Happy (Belated) Birthday Google

Wow , I’ve been with Google for the past 6 years. I have been using AdSense with them and then I got suspended for an odd reason (Its because of some violation I guess , but It was fun serving with them) and I am proud to say that I am one of the first few people who managed to get a gmail invite. Oh yeah , I did manage to get a $10 iTunes Gift Certificate , Postcards from Atlanta , New York and many other places in the states and couple of other goodies. Those were the days. So I would like to wish Google Happy 10th Birthday. You are still serving me every day – Right from Blogspot , YouTube , Gmail , Google Search …(and the list goes on)

Googles 10th Birthday
Google's 10th Birthday - Happy Birthday Google

I am using you every single day , in fact we all should be thankful to Google for this. I wonder how the Internet will be like without Google. I truly call Google as the backbone of the Internet , especially to the new comers who are new to the Internet. Wishing Google all the sucess. My hope is to work for Google , who knows with God’s grace and my wheelpower , I might just do it. Only the All Mighty God knows (It doesn’t matter what religion you are or if you don’t even believe in “God”).
Anyway ,here is the blog post by Google on their 10th Anniversary ! – I can go back and lecture on the old times when Google was young back in 1997-1998 (when they first brought Dial-Up here in Malaysia for home users) , but it would be too lenghty and boring. If you guys want to know and if there is demand , I would certainly blog bout it as well