HSBB (Malaysia) Details

I was lurking in lowyat today and found this article on HSBB project in Malaysia. It was posted in a message board. So thought of posting it here in my blog and as well as discussing my opinion about it . You can check it out here for more details . I would like to take this opportunity to credit Razer1911 and xts of lowyat.net for sharing this information

Detailed Information on HSBB rollout

HSBB is coming soon ! - Thats right folks

Click on the photo to enlarge and do have a look at this as well

So the main question is can TM deliver its promise. Generally we all do know that Broadband in Malaysia tend to suck. Even new  companies , at first when they roll out. it would be certainly great , but sooner or later – it would start to go downhill as they get more and more users to sign up for their services. This leads to overselling , ISPs tend to do this in order for them to maximise their profit and to cover up their investments.Now when we are talking about HSBB , we are talking about high-speed broadband , speeds up to 1Gbps. This is great to enable content providers to make use of the bandwidth to deliver HDTV content and such (Let’s face it ASTRO in Malaysia sucks and everyone knows it). That’s the good side , but the question is TM is capable of delivering customers.
At first , they may able to deliver it , but then once more and more customers start to make use of HSBB , can it be really called HSBB ? . What are the efforts that TM has taken to make sure that everyone gets a fair slice of the pie ? How about Local bandwidth ? I wouldn’t mind to have 1Gbps for local links , as it makes transferring pretty easy from one place to another place. Plus its possible for us to host servers within our homes , thus making sharing large files easier. Of course this would in-directly result in servers which may host copyrighted materials. Anyhow , what are your thoughts on HSBB

Maxis and MSN Diliema

Using Maxis Wireless Broadband ? Having issues with MSN disconnection issues. I bet’cha. This is one of the most common problem faced by Maxis Wireless Broadband users. If you notice , most of them are just grumbling saying that its very hard for them to connect to Windows Live Messenger. Yeah , you bet. Lets anyalze why such thing occurs
Firstly , MSN Messenger connects to its server by  establishing a connection through port 1863 to gateway.messenger.com (This is their address anyway).  You can test my hypothesis by using Pidgin or Adium X. I’ll provide screen shot later for you guys to check it out anyway

But as we all know , this port is being blocked. This is why you keep on getting disconnected. MSN Messenger or in this case Windows Live Messenger wants to establish a direct connection with your PC. Unfortunately , Maxis has configured their Gateway (err in lay man’s term their “connection”) with a very good reinforced firewall that pretty much just drops the packet or makes it harder for it to connect. This is why you are getting sucky speed for your p2p traffic and suffering from very high latency when playing games (like 20-30k pings) . Its not because of the fact that its wireless , its just that Maxis does it so that everyone gets to have fair silce of the bandwidth. Now , if you keep on trying , the system will detect that the port is being blocked and it will try to establish its connection over port 80. (This is why you’re able to connect). However if you use port 80 , you’ll notice that the file transfers are slow and you might be disconnected again. This is the nature of port 80 itself as their servers are busy
So what can you do about it ? – Well there are several alternatives you could do. If you’re getting annoyned not being able to connect. You could try to use these alternatives
Pidgin (Windows/Linux)
Adium X (OSX)

If you’re using Pidgin or Adium X , you can configure it to connect to via HTTP server , so that it will get connected
I’ll try to come up with pictures and more information. But for now , due to tied down with exams and lots of preparation to do. This shall do the trick for now

I'm back & Well Done Streamyx !

Oh Dear Blog,
You don’t know how much I miss you – Yes , in fact I feel that I was torn apart when I wasn’t able to blog or write an entry. Anyhow , I bet you’ll be happy as I’ve managed to put a smile in your face by writing this new entry
……Psst , thats not my style !
Anyhow , lets get back to the reality , as I’ve posted earlier – I was (in fact) having some issues with my DSL (Ack , remember the blinking DSL Light  , yeah thats the one) . For the past 3 days , my DSL light was blinking like a Christmas tree (day and night). Today (this evening) , while driving back to home – Telekom folks called me to check up on hows my status. I said to them that it was still blinking (when I checked in the morning and I asked them to call 5 minutes later). Later once I’ve reached home , they called me again to find out on the status , and this time I said the same ol’ thingy (Yeah some of you may say – be sarcastic  and just shout – there is no point of me shouting at the technician as he was polite). Moments later , I was filled with tears of joy (uh overwhelmed) to be exact they fixed it. Oh boy you must see the expression in my face – I thanked that guy couple of times for fixing it. Anyhow , it was quite fast for Telekom people to rectify the issue , it took them 2 days to do it (actually the problem can be solved within a day but yesterday I wasn’t able to pick up a call as I was busy – in class – duh).
On the other hand, I’ve bought a new modem (D-link DSL-520T) last Saturday for RM 99. Its a bit pricey but it seems to be cool and sexy. Anyway , here is the picture of the modem. I am testing this modem and I’ll let you know on how it goes. Expect a full review soon , and as for the QoS Guide – its on its way. Yeah I know most of you guys are anxious !. Here is the picture of my modem (isn’t she cute – I still need to decide on what shall I name her as. I’ll come up with a name). My telekom modem (aka DB102 is now my current back-up modem , just in-case if D-link fails or if just incase something funny happens)

My D-link 520 B ADSL Modem
My D-link 520 B ADSL Modem (Click to Enlarge)


Kudos to Malaysian Government !

First and foremost you should click on this url (Source : The Star)and read the complete article. I’m proud to say for once they have listened to the voices of rakyats (Citizens). Its a good thing that telcos fined RM 50 million for short-changing consumers. As we all know at most of our ISPs in Malaysia are contract based , meaning that you’ll have to sign up for a 12 months contract or 24 months contract. Suppose if their services starts to degenerate over time , its going to be hard for us consumers to ‘escape’ from their bond. There is no way for us to say ‘I’ve had enough with your service’. But thankfully for once our government did something benefited the rakyat (Kudos). On top of that to share more , today (on the 20th of August 2008) ,another shocking revealing for you guys – thats right Mr Darshan and The Secretary-general Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations (Fomca) ,Muhammad Sha’ani Abdullah said that Government should publicise the fine. Its a good thing for me as consumers such as us can get to know what were their wrong doings and by doing this , the ISPs should be ashamed and instead of just thinking about making profit , try to do something that benefits the consumers. Come up with higher speed plans and new plans for gamers , heavy downloaders and the regular surfers instead of just 1 Plan !

RM 159 for Laptop + 3G Modem + 3G Access

While most of us are striving for WiMax , Celcom has come up with a good deal to lure more potential buyers to switch to Celcom (I am guessing that want to put up with Maxis – as most of the people choose maxis because they provide a modem with it rather , which is somewhat innovative as 3G Modem is expensive and not many people can afford it. If you think for the long run , you’ll certainly buy but then you must think of an average consumer. Would he/she buy a modem for RM 400-500 , the answer is certainly not and celcom failed to attract its customers because of this. Guess they have planned something to pull more customers in , thinking that they could save.
Well actually if you calculate , you wouldn’t be saving that much. The Laptop is just only a Dual Core Pentium Core Laptop , surely you can get one for a very cheap price from HP ,but then you wouldn’t be having any Broadband service. If we take a look at the plan , its RM 68 a month for the 384Kbps Unlimited Internet Package and it doesn’t come with modem. For the one that comes with modem , it costs roughly RM 100. So by adding extra RM 54 a month you’ll be getting a laptop also. I am not sure for how long is the contract but the good news is you get to have the laptop and the modem. After the contract , you’re free to switch providers (Who knows – DiGi might roll their 3G Service by end of this year or by end of the next year and it will be just nice for you to hop on into DiGi)
For students , especially if you are unable to get streamyx or if you are hunting for a laptop for your assignments , then I would highly recommend you to go for this package. Most likely you wouldn’t be needing a fancy laptop with dedicated graphics , Intel Core 2 Duo and other goodies if you are going to use it for assignments and online work. I mean this laptop is fine if you want to run basic games and productivity applications such as Microsoft Office. So if you are are student or if you know someone who is looking for a laptop and Internet access , then ask him/her to get this
P.S – This is just my thoughts. I am not advertising Celcom or anything else nor getting paid by them to post this blog entry !
If you’re a power user , this so-called package isn’t worth it as you know by now that you could save roughly RM 200-300 if you buy the items separately. Not to forget that you wouldn’t be tied with a contract !
I don’t have more information or URL , but you can call celcom (03-36308888 or 1111 from your Celcom Mobile) for more details or just go to one of their centres 

Celcom Latest Offering
Celcom Latest Offering

Avoid paying RM 200 penalty for Maxis Broadband


OMG No Contract - Oh wait there is a RM 200 Handling fees if you say goodbye within 12 months !
OMG No Contract - Oh wait there is a RM 200 Handling fees if you say goodbye within 12 months !

Ha , thought of sharing this with you guys. As most of you know , I was an ex-Maxis Wireless Broadband user. At first it seems to be pretty good and the speeds were great and I was even able to run peer to peer programs. Then it went all bad , they started to block most of the peer to peer application and even gaming ports (blocking p2p is fine but gaming ports – thats madness). Thankful , I made a wise decision – which is to ditch Maxis Broadband and to switch to Streamyx. Surely , you may say ‘Ah..why streamyx ?’.Before I answer that question you must understand that we have limited choices here in Malaysia. Streamyx is still the King of all lousy broadbands here. If you think Streamyx is the worst – think again.  I Thought of sharing this cool tip that worked for me and couple of friends of mine to avoid paying RM 200 early penalty termination fees. Shall we get started ?
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