P1 Free W1Max Trial – Here I come

Well , Its been a long time since I’ve checked my e-mail and guess what – I was selected for P1 W1Max Trial. This is great news , I can test drive their WiMax for 6 months and post a complete review (as just like I did with Maxis Wireless). I’ll be heading to their office tomorrow to collect my modem to test it out. I’ll be mainly doing comparison in several aspect , how it performs

OMG - Free 6 months Trial
OMG - Free 6 months Trial- Time for a test drive (Removed the person's last name and contact number to protect her privacy)

The good news is that there is an official P1 representative here in a message board. That’s something new for an ISP to do. So far I’ve never seen one that came out to answer users doubts and question. Keep up the good job P1 !. The rest of the ISP , Its a shame that none of your representative come out to give answers but rather just looking the reports. I do have a strong feeling  that Maxis and TM do check out the message board regularly from time to time. Anyway , let you guys know how it goes. If you’re interested to test out P1 W1MAX Trial , then check out this thread . If you have any questions , just ask in the thread itself. There is an official P1 resprentative there that can answer all your questions
I just love when there is an ISP that gets back to its user and hangs out at a place whereby users share their opinions. Kudos P1 ! I can’t wait to test drive your WIMAX service and to write a review. This is something good.
P.S – Of course the 20GB might not be nice for some of us , but if we take a look at the other way – the customer support seems to be pretty good !

Merry Christmas

Its Christmas !

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

So I would like to wish my readers and those who are celebrating Christmas – “Merry Christmas”. This is the season of joy , sharing and we should as a human , look towards building humanity for the sake of our grandchildren. That is my Christmas message today.So , even if you are not celebrating the holiday , do have a great time here
P.S – Its a white Christmas over @ prasys’ blog

Reviving Things Back

It has been a long time since i’ve abonded my blog and its about time for me to revive back. You know what made me to revive , its this blog entry posted by Karhoe (As Jun Hui said you’re a pro computer and uh account dude guy – Yes , he is right as always). I noticed there were a lot of comments asking me on how to load up the media center on the HDD. Guess what Guys I’ll do it , if not I’ll offer free lunch to you all. Nah just kidding. So yeah thats it for today
Its time to bring up this blog and write. Now since I’ve time , I’ll do my best to revive the glory of my blog !

Minor Update

Just a bump to my blog entry. Its been ages since I’ve updated. Busy with real life and other sort of things. Now I’ve updated some stuff over at home. This includes changes that I’ve done to my Bedroom and found a way to stream music everything and play playstation. So there we go
Will post more reviews and other stuff later.
Cya and oh yeah Happy Deepavali as well to my readers !


Great , I am getting lazier and lazier to come up with unique blog content. I guess I’ll be updating my blog later. Lets see my to do list
1. Write a tutorial on how to setup Windows Media Centre
2. The uPnP Quide
3. Quickstart Wireless Guide
4. My thoughts
Sigh , long way to go !

Need your feedback !

Hey Guys and Gurls,
I truly need your feedback on my blog. Currently , I’ve disabled mandatory registration to post comments (which I think it somewhat sucks whereby you have to go and register yourself just to post). Anyhow , please post your thoughts , criticism and even suggestions on how i should improve my blog. Secondly , do you think I should continue in this style (mix of technological stuff and whats going on around the globe and Malaysia) or shall I just empathise more on technological stuff such as reviewing ISPs, posting tips and tricks on networking and writing more guides. Please , do leave some sort of comment. I truly value your feedback as it enables me to ‘connect’ with you and what you want. Oh yeah let me know what kind of stories you want me to blog on. Maybe who knows if there is demand for it , they will be supply for it as well.
P.S – Don’t worry I’ve lots of things to write. Just preparing the materials and will write more on issues that matters most for all of us ! 
Thats about it
Yours truly,
Pradeesh aka prasys !

How To Configure qos for tomato firmware – part 2

There we go , this will be my second part of how to configure QoS for Tomato Firmware (Yeah – it took a long time for me to write this article) . You may want to read my first part before proceeding to the second part here. Anyway , I’ve explained couple of things last time , which includes the basics of Qos and how to configure the bandwidth allocation and stuff like that. Once again I recommend you to read the first part before proceeding to the second part. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous (or if you’re lazy to read the whole guide) , then continue on to read. Anyway let us get started shall we (Click on read more to get started)
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Bye-Bye Beijing'08 and say hello to London'Fi12

Finally , its over the whole ceremony is over just in a blink of an eye. You waited so long for it and when you realised that its started , bam – its already over. Thats how fast time moves. Anyhow I would like to congratulate our Malaysian Badminton player , for at least putting our country’s name in the medal tally list. Well done and I’m so proud to be a Malaysian. Anyhow , what concerns me is that , I stumbled across this 2012 Logo which was posted in the message board. What that attracted me is that some guy who posted this picture on how they came up with the whole 2012 concept 
Anyhow , its just his idea and what I want to express it out is that. I find it bit interesting  to see that many people have many thoughts on how they invented the Olympic logo for the 2012 Olympics in London. Isn’t that amazing , this truly shows how our mind thinks and interprets something that we view. This is why we have different perception on cosmetics , clothing , food and not to mention our selection of words on expressing our thoughts and ideas. I leave that up to you , so that you have something to think. There are other theories that I’ve found in the Internet on how they created this logo. Anyhow , hopefully our locals would be able to get a gold medal in this next Olympics. All the best to them and all the best to other countries. Its about celebrating humanity !