Twitter – MicroBlogging and as a ChatBox

Before this , I’ve been using a crappy chatbox whereby my visitors can drop me any sort of comments right from nasty ones to good ones. Unfortunately it was being abused by spambots trying to capture by traffic by posting spam messages and we all do know that we hate spams and on top of that it has caused by Google Page Rank to drop to rank 2 (currently now its back to Rank 3). This is when twitter kicked in.

Twiter seems to be the next generation of SMS whereby its pretty easy for you to update your whereabouts and not to mention whats running in your mind a la SMS-style

Not long ago , I registered a twitter account. Well I simply registered it because at that upon of time – I didn’t find the reason nor the purpose of twitter. Then bam , one day after taking a look at how it works. Its kinda of having a controlled chatbox , which is great. I can get to make good friends (and who knows – enemies too) while keeping spammers at bay. Generally twitter works in one way , if you want to geet updates of someone and what they are up to – you simply hit the follow button and follow them. Twitter alerts you that there is a new follower , its up to you if you want to follow that guy back or simply block him – which I think is great as I don’t want spambots to follow me spamming all the unwanted messages or what-so-ever.
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