OSX Projects

Hey all,
I would like to announce that I am taking a break from OSX86 projects. Before I fully take a break , I would write a guide on how to install Lion on 32-bit netbooks (if anyone still wants it). It has been a fun journey with OSX86 , no doubt about it. But at times , you want to take a look at what is worth more – life. Nevertheless , I’ll be here for consultation. Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you need urgent assistance or something with OSX86. I may not be able to give you a fast reply , but certainly
I’ll be flying to NSW and NT (and hopefully WA – Western Aussie). So if there is any free beer let me know guys
Cheers !

Strange Issues with Site

For whatever reasons , if you are not able to load my site. Just use this mirror site. I’ll be trying to archive everything and make it avaliable , so that you may download it. I am going to write few guides later on especially on certain key issues regarding OSX.
You may access my site via : –

Its 2011

I would like to wish everyone Happy New Year. I know its kinda late but I do hope that 2011 would be the year for us , I am quite sure that you’re going to put your new year’s resolution into test. Lets just hope that it works out for all of us
Well , whats next ? I am not sure , hackint0sh is well hackint0sh. I do hope that there will be a break-through of some sort in the world of hackint0sh in this year. Let us just sit and wait !
Cheers !

say hello to prasys.info

Just update your bookmarks. just to let you know that i got pissed with co.cc , its causing me all kinds of problems. Best part is that I paid $5 for their services just to have my domain up and running. Sadly i got soo piseed that recently it has caused my site to redirect to some bogus web-site. From now onwards , I’ll be using godaddy to host my .info domain. Dont worry about the old domain , it will just redirect you back to prasys.info , therefore you could find all the latest information and stuff from prasys.info
This way I can get spam control to work properly and a lot of other things as well. But first I’ll have to update my site , feeds and other stuff so that they work correctly , else it would be a big problem !

My Dear Blog

Yes I am here. Currently I am having major overhaul changes in my real life – that is why I am not able to blog as I use to. Nevertheless , during free time and such I promise you that I’ll come up with something new and as usual to share the knowledge with the rest of you guys
Wish that in one day you could have 48 hours. Don’t you think  about that too. As for e-mails , I’ll try to reply and address every one of you. In the coming weeks (or days) , I’ll write a guide on how to use IRC so that you can get help from other OSX86 experts. Don’t worry , I’ll include the do and donts !

Looking for Older Empire EFI (Request)

It seems that rapidshare has deleted all of my Empire EFI iso. I know I’ve should have made up a backup of it,- the good news is that I did but the bad news is that my hard disk crashed.
I am looking for someone who is willing to upload Empire EFI. I would be very thankful if someone who did that.
Thank You
PS – Working on newer and better builds for AMD and especially for the new Core i-series

Looking for something related to OSX86 ?

If you’re looking for something OSX86 related. Feel free to hit on OSX86/Hackint0sh tab/page and you’ll be presented of all my guides , tutorials , kext download and not to mention EmpireEFI. It makes it a lot easier on what you’re looking for. I’ve few ideas up my mind on how it should work
The reason is because is that sometimes we can’t find the right things via google if we don’t have the right keyword or if you aren’t sure of the exact keyword. I just hope that it helps someone out here.