Legacy AppleACPIThermal & AppleACPIEC Kexts

Anyway here we go a patched AppleACPIThermal and AppleACPIEC (which is backported from 2005 , aka OSX 10.4.1 for OSX 10.6). You may ask – Why on earth you want to do that. Well , I’ve many reasons for doing so. The primary reason is for me to control the fan speeds , at least so that its not that noisy and mainly to activate Thermal sensors of the computer so that OSX sort of knows when to shut down the PC when its too hot . Technically you should get a warning saying that your PC is too hot and you should shut it off and wait for it to cool. These kexts are meant for laptops (portable computers) and netbooks alike . They DO NOT WORK ON DESKTOP COMPUTERS
So what on earth is EC (Electronic Controller) and Thermal Zone ?
Basically how it works is by using pure ACPI calls. I’ve managed to get some of the idea , on how it works. Electronic Controller is something like homeostasis , i.e when your blood sugar content is high – how your body brings it down . Same goes to your laptop. If it senses that the laptop is too hot , it tries to bring down the temperature by cutting down on power consumption (i.e sending HALT commands or forcing the CPU to go into full energy-saving mode , going into standby automatically , cutting down GPU power by half , etc) . Real macs do have Electronic controller as well , its just that Apple made it to work with EFI and with their EC only , for the rest of us – we’re still using traditional ACPI Method. This is where both of the kexts come into play ! (more after the jump)
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