Oh Streamyx Oh

At first I thought it was me , but lately it seems that my speed doesn’t go beyond 32 Kilobytes/sec . I don’t know why but it seems that they have started to cap HTTP connections as well. I guess they lack of bandwidth or they are testing something new , god knows why. However the good news is that , from 11 pm onwards the connection resumes till the next morning (in other words , the speed goes back up to normal). God knows why they did that for.
I’ll try to dig up and find more information regarding it and post my findings here !

In-depth analysis of P1 W1Max

While lurking in the forums (lowyat)  today and checking out MalaysianWireless to dig up some information on our new up-coming WiMax provider , I did manage to get some pretty good results on it. Let us take a look at it shall we
Firstly , it seems that they are offering 4 different packages ~200Kbps , ~500Kbps , ~1.2Mbps and ~2.4Mbps.  I guess the low end package is meant to have a head-on competition with Maxis and Celcom as they are offering 384Kbps package as well. The 2.4Mbps package is the same I guess. Pretty much they are soon to be package offering resembles Maxis and Celcom’s package. For me , I view it as okay and nothing great about their packaging. Oh yes , its not confirmed – so things might change at the 11th hour or so. I guess the packaging is standard , thats what you get in Malaysia till TM or someone else makes the first move by introducing 10Mbps or 15Mbps package then the rest of the ISPs might follow the foot steps.

P1 Offerings
P1 Offerings

Next let us take a look at what P1Max has to offer us in terms of installation. Installing seems to be a breeze (a la Maxis style). All you have to do is plug and the modem itself will configure automatically. Hurray ! – they can make customers happy and at the same time reduce unwanted calls to the customer service on installation. They have configured their Modem to act as a Router (NAT Device) , meaning that you can just plug it in to your PC and just surf whereas for streamyx , you’ll have to configure your PPPoE Dialer to establish a connection.  The good news is that they assign you a unique and individual  Public IP address – which allows you to download stuff from rapidshare without worrying about it. This was one of the disadvantages of Celcom Broadband as most of the users are tied down with 1 or 2 Public IP Addresses. For the geeks out there , here is the IP configuration (the Internal IP Address of the modem , Gateway and DNS address)
IP Address of your PC  :
IP Address of the modem : (there seems to be a web configuration tool – maybe its possible to do port forwarding as well)
P1’s DNS Address : ,
External IP Address :  120.140.0.x – 120.140.1.x (I guess they have more range)
Another way to lure customers , potentially student is by saying that you don’t have to register Telekom Fixed Line or any sort of things. As most liekly students will be renting a place or living in hostel whereby you are prohibited from installing a fixed line. Their only way of accessing the Internet is either by using College/University’s Internet access (which restricts in many ways) or signing up for Wireless Broadband such as 3G/WiMax. Apart from that , for some people – they disagree with the idea of paying fixed line rental even if you do not use the phone line (Thank god – we have streamyx combo to retrictify this issue)
Thirdly , if we take a look at p2p , it seems that we have no hope on P2P. It might work but then tests shows that ports are being blocked/not opened. This is because P1 uses NAT to have control of the traffic. No wonder they are able to Quality of Service on the traffic. The modem is actually a router as well and it has QoS functionaility , which allows the traffic to be managed by the ISP. In other words , an average customer will think that the connection is fast when he downloads and at the same time he is able to surf youtube without any delays. This is another neat trick by P1 on managing consumers bandwidth. I dont blame them guess they don’t have a lot of bandwidth to spare and it would be best if bandwidth is being conserved and managed rightfully by P1 , but for power users such as me I think it defeats the purpose as I would prefer to have full control of my bandwidth rather then automatically being managed by P1.
Lastly but not least , it seems that the speed tests posted by users from the forums the speed seems to be superb now. People are getting 1.5Mbps for International link and up to 3Mbps for local link. How long that speed lasts is questionable , especially once they have made it publicly avaliable. Let us just wait and see
Thats all for now folks , once I’ve managed to get access to the P1 Web Configuration tool and other stuff – I’ll post em. At this very moment , I am trying to gather some data from lj0000 on the platform that the modem is running and its kernel and all other technicial details !

Wow – Take a look at this Bus/Taxi Stand

While , while I was driving around. I stumbled across this bus stand in around Genting Klang Area.  Wow , look its shape. I mean common , you expect buses to stop there , I do not think so. Firstly , the location itself is not strategic and secondly , just take a look at the cars that are parked outside (I don’t blame them as there is not enough parking space at that area) . Now let us anaylze the picture (yeah I know its crappy as it was taken from my Dopod D810 phone)

Just look at it
Just look at it

Ah ha , just see how it looks like ?. Well If I were a bus driver , I wouldn’t certain stop there as the road is  not wide enough and plus it can cause traffic jams. I mean they should place it some where more appropriate for people to use the bus stand/taxi stand. Look at that place itself , it looks like to me like a construction site. Sadly , it has been like this for the past 2-3 years and no action has been taken to improvise on that. Usually I see some tourists and locals around who’ll have to walk about a metre or two away just to catch a bus or taxi. This truly defeats the purpose of placing a bus/taxi stand in the first place. Mind you the location is a very strategic location – I can travel to Setapak and to City Centre – it acts a middle hub.
My suggestion is that they should place somewhere more appropriate people to use public transportation and a better taxi stand. The location is a diaster , at least they should move it a bit further from the place. I hope that the aurthorites read this and hope they do something about it. Its just heart breaking to see that stand just left alone like an orphan. It would be great if they decorate it and add route links as well (just like Singapore).
My 2 cents

RM 1.92/litre for Taxis – Now stop overcharging us !

Woke up this morning , read the papers and guess what taxi drivers get 720 litres of petrol @ RM 1.92
which is in fact great , now these taxi drivers do not have another  excuse reason to hike up the fare. In fact , I do hope that the images of our Malaysian Taxi System will be repaired as they are known for overcharging and not using the fares. No , I am not bashing the taxi drivers as I do understand why they are hiking up the fare and not following the metre (Am I contracting myself here ?) . Anyhow , its a wise move by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister , Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad. I do hope that by doing this , it would improve our Taxi Driver Images. Let us wait and see how is the reaction – only time will tell !. For now , it seems to be a good news and a sigh of relive for taxi drivers. Lets put this into realilty. I’ll blog or update the status on it for you guys !. Guess I should be wiring on public transportation system too as well.

Blogs should be designed for Mobile Devices too !

Its a shame that most of the blogs that I visit aren’t tuned for mobile devices. Surely you may say that that it would be better for me if I just Subscribe to the RSS/Atom feed but then for folks like me its somewhat a hassle to update all my feeds in my mobile device (I prefer to go to the site and read it there myself). Anyway, the factor that prevents me to access blogs or heavy content site is because of the rich multimedia content and other things such as advertisements. I do have nothing against the rich multimedia content and ads , but then if you view it on your mobile phone it does take a lot of data. Hence I’ll be charged for the data transfer and mind you , it is not cheap here in Malaysia to have unlimited data plan. Anyhow , two days ago while searching for wordpress plugins to enhance my blog , I stumbled across this cool plug-in - WordPress PDA & iPhone  and guess what its WordPress 2.6 compatible. The installation was a breeze (as you know installing wordpress plugins are pretty simple and straightforward). You would see the effect of the plug-in by browsing the site on an iPhone/iPod Touch or on a mobile device. It would be ideal to browse your blog on the go for somebody who may want to get to know what is the latest/hottest news or on your reviews on food. It is that simple. Anyhow , i’ve managed to capture a screenshot in my iPod Touch and on my DoPod D810 (HTC P3600i) on how my site looks like in both of the devices. 
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~ Hacking ~

Well , hacking (again its a very subjective) has become common these days as there are lots of tools for professional script kiddies to play around with it. An unprotected computer or system can be easily compromised by many different ways (I call it flavours , lots of flavours). Some will try to use a worm to gain entry to your  , others will silently install a keylogger to log all your keystrokes (including your password and other things) and some other folks will silently hack your WiFi so that he/she can get Free Internet service. You may ask , what do they want out of me , why do these hackers want. Some of these hackers want to get confidential information from your system (especially if you are in a government sector) ,others want to get your personal information which they can they can use (pretend to be you that is) or that can be sold to third party folks and make a profit . Others will do it for the lulz (or in other words – for fun) , and there are some hackers that do it for educational purpose (to teach these people a lesson so that they will secure their PC)
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000webhost and TmNet Streamyx

Great just great. what more can I say. I do not know if its the web hosting provider or TMNet Streamyx that is giving me the issue. Every 1-2 hours , I can’t access the site and this forces me to do a reconnection the internet which is painfully annoying. I tried to contact my web host provider (000webhost) and they said that over at their side everything is fine , but over here I can’t access my site at all. So I’ve tried to disconnect and reconnect (the typical method that you guys use to get a new IP address) to see that if it resolves the issue or not and yes it did (wewt). I am guessing that TmNet is having some issues with routing again , no wonder people over at LYN and everywhere in the Internet rant and complain about. I’ll call up Telekom later and see what they have to say. Hopefully they don’t point fingers. Just would like to add another thing that the customer support for 000webhost is superb and they respond you on time – which is great to know for a free hosting company that does a lot in fact !

iPhone 3G and Maxis ? – for under RM 1000

I am sure that many of you guys have read the latest rumours on Maxis bringing iPhone 3G to Malaysia under RM 1,000 (that is under USD$ 250). Some of the users over at lowyat.net said that it can be true as Maxis has recently published their booklet on rewards and other stuff. If you take a look at the front page of the booklet closely , you’ll notice that its an iPhone !. We will never know that if really Maxis will bring iPhone over to Malaysia. So far we aren’t listed in Apple’s site. So who knows. We shall see how things go !. In the meantime join the never ending discussion over at Lowyat.net. I’ll keep you guys updated on any breaking news on iPhone 3G in Malaysia. If you ask me honestly , it would be great for Apple and Maxis to bring iPhone here in Malaysia ,trust me it will create a new wave of iPhone among users as Malaysians now tend to listen to music , multi-task and SMSing. Plus it will be a fashion icon to. This could generate for both Maxis and Celcom. On the other hand , there is a tiny demon within me that says that there is no way that they could bring it to Malaysia – as we dont have major players here in Malaysia. Pretty much , its being monopolised and laws prohibits a phone being tied down to a provider. Oh those who are interested to get iPhone 3G here in Malaysia , there are some sellers who are selling unlocked 3G iPhone for RM 4200 (yeah thats right – whopping RM 4200)

Big Dreams - Credits -LaskarCinta
Big Dreams

My Broadband Journey

I wrote this post in Lowyat.net Message Board (A Forum whereby Malaysians hang-out) and thought of posting it in my blog since I am the original author and thought of expressing it out it in my blog. This whole story describes my journey and how I did finally managed to get Broadband. It was hard and I had to face lots of challenges. Yeah , its sort of like one of those Indian movies –
Firstly , I could not remember how I ended up in Lowyat. I think it was via Google when I first came to site. Like most of you guys here. I started to rant and blame TMNet as I couldn’t get streamyx. Dial-up was pain in the ass , not only its slow but it costs you a ton of $$$$ just to surf and watch things. I don’t mind if the connection is slow but going unlimited with dial-up is just insane. You’re paying both the bills (Telekom Bill + 1515 access fees). So , much like you guys , I started to rant TM as they gave me 10001 excuses why they couldn’t set up streamyx. Eventually I gave up and then one fine day (couldn’t remember when. I’ll try to include the date back if I’ve managed to get it). I came across with this agent by the name of JaringWireless. A very honest agent. I did some homework on this new JARING broadband (Jaring wireless broadband) by googling and calling JARING personally. JARING representative told me that there is no way I could get signal over at my area. As usual , I was frustrated and was in agony (yeah….Damn..#$#$#$ 7 years old dial-up). 

So I PM’ed this guy politely and asked him if its possible to come out to my place and do test it out. He came to my house and brought along with a JARING Somaport test unit. He tested it by placing the somaport outside of my place. It took couple of minutes for the SOMAPort to boot and to establish a connection. What surprised me was that 
It did manage to get a Signal . I was overwhelmed and tears of joy started to emerge from me. He said I could test the SOMAPort for a week to see if it suites me or not. Bam without any hesitation , I signed up after the Trial Period as I needed a Broadband connection. The connection to be honest isn’t the best but it certainly did give me around 100-900kbps of throughput without any disconnections. On top of that JARING’s site keeps customers up to date on current issues , upgrades , downtimes and other things. Which is another plus point , plus their customer support team are friendly. I pretty much fell with it for 1.5 years. Then , bam..the connection degraded severly mainly because of new construction projects around setapak area such as Prima Setapak II and other new apartments (great !). So I didn’t blame JARING at all as I am not in their coverage zone. 
Then, I said to myself that there must be another way out. There must be another alternative and the first option in mind – Streamyx . So I tried to apply for streamyx again as they said its possible to apply but in reality it didn’t turn out to be in my favour. The same ol’ cock and bully story. In other words the same ol’ chicken and egg story. Then I turned my attention to Maxis Broadband as I’m under their HSDPA coverage and like JARING they did offer a 1 week Trial Period (*cough* you gotta pay up some */cough*). Within a week or two , I got my Maxis ZTE MF600 Modem and the whole kit including the phone. I tested it out and I was pretty amazed with the speed. 600-700Kbps for a 786Kbps package. Its pretty good and superb upload speeds and the same cycle continues (just like my jaring) but this time its not because of external factors , its because of maxis itself. they have blocked and throttled non-standard port which made it worst as i’m a person who hosts site , internet radio and other couple of stuff. Plus on top of that my latency for gaming shoot up to 10-50k (WoW) which results in frequent disconnections. After reading bytefreezer’s post ( 
http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/656354 ) , i’ve decided to send a letter to MCMC as i am unable to bear with it. Thankfully Maxis responded quickly but they were unable to provide any solution to it. So its time to say goodbye to restrictive broadband
This made me no choice but to try my luck with streamyx. This Time I applied for a new phone line + streamyx together (streamyx combo) and everything went smooth and voila – Managed to get my streamyx. I’ve to say that i’m impressed with streamyx (you’ll if you have tried other broadband providers) but nevertheless its still the “king” of all other broadband providers in Malaysia. Yes , I am suffering from high latency issue for foreign sites and slow speeds for International sites especially those sites which are located in Europe. This whole journey has changed how I view our broadband. I’ve changed from a hot-tempered guy to a patient guy. I’ve finally managed to understand how our ISP works and other things. Trust me , once you have tried alternative ISPs , you’ll be a different person.