How To Configure qos for tomato firmware – part 2

There we go , this will be my second part of how to configure QoS for Tomato Firmware (Yeah – it took a long time for me to write this article) . You may want to read my first part before proceeding to the second part here. Anyway , I’ve explained couple of things last time , which includes the basics of Qos and how to configure the bandwidth allocation and stuff like that. Once again I recommend you to read the first part before proceeding to the second part. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous (or if you’re lazy to read the whole guide) , then continue on to read. Anyway let us get started shall we (Click on read more to get started)
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How to Configure QoS for Tomato Firmware – Part 1

This is just another basic tutorial by me to teach most of you guys on how to QoS properly. This is the first part. I’ll try to split it into several parts first. Of course if you want to write something good you can’t do it within a day or two. It takes time , especially the explanation part. I believe it would be wiser to explain how things work rather then just showing it to you. This way you’ll appreciate how it works totally and what you can do ! . If you are looking for software solution there is another entry that i’ve blogged about software QoS Solution . Psst , read more on how to configure the thingy , its a lengthy post so it would be better for me to stop it here and then you continue to read if you want to learn more about it !

my modem !
My Beloved Linksys WRT54-G

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QoS – Quality of service – Ep I

I have been getting this question slammed at me every single day over the message boards and even on my MSN.

Hi, I am sharing my streamyx/DSL/Broadband connection with 10 people and i am using 1Mbps connection. But then my room mate , partner , parents , kids are using it to download movies everyday and it causes the whole network to slow down. I am wondering that if there is any way for me to control/share my bandwidth or not

Fear not , I’ve the answer for you. It is called QoS – Quality of service – (its commonly used in computer science , especially computer engineering and other stuff). Of course there is a technicial term for it , but let us put in layman’s term shall we. It is used to prioritise which connection should get the bandwidth (as we know bandwidth is something scarce). For instance , you may want to ensure that VOIP packets/data/application gets the highest traffic priority as its important for you to maintain voice call and that goes same for online games as you want the packets/data to be sent as fast as possible. Now whereas for applications such as instant messaging , Browsing , you wouldn’t mind if its bit slow as its not a really demanding application. Therefore you’ll set the traffic to bulk.
QoS allows you to maximise on your current bandwidth enabling you to maximise the connection. if you learn how to manage your bandwidth properly you’ll notice that you’ll still have the bandwidth to do other things. In other words you can run BitTorrent and at the same time play World of Warcraft without any lags. How about that ?. Now you may ask , how do I activate this QoS. Basically there are two ways , one is via hardware (i.e router) and the other way is via software. Well for this blog entry , let us do something easy well. Let us take a look at the software part , I’ll talk about about this software – cFosSpeed. It is a traffic shaping software for Windows and its not free.

cFosSpeed Settings - Source : Softpedia

You can get it from here, of course it costs you 19.90 euros for it which might be expensive for most of us (no , i am not getting any commission from them , otherwise that link would be a referral link instead). It is straight forward and easy to configure. Pretty much its newbie-proof i would say. anyhow , I have a freeware alternative too. Of course this freeware alternative doesn’t quite do its job , but it is ideal if you use Windows Internet Connection sharing or (ICS). Now this freeware alternative shines , but if you are just using it on your own pc , it does quite as well but you wouldn’t be able to take the fullest advantage of what this software has to offer you. It is called Traffic Shaper XP (I don’t know if it works for Vista or not – Do let me know if it works). Anyhow the screenshot from softpedia
Traffic Shaper XP - Source : Softpedia
Traffic Shaper XP - Source : Softpedia

Of course in my next blog entry. I will be talking more about how this software functions and what other alternatives do we have besides software and what hardware routers are recommended for this purpose (i.e if you want to control the bandwidth from a router itself rather then per pc , as installing these application in each and every individual pc in your household can be troublesome)