Boot Camp for Hackintoshes

Modbin has came up with a solution (that is bypassing certain Boot ROM checks on Apple’s Boot Camp Software) to get Boot Camp to work on Hackintoshes. I’ve tested it out and personally it works as in creating partition and then installing Windows normally via DVD. Before we get on our hands on Boot Camp. I’ve to state few things , that you should take note :-

  • It only works on GUID Partition Scheme (if you have used MBR , it would not work)
  • It will erase your 200MB Hidden EFI partition (so you’ll have to back up your patched kext , dsdt and stuff like that)
  • Its either a hit or miss (sometimes it can work)
  • There is a chance of making your Macintosh HD corrupt (there is a chance)

Just to let you know that Boot Camp software is just a “front end” for Disk Utility to make it easier for you to partition your drive so that you can install windows. Anyhow lets get started. I’ve already warned that once you start playing with this there is a chance that it will mess your boot loader , so make sure you do know how to recover. Here’s a hint , get a USB stick and install Conti’s myHack installer.
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