Earth Hour – My Thoughts

It seems that everyone is going crazy over this earth hour thingy whereby you’ll have to turn off your lights for an hour from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm . Nice concept but the execution seems to be bit of more into commercialism  – in sense of calling celebrities , sending out adverts to turn off the lights. My question is how in the world its going to reduce global warming in a day. People in Malaysia (and I believe around the world) are going crazy about this. I see this as a competition and for me , it seems that Malaysia wants to be in the list again proudly boasting that its possible to do so (just for a day). Thus reminding me of the space program which they did recently. I believe that such money could be put into better use – and most importantly for the welfare of the society especially in the rural area of Malaysia and such ! Don’t get me wrong , I am just expressing my thoughts on Earth Hour. I am not against it nor in favor of Earth Hour !
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SEO – An Easy Way to do it

Just before you read this entry – I bet you’ll be going like. Oh no , not this pile of crap again. I’ve read this whole SEO optimizations and even got spammed by some professional scammers bloggers  on how they managed to optimize their site and generate even more revenue or make your site even more better. Trust me , my guide basically focuses on how I did it – My Way (Oh its such a great song)

SEO is pretty easy to do - Its just like answering a phone call , even a lunatic could do such thing !

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Fixing WordPress' "An unidentified error has occurred"

Phew , now that was a long title. Anyway , let me get back to my story. As you all do know that I am using this all in one SEO tool that claims to improve my search rankings in order to gain more traffic. In other words , more traffic means more revenue. That is why these days bloggers go crazy on SEOs. That’s a whole other chapter in blogging. So as I was just about to add keywords and title to the SEO boxes (which makes use of WordPress custom fields) , WordPress did shoot me an error saying that “An unidentified error has occurred”.

An unidentified error has occurred - Ouch !

I thought it must have to do with my keywords or something. So I kept on trying and until at point , as I was just to give up – I stumbled across this blog entry in Google (phew , thank god for Google). According to the blog author , it seems that the SQL database needs to be fixed in order to rectify the issue and voila it did the trick. But thats not all , being an analytical person I took a step deeper in knowing what caused the problem and how to fix it. Lets take a look at it shall we  (Oh yeah I am going to do in point form so its easier for people to read instead of me being long winded)
Cause : – Corruption of MySQL Database. Usually the fields are out of sync. It could happen for various of reasons for instance installing new plugins or your host had some issues with their MySQL server. The exact cause however unknown
Fixing the issue :- If you do have cPanel X , then its pretty simple. All you have to do is select MySQL Database in the main menu and then select your wordpress SQL database and hit check first and followed by repair. Usually that would do the trick
Simply hit Check DB and followed by Repair DB in your cPanel X control panel to get it sorted out

Now if you do have phpMyAdmin or other control panel softwares installed. Then kindly check the link out here as I do hope you find it useful
That’s all folks for my WordPress tutorial of the day. So if you do have a problem , don’t fear and don’t panic. Google search first , try narrowing down and finding what causes it and how to fix it. If you have found a way to fix other people’s problem , don’t hesitate to share your findings with the rest of the world !

A New Look

I’ve finally decided to change my theme from something complex into something neater and something that doesn’t hurt the eyes. I’ve found out that my old theme takes a long time for it to load , I think its mainly because of the cute style and cool looking icons. However , I did get some feedback from my visitors saying that it was hard to read and sometimes it didn’t load properly. Today , I took my own advice and redid the site). Took a template from WordPress , modified it and added my own personal touch and some optimizations.
This is just the first phrase of my upgrade and I’ve found out that there are other useless categories which I rarely touch and blog. Instead of focusing on those , I am going to narrow down and turn this into a nice niche blog. I would appreciate if you just post your thoughts here on what should I do next as in redesigning the site.
Oh yeah , I am aware of some of the alignment and I’ll try to rectify it as soon as possible. Oh yeah , let me upload a picture of my old theme/site and I would like to put in a very good quotation by John F Kennedy

A glimpse of the past ! - My Old Theme

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.
John F. Kennedy