Enable SSL in WordPress With CloudFlare in 2 Easy Steps

HTTPS is gaining ground just about everywhere and the important of surfing websites securely have raised in the given years. Given that Google loves to rank sites that are on HTTPS higher compared to non-HTTPS , it is become uttermost important for WordPress blog owners to get their blog or site to be on HTTPS.

In this simple , how-to guide.  We would look into how to enable HTTPS for free , provided that you have your own WordPress blog hosted (just like in my case). This would ensure that connection to our WordPress site is secure
Best of all it can be done in 2 easy steps
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New Changes to prasys.info & Season's Greetings

Ho Ho Ho – Happy Holidays folks. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my readers. I do pray that 2013 would be the year for us – exciting new things for us to discover and who knows 2013 could be a year that is something very special for all of us.
The reason why I am writing this blog post is that , it is time for prasys.info to change from a humble blog into something more. I always wanted my site to grow. What I started as a simple hackint0sh guide has evolved over the years . I was fortunate enough to be given a chance to review some of the coolest products and even managed to organize a giveaway . With the momentum , I would like to take my site to the next level and in order to do that I would have to do some changes. I mean if we do not embrace changes , eventually things would die out (I have learned this from Gordon’s Kitchen Nightmares) and I cannot live in the past.
I’ll be introducing a couple of changes. Firstly , the most noticeable change that you might notice is the way how I have categorized things. It is going to be a niche blog on technology except from time to time , I would be blogging about Malaysian issues or something which I think I need to share my thoughts. Please let me know what do you think of the new layout and the new way of organizing into things. If you want , I could cover additional topics such as Computer Science related matters as well. Please do post a comment
Secondly , I have introduced a Facebook Fan Page. There is a reason to this. In order for me to organize giveaways , generally sponsors require me to tell them the numbers and they care about how many likes and how popular I am. Of course I could show them my hit counter and things like that but sponsors do want more. Plus I would like to give away things to my readers and to the people actually. By having a Facebook page , I hope that I can communicate and get the numbers that these sponsors are looking for. If you have the time , all I am asking you for Christmas is a simple like in my Facebook Page . That’s about it and I promise you that I would not spam you at all
Thirdly , I plan to give back to the people as well. Many people have helped me and guided me on making this blog. For 2013 , I’ll be repaying kindness by allowing Guest Posting. What it simply means that I am not taking spammers or what-so-ever but for people who want to post quality posts and for their sites to gain exposure. Who knows – some companies may look for you to review their products ? The possibility are endless . I am still working on this and I would probably discuss with few people that I know on how to set this up and manage.
Lastly , that is about it. There would be more changes. If I ever get back into hackint0sh , I would be sure to update or post about it. Thank you once again for taking your time and reading my blog. I wish you all the best in 2013 and enjoy your holidays !
Pradeesh (prasys)

Prasys V2 – The New layout

Finally , I’ve managed to scarp off my old look and upgraded my blog with a better looking theme. Customizing CSS was pain in the butt. Imagine that it does take some time for you to tweak with it till you get the prefect layout that you want. Anyhow , I hope that you do enjoy this new theme as opposed to my old messy theme. Its organized now , and well it looks way better then last time. Here is the changelog

  • Chat Box – Its easier for me to rick roll blog roll you guys as opposed to last time. If you think that you would like to exchange links , go ahead and post it there. I would certainly add you and I would be stalking you as well (Nah , I’ll just visit your blog from time to time or your site)
  • Cleaner Layout – Last time it used to be soo messy but now everything has been cleaned , now my site looks better and its much more presentable
  • New Plugin – Commentluv I found this plug-in over at Jessica’s blog. While lurking around , I found that this is the plug-in that I’ve been looking for a long time. Its a nifty plug-in that when a user replies it just states on whats their latest blog post entry. Its nifty and I think it would attract more people to post comments here as well (Hence making it lively)
  • Fixed Footer – Phew that took a long time to correct it. Made it more elegant and I’ve included my copyright information as well so that leechers don’t leech away. I guess i need to scout for a copyright protection thingy or something like that

I am not sastified yet but there are lots of things that I should do to make this blog more attractive especially in content wise. I guess I’ll be blogging back on real life issues
There are lots of other things for me to do as well. Mainly in optimising the site layout and writing a better guide and as well as explaining on things that are going along. Its been ages since I’ve talked on the current issues. So for now , do enjoy my new site layout !

I am Back & The Whole Explanation !

No No No , I’m not dead. I’ve just recently changed my host from 000webhost to Vlexo Phew , 000webhost sucks big time. I thought they were great but I guess they weren’t. The downtimes were the killer. Anyway , while looking around for free hosts in Google , I’ve stumbled across these guys.

Vlexo Hosting
Vlexo Hosting

They seem to be pretty good at offering free web space for hosted domains (such as mine). So I’ve decided to sign up for it  and Viola , I’ve to say that its pretty impressive. The Customer support certainly blows you away. I love how the staff entertains its users , even though its a free service but its world class. The Only catch is that they ask you to place their Advertisement in your site which I think is fine
I’ll see how it goes for the couple of days and write a full review about them. Oh yeah , I’ve some exicting news in store for you guys as well right from Maxis to P1. (Psst – they charged me RM 200). I’ll keep you posted on the issue tomorrow if I’ve time. But untill here for today. Just informing that my site is up and kickin’ !
Thanks again guys

Blogs should be designed for Mobile Devices too !

Its a shame that most of the blogs that I visit aren’t tuned for mobile devices. Surely you may say that that it would be better for me if I just Subscribe to the RSS/Atom feed but then for folks like me its somewhat a hassle to update all my feeds in my mobile device (I prefer to go to the site and read it there myself). Anyway, the factor that prevents me to access blogs or heavy content site is because of the rich multimedia content and other things such as advertisements. I do have nothing against the rich multimedia content and ads , but then if you view it on your mobile phone it does take a lot of data. Hence I’ll be charged for the data transfer and mind you , it is not cheap here in Malaysia to have unlimited data plan. Anyhow , two days ago while searching for wordpress plugins to enhance my blog , I stumbled across this cool plug-in - WordPress PDA & iPhone  and guess what its WordPress 2.6 compatible. The installation was a breeze (as you know installing wordpress plugins are pretty simple and straightforward). You would see the effect of the plug-in by browsing the site on an iPhone/iPod Touch or on a mobile device. It would be ideal to browse your blog on the go for somebody who may want to get to know what is the latest/hottest news or on your reviews on food. It is that simple. Anyhow , i’ve managed to capture a screenshot in my iPod Touch and on my DoPod D810 (HTC P3600i) on how my site looks like in both of the devices. 
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