , a lot of folks have complained about Intel onboard graphics and Empire EFI which results in a black screen , nvidia gtx 2xx users and black screen issue , Core i3-M , Core i5-M and new Core ix users and not to mention AMD Users. In a jiffy here are the new goodies :-

  • New Chameleon RC3 + PC_EFI 10.6 boot loader with customised patches such as automatic EDID injection , GMA injector and improved nvidia injector (its bsically the same as my customised PC_EFI 10.6 which you can download it from here)
  • Added support for AMD SB780 and SB7xx Motherboard series
  • Removed some conflicting kext which causes kernel panics on certain motherboard (this includes sound and power management kext). Sound may not work out of the box !

You can read more about the new changes and download these new versions by clicking this link. Oh yeah , just to add that I may no longer able to release Empire EFI due to the time constrain and not to mention some of my work goes unappreciated . I’ll try my best to keep it up to date but don’t worry much about it. The main reason why you need Empire EFI or any boot-132 discs is just to install OSX. Once you’ve it installed , you can pretty much tweak and update and do whatever you wish. Its just that simple.
Want to express your thoughts , feel free to post em here. Yes I do read every single comment and I take note of it
Cheers !

Empire EFI v 1.085 is out

Behold , I’ve released the new Empire EFI which is far better then any of its predecessors. However it comes along with new changes which should help both of us , you and me and everyone else. Thus making an easier installation. I’ve taken previous constructive comments and criticism and integrated it to my new Empire EFI v 1.085. Think of it as the first few steps that I’ve taken towards moving to Empire EFI v.109. these are some of the minor changes as I am moving it towards a new direction. I am planning to include more documentation which covers more and more aspect of the operating system
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Empire EFI

satisfyBefore I get this thing rolling – I want to tell you one thing. The tone which I’ve written this article may differ , its just to make it sound like a commercial product. I have no intentions of selling it or making profit out of it. This project will remain , free and I’ll be writing a guide on how to make your very own boot-132 disc so that you can pretty much help out the rest !

Introduction – Presenting Empire EFI. The one of the kind boot loader which all. Do take a look at what Empire EFI as to offer. Unlike other tutorials and guides and solutions , you don’t need a hackint0sh or Macintosh running OSX . Its possible to use this disc on a PC running Windows or Linux

As wise Darth Vader used to say (our CEO and Mentor):-

“You do not know the power of the dark side” – Darth Vader

By the way do take a look at our new prelude (thanks apocolipse aka apoc269)


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