10.6.5 Legacy Kernel is out with Good News for AMD Users

Its a very long title. I thought of saying this , for once AMD users are able to rejoice as nawcom , AnV , azimutz got an awesome kernel in store for you. This allows you to get 64-bit working in AMD and as well on the fly opcode patching (now you don’t have to patch 5,000 files like you used to). The kernel is way cleaner and it handles better
There are few exceptions however. For instance QuickTime doesn’t decode H264 videos in 64-bit , as its related to SSSE3 instruction set. Rest is assured that work is constantly being done to improve the OSX experience for AMD Users
For details , I suggest you to head over to nawcom’s blog. If you wish to install the kernel , you may do so by download via one of the links below :-