Say Hello to ISP Liability act

You may have not heard it , but its coming to a Malaysia near you. Thats right people , its the ISP Liability Act , which allows ISPs to terminate your service if you’ve been downloading copyrighted materials such as movies and music. So good news for those who are in the recording industry and bad for the rest of us. I’ll say why in a moment.
Oh yeah , if you aren’t from Malaysia and if you’re reading this and if a similar law is in place in your country. Please comment !
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The Throttling & The Truth Behind It

Great , this is another chapter from our ISP in Malaysia. Recently , TMNet has started to throttle peer-to-peer connection. This holds true for BitTorrent , eMule and other forms of p2p including lime wire. Some even say Peer-2-Peer TV applications are also throttled as well. However I am not able to verify it. Now let us face some harsh facts shall we. Let me all ask you a honest question right here , in this very blog entry – let me ask you this harsh question
Can you afford to fork out a lot of money on buying retail DVDs and BluRay disc in Malaysia ? (I am not going to compare to countries such as the US , UK whereby you can get rentals at a very cheap price)
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