Nightly Chameleon Builds

I’ve decided to go ahead with the Nightly Chameleon Builds , after taking into consideration of my readers input based on my previous blog post , The reason why I started doing Nightly Builds is based on my previous experience on PearPC. Back in the good ol’ PearPC days (yes , it was the only emulator out there that could run MacOS X in PC ,before the Intel transition) , I use to compile nightly builds and custom builds and put it up on my site. It did generate a lot of interest¬†from people and not to mention rapid feedback from all folks to the development team. I decided to use the same thing with Chameleon. Anyhow , lets get into the content of this post
Oh one more thing , be sure to read the FAQ (after the jump) before embarking on the journey to download nightly build !

Download Link

FAQ (after the jump)

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