Creating your own EmpireEFI (the easy way)

Its a small gift from me. Lately I’ve been very busy with real life. Thats the reason why I have not updated my blog for such a long time. Plus I’ve neglected all the e-mails which I’ve received. Anyhow as a human , I do feel that its my part as well to help and to do something for the community. Instead of taking down the whole secret down with me , I thought of sharing it on how to create your own Empire EFI disc the easy way out

I’ve included a lot of essential files and modified stuff into this customised BootCDMaker – which makes it easier to create your own bootable disc. You’re able to include your own dsdt, your own fixes and so on and so forth and even distribute it. Its pretty straight forward to use unlike plastikman’s guide which may be a bit complex. All you need is MacOS X 10.5 (should work with 10.4).
This should get you started. However if you wish to take it a step further (i.e including your own new version of chameleon) , then you may want to read this as well – Oh yeah before I forget , this is the file (click on it to download it). All you have to do is download it and put it to your Applications folder. Just execute it and you’ll have your very own customised EmpireEFI disc !
#Update : I would like to apologize to the author of BootCDMaker ,  for not crediting to his work. Anyway what I’ve done is just included essential kexts to this. The author should be thanked and yes you can visit DarwinX86 for other stuff but the thing is in French 😛