Installing Playstation2 Media Center !

Well , remember my old article which I’ve talked about on how to convert your PlayStation 2 to play movie files , mp3 , mp4 and so on. It had one catch , which is you aren’t able to use the DVD-ROM Drive to play discs and so on. I’ve had a member commented on this and he wanted to find a way if its possible to do run these programs from a memory card
Well now you could do. I wouldn’t be writing a tutorial this time , instead I would be linking with two YouTube videos which should help you to install the whole thing. This is mainly because I don’t have the time to write a complete tutorial (If I’ve the time , I would certainly do it)
Well if you do have any trouble or anything else , just kindly let me know. Post a comment or e-mail personally and I’ll get to you and try to assist you with this. Anyway , McBoot is actually an alternative boot loader which allows you load programs in your memory card so that you could run off from it. Think of it as installing a .prc file in your Palmtop !

GTA IV (PC): Tips and Tricks in Three Easy Steps !

So yeah , as you have known that I’ve bought GTA IV and Fallout III . Both are superb games and I’ve finished both of them (Fallout 3 – Good Karma way , skipped some side quests) and GTA IV (Completed main quest + doing side quests). As we all do know that GTA IV is a very demanding game and it requires a lot of CPU power and GPU Power. Nevertheless , I am using a 3 year old Dell Dimension DIM9100 series 😛 , its a Pentium D 830 3.00Ghz , 4GB DDR2 533Mhz RAM , 500GB HDD + GeForce 8600GTS 256MB GDDR3. Well basically all modern games run fine on mine its just that GTA IV is tricky.
Oh yeah , click read more if you want to know how to do it step-by-step.
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New Entry + GTA IV Madness

It has been like I dont know how long I have not updated my blog post.Thats the disadvantage of blogging , its that you got to keep it up to date otherwise people think that you’re dead. It needs to be mainted from time to time. Well what am I up to currently :-

  • Facebook – Seriously , I am addicted to facebooks. My friends are using it and its great to know what they are doing it currently. Actually I am in it for World Domination. The more the merrier
  • GTA IV – Oh yeah I am loving this game. seriously , it works best on my Pentium D. I’ll try to post up tutorial on how to speed up and such . Finished the game
  • Fallout 3 – Another epic game. I am not a fallout fan myself but this game seriously kicks-ass. Good storyline but then it crashes every now and then. The developers have failed to provide any sort of update for us , Asian versions. The non-US version update fails for an odd reason.

As the old saying goes “Pictures or it didn’t happen”. Here you guys , go a picture of my GTA IV DVD Cover. Will post later for fallout :P(If I’ve the time)

Grand Theft Auto IV DVD
Grand Theft Auto IV DVD - Its hot baby...Oh no , must resist

Time for me to show off (boast) a bit with my Windows! Live gaming card. This shows what I’ve done in game and stuff like that. You can compare it with me 😛 – Oh yeah , I love to boast a bit here and that. Not my character thought , I am just posting here so that I can make even new friends , who knows 😛

You can get yours from

Playstation 2 as a Media Center

Look at the interface - It looks like PS3/PSP's Interface but it is on PS2

Ever thought of using your Playstation 2 as a Media Center whereby you could play your favorite songs , watch movies and uh even get latest weather information. This way your playstation 2 can be more then just a gaming machine. When I say it acts a Media center , it means that it can play all your MP3 collections , Divx videos that you ripped from DVD or ‘borrowed from the Internet’ , and now even MP4s (which i find it pretty amazing :P). Oh , not to mention that is has a cool looking GUI much like Playstation’s 3 and PSP’s XMB Media Interface. It gives you the feeling of using PS3 but on a PS2.
Some of you may ask what are the advantages over say a normal DVD Player which has USB Port and can playback these files.  Well , firstly its cheap to get Playstation 2 these days as opposed to say getting a dedicated DVD Player which can do this. Plus , the software is expandable , meaning that as developers come up with new methods and add more codecs , the Playstation can play more files. You can even listen to live shoutcast streams (provided if you have a network adapter which is linked to a Internet connection). The two USB 1.1 ports are pretty handy if you ask me compared to one as it comes with normal DVD player or BluRay player (I haven’t seen one which has two). Overall , its totally worth the money and you can play classic Playstation two games. Bored ? , then fire up GameBoy emulator or SNES emulator and play classic games with your PS2. It serves a pretty good gaming console
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Horray , my family finally decided to mvoe on to the HD World and as a complement to that , I did manage to get a HTPC so that the family can record TV shows , watch movies without bugging me to connect the PC to the CRT and then to stream. Bah now with LCD its possible. Anyway , last saturday they were having this gantic sales over at Mid Valley and managed to grab a 37″ LCD by Panasonic (cant get the exact model ID) and a HTPC as well to go with it

Anyhow , now I am having problems tuning ASTRO. Not to mention , ASTRO’s Customer Service sucks big time. Here is a picture , (I’m not using Windows Media certified TV Tuner but thats not the case) , I just need to get it tuned to the right frequency and then I’m set
More to come and I promise I’ll try my best to keep this blog alive. I’ll write a tutorial to get cheap TV Tuner cards to work with MCE. Not to mention its remote too !

Oh Streamyx Oh

At first I thought it was me , but lately it seems that my speed doesn’t go beyond 32 Kilobytes/sec . I don’t know why but it seems that they have started to cap HTTP connections as well. I guess they lack of bandwidth or they are testing something new , god knows why. However the good news is that , from 11 pm onwards the connection resumes till the next morning (in other words , the speed goes back up to normal). God knows why they did that for.
I’ll try to dig up and find more information regarding it and post my findings here !

Demetrox Server and I – The Journey has just begun !


Demetrox Core server -
Demetrox Core server -

Ha, I guess Its been ages since I’ve spoken regarding my part time job. Besides being uh you know what (read my profile if you want to know whats my occupation or you should add me to Facebook to see my 10001 faces and colours of me – Okay I am promoting myself I admit). Today , I would just like to say on my part time job. I am the co-founder of Demetrox Sever , along with Chemitrox, Suresh, Espeon, Emocore, Cinderella and Exia. Few people , started up a WoW Server. Big Deal ! – Yeah right. At first it wasn’t easy as there were other private servers around in the asian region and to be more precise – Malaysian Region. Mainly when people play in private servers , they choose a server that has more players , less bugs and friendly GMs. Those are their criteria when choosing a private server. Read on to know more on my thoughts and comments on private servers in general
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Really Pro Warcraft Player

Last time , I was a moderator in ascent community forums and a helper (that was back then before Burlex decided to start Summit – I’ll blog on my life on being an administrator and a GM of private servers). anyway , where was I. Click this screenshot and just see it for yourself. Don’t blame me if you fell off from your chair !
Free Image Hosting at
*Drums Roll* – Read more for my spoiler and on my views on this artist expression ! – I call it artist as it has aesthetic values ! 
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