SEO – An Easy Way to do it

Just before you read this entry – I bet you’ll be going like. Oh no , not this pile of crap again. I’ve read this whole SEO optimizations and even got spammed by some professional scammers bloggers  on how they managed to optimize their site and generate even more revenue or make your site even more better. Trust me , my guide basically focuses on how I did it – My Way (Oh its such a great song)

SEO is pretty easy to do - Its just like answering a phone call , even a lunatic could do such thing !

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Advertising your Blog/Site Properly !

Well after not blogging for a long period of time , I’ve finally decided to blog back and to update on my thoughts of advertising your blog or site properly. If you have noticed that my chatbox has been filled with spamtards trying to spam their so-called sites , which obviously is a scam.Nevertheless  , you shouldn’t be practicing it that way to sum it up. Let me give put it to you in point form , I am sure that most of us are lazy to read long lengthy explanation of stuff. This is how it works , once your blog has many visitors and you have a decent page rank. Crazy people would start to spam (usually spambots) , trying to gain more visitors out of your site and try to lower your page rank.

Failed - Typical way of one to advertise a blog or a site. That is by simply spamming their links in your blog to get more visitors (Its my real handwriting , by the way)

Here are my ways of ‘advertising’ your blog in a proper manner . This way at least people could get to know you better and you’ll get more genuine visitors.Oh yeah , enough of the lengthy explanation. Lets get to the point shall we  (main points have been bolded:-
Do’s :-
1. Visit another person’s blog who shares the same or similar intrests. Then read one of his article or blog entry. Then comment it properly on what do you think (post it constructively) . Don’t post replies such as “Uh , dropping by to say hi” , “Superb article”. Jeez Captain Obvious , Even I know that. Just because you want to get visitors. Post sometrhing a bit of constructive
2. Write an e-mail to the author of the site or blog to exchange links – This is a more formal way of asking the author to exchange links with your site. At least , it would be much more curtious rather then just spamming or posting comments. Do make sure that you put his/her link first and you’re a frequent visitor of his/her blog. Oh yeah , make sure you have some amount of a decent content
3. Particpate in Blog Exchanging sites , Entrenet and Get yourself Listed in Search Engine – Usually , there are ways for you to do this. An example would be the card thingy , whereby people can drop their card and you can drop your card at their places. A great way to advertise and to exchange link. Another way to do is by getting yourself listed in search engines. There are some sites which would allow you to do this. An example would be this site
Dont’s :-
1. Don’t Spam your Link in Comments and Spambox –  Take a look at the image. Just don’t spam stupid childish/trollish style of comments. Do visit my blog . PLZ visit me blog..plz come to my blog..”hi , come to my blog and earn more then 5000USD$”. It sounds stupid and most likely people would ignore you. Unless they are dumb or bunch of bots , then yes they would click you. Overall , you wouldn’t be getting quality visitors
2. Don’t Post in terms of keywords – I am sure that you have seen this in people’s blog such as spamming in terms of keywords “money,mlm,seo” and then they include their site. They do this because
3. Don’t post generic remarkssuch as “Thanks” , “Nice blog you got there”. Try to be active in the discussion by posting something revelant to what the thread starter said. Hint , if you don’t know what to do , take one of his points , edit it and then rephrase saying that you agree or don’t. That simple !
4. Don’t post comments which links back to the original content of the article In other words you copy his content and then post a link in your blog. Then you go this blog and you post in the comments. Trying to get more visitors. Its a big no-go. if anyone does that , I would automatically delete their comments.
That’s about it folks

Protecting your WordPress Plugins and Themes

Your Average Script Kiddie !
Your Average Script Kiddie !

I’ve just found out today that by default wordpress installation doesn’t protect the plug-ins and themes folder. Which enables script-kiddies to explore and steal your theme and your works as well and claim its theirs. Especially if you have purchased a theme. Anyway , there are couple of methods to protect your wordpress plugins and theme folder. I am sure you have heard of the 403 Forbidden method whereby you’ll restrict access to the folder when there is no index file. Alternatively you may place a blank index.html or php file in these sites to prevent the directory to be listed.

Anyhow , those methods are ‘old skool’ style and there will never do anything. To teach these script-kiddies a lesson , we must use their same method and use it against them. Get the point ?  Its by rick rolling them. I created a simple php script that redirects them to this site (WARNING : Don’t click it , Trust me you don’t want to get rick rolled). You may download this simple php script by clicking here. Place them in /wp-contents/plugins and /wp-content/themes folder. Alternatively you may place in /wp-contents/ folder as well just to be extra safe. Now , whenever they try to access your plugins/themes folder , they will be redirected to another site and voila -rick rolled. Two things in one. Next time i am trying to make it to open mutiple windows so that it sucks more RAM out of their PC and it will teach these script kiddies a lesson not to mess with someone’s site. Oh it works for everything , not only word press. If you want to protect a directory properly I would suggest you to use hta  access , but if you want to teach these people a lesson then the best method would be by rick rolling them. Imagine , using their own tricks against them ! Now you don’t have to worry about those pests  (Well not really , but at least it would stop some of them)

Repel Spray , It just works - Yeah , even for script kiddies !
Repel Spray , It just works – Yeah , even for script kiddies !

For those of you who do not know what is a Rick Roll , I would suggest you to read this article over at Wikipedia

Getting Traffic & 'Genuine' Readers for your Blog

I know I know , when you first read the title. You’ll be like “Oh Gosh , The same ol’ song over and over again. Gee ,  get a life please ” I promise , these are the methods that I’ve used to promote my blog. You may ask how did I come up with such a formula. My answer is simple – I’ve tested this formula on how to lure players for my World of Warcraft private server and I’ve found out it to be efficient. These are the tips that I would like to share with you guys. Anyhow first thing is first , let us sum it up in a simple manner. So how to get traffic you ask , follow these simple steps. Oh don’t worry , this is not one of those posts whereby I am promoting some service that forces you to surf a site to get more traffic. That’s my last resort on promoting my site. 
1. Friends & Family Members – Yes , these people are very important in your life , but they’ll be your biggest asset , your viewers. Just let them know that you have started your own blog and just spread the word around. Maybe to get their attention blog bout something , lets say your friend – David loves to eat Chinese Food , then blog about something on Chinese Food with his picture. It will make him to say WOW and he’ll continue to read your blog everyday (or worst – every fortnight/week – Just make sure you have content). Now David will spread about your blog to his friends , and his friends will start to talk (suppose if you have some interesting stuff) to their friends and that is how you get your regular user base. I do have a couple of regular readers which includes mainly my close friends and family members. Get them to read and comment your blog , then move on from there
2. Blog Directory – Get it listed , this is important. I know nuffnang has their own innit for their glitterati members whereby these members can post on their blog entry and get some traffic. Its another way to pull readers as well. The other option is to register for Technorati or other Blog Directory Listing to get your blog listed. Don’t expect it to give you a lot of traffic , but at least do expect some traffic from. Oh yeah mybloglog is another good list to get listed and you get to have the cool ‘People who have visited my blog statistic’. 
3. Visit Other Peoples Blog and exchange URLs – Found another fellow blogger who shares the same intrest as you. Read one of his/her post and comment on it. Just don’t post crazy comments like ‘Nice one’ , ‘Thanks man’ , ‘Nice blog’ , but post a constructive comment whereby he/she will thank you and who knows she or he will be your blog subscribe or a regular reader. You may even want to blog roll (i.e exchange links) with them. Just remember not to spam , otherwise you’ll be blacklisted by the blogger.  Oh , just keep the spirit rolling. Just go to popular blogs and exchange – Don’t forget to spend some time in their blog as well
4. SEO (Search Engine Optimisations) & Collecting Demographics – As we all know that we can’t use the internet without a search engine. The probability of someone using a search engine a day is ~ 1 (Yes , 100% I would say – Uh okay this thing data is bit biased but you get the idea). But if we could optimise our blog so that it comes out in the top 50-100 on user searches , it would be great. If you have wondered how those crappy sites turn up first with crazy keywords and no content. Its simple – they just use the common keywords. You’ll have to come up with that. Anyhow , if you’re a WordPress user like me , then please do check this two plugins , which I highly recommend for any WordPress user – Google XML Sitemaps and Stats . Its very important as well to collect people demographics and what search queries and what are your popular posts. This is ideal for rojak (mix-content)  blogs (and even some niche blogs). This way you’ll be blogging on topics that people love and at the same time your own topics too. Another great way to pull to lure more people to your site
5. Get listed in Search Directory – Usually you’ll get listed automatically as these softwares such as wordpress includes a tool to submit to Google automatically , but if you want to get listed in many search directories , then I would suggest you to try this site . I’ve used it before and I highly recommend anyone to do it as well. Get listed even in other search engine directories , which aren’t in English. This is ideal for blogs which are in bilingual (i.e English and French , Mandarin and English). So , yeah now the whole world can stalk you *evil laugh*
6. Forums & Instant Messengers & E-mails – Are you participating in any message boards ? If so , then do put your blog in your blog signatures or in your e-mail signature. So that you’ll get more visitors for your blog. But then most of them might not be interested , another way to grab their attention is by using Feed Burner , as we all know with Feed Burner we can create a dynamic (animated) signature that tells users on your latest blog entry and it increases the probability of them clicking and checking your blog out , rather then just including your URL. However , some forums prohibits on promoting your site , or the use of Dynamic Signatures. You’ll have to check with your message board rules before putting it up.  As for Instant Messengers , just include your blog Address in ‘My Status’ or ‘What I am doing right now’. Its another great way of advertising your blog to your buddies. Might generate some traffic for you by doing this way
7. Facebook & Other Online Social Networking – I do use facebook regularly and sometimes my friends can find me using my facebook. But I thought about on publishing my blog updates in my facebook as it would be easier for my face book buddies to read my blog entries. At first I thought its going to be impossible , till I stumbled across with this nifty plug-in which does the trick – Wordbook . It does it exactly what I want – automatically cross-post my entries. I am not sure if there is such plug-in for folks who are hosted in Blogspot. If you do know let me know. If you have stumbled across plug-ins for myspace and friendster do let me know as well. I would gladly put them here and would certainly give you a credit
Oh yeah as for my  final tip :-
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Need your feedback !

Hey Guys and Gurls,
I truly need your feedback on my blog. Currently , I’ve disabled mandatory registration to post comments (which I think it somewhat sucks whereby you have to go and register yourself just to post). Anyhow , please post your thoughts , criticism and even suggestions on how i should improve my blog. Secondly , do you think I should continue in this style (mix of technological stuff and whats going on around the globe and Malaysia) or shall I just empathise more on technological stuff such as reviewing ISPs, posting tips and tricks on networking and writing more guides. Please , do leave some sort of comment. I truly value your feedback as it enables me to ‘connect’ with you and what you want. Oh yeah let me know what kind of stories you want me to blog on. Maybe who knows if there is demand for it , they will be supply for it as well.
P.S – Don’t worry I’ve lots of things to write. Just preparing the materials and will write more on issues that matters most for all of us ! 
Thats about it
Yours truly,
Pradeesh aka prasys !

I'm back & Well Done Streamyx !

Oh Dear Blog,
You don’t know how much I miss you – Yes , in fact I feel that I was torn apart when I wasn’t able to blog or write an entry. Anyhow , I bet you’ll be happy as I’ve managed to put a smile in your face by writing this new entry
……Psst , thats not my style !
Anyhow , lets get back to the reality , as I’ve posted earlier – I was (in fact) having some issues with my DSL (Ack , remember the blinking DSL Light  , yeah thats the one) . For the past 3 days , my DSL light was blinking like a Christmas tree (day and night). Today (this evening) , while driving back to home – Telekom folks called me to check up on hows my status. I said to them that it was still blinking (when I checked in the morning and I asked them to call 5 minutes later). Later once I’ve reached home , they called me again to find out on the status , and this time I said the same ol’ thingy (Yeah some of you may say – be sarcastic  and just shout – there is no point of me shouting at the technician as he was polite). Moments later , I was filled with tears of joy (uh overwhelmed) to be exact they fixed it. Oh boy you must see the expression in my face – I thanked that guy couple of times for fixing it. Anyhow , it was quite fast for Telekom people to rectify the issue , it took them 2 days to do it (actually the problem can be solved within a day but yesterday I wasn’t able to pick up a call as I was busy – in class – duh).
On the other hand, I’ve bought a new modem (D-link DSL-520T) last Saturday for RM 99. Its a bit pricey but it seems to be cool and sexy. Anyway , here is the picture of the modem. I am testing this modem and I’ll let you know on how it goes. Expect a full review soon , and as for the QoS Guide – its on its way. Yeah I know most of you guys are anxious !. Here is the picture of my modem (isn’t she cute – I still need to decide on what shall I name her as. I’ll come up with a name). My telekom modem (aka DB102 is now my current back-up modem , just in-case if D-link fails or if just incase something funny happens)

My D-link 520 B ADSL Modem
My D-link 520 B ADSL Modem (Click to Enlarge)