Philips AquaTouch AT750 Review Part Three : Tips & Tricks

This is my third segment (of my epic 5-segment review for this product).  Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 first. If you are in a hurry no worries – in my previous segment I have discussed the advantages of using the AquaTouch compared to a conventional shaver. Now in this part , I would discuss some tips and tricks using the Philips AquaTouch AT750 and as well as being man of the 21st century. We’ll be looking closer on how to make you into a modern man. Let us all face it , by staying classy as PSY would call it – a lot of people would go ga-ga after you (especially if you are single and if you think you are attractive). Most importantly , find out how you can take home the AuqaTouch that I am having (yes – you have heard it correctly) 
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ZTE Acqua V880E Review Part 1

So you wanted to get a cheap and cheerful Android smartphone without robbing your local bank ?  Well – that is good news as I would be reviewing ZTE Acqua
The review will be broken into several parts as like always (much like any other reviews such as my iPhone 4 and my Philips Shaver Review) . In this part , I’ll be looking into the packaging and the phone itself (i.e the looks and how it feels) and not to mention , I would take time to explain some features of the phone. Basically , we would be having a closer look
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Philips AquaTouch AT750 Review Part Deux :

If you have not read my first part of the review , you should do it now (seriously – you should – otherwise a poor bedbug would be killed). This is my second segment of my in-depth review of the Philips AquaTouch AT750. As I have described in my previous blog entry, this is an entry level electric razor or shaver (or whatever you call it) that is suitable for people (or even presenting it as a gift to your beloved boyfriend) who have been using a regular razor. Now in this segment , I would describe in details (with pictures of me – again please try your best not to laugh as I am not photogenic nor a hot chick)

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Philips AquaTouch AT750 Review Part 1 : Saying Hello

This is the first time I am reviewing something that is not related to tech (well somewhat related to tech) ,as previously I have reviewed the iPhone 4 , Sasmsung Printer and even iPhone apps and generally I talk about hackint0sh but this is more related to “man-science”. No , it is not about human anatomy , its about a tool that is old as the bronze age. That is right , I am reviewing an electric  razor or which is also known as electric shaver. It is much like other reviews , I’ll be segmenting it to 5 parts whereby every week I would post my experience of using the product and finally I would give my conclusion. I know , it is going to be a bit different but trust me I’ll try to make it fun and interesting. That’s my promise

Let’s see what is inside the box – it is a plane ? is it an automaton ? Is it the next iPhone Killer ? Time to find out !

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Before I bore you to death with technical jargons and the science behind electric razor (and not to mention the history behind it) , let me tell you a funny story on how I ended up getting a review unit for Philips AquaTouch AT750. So it all started like this , I was on twitter and suddenly I saw a friend of mine tweeted about #Philips50Shaves , that they are having a contest and an opportunity to try a electric shaver . Now I join the competition for “teh lulz” (fun). Now I did not expect to be short listed and be selected to review along with few other bloggers as well.  But hey that’s life , expect the unexpected – otherwise it would be pretty boring if you are able to predict every single outcome. This gives me a chance to test out electric shaver !
Now that is my story. I am not the hero but instead the razor. Let me share with you a little bit history on razors (which something we all take it for granted). According to Wikipedia , Razors have been identified since Bronze Ages. In the late 18th/19th Century , straight razors were produced and later in the 1930s , electric razors were invented.  There you go , you are now up to speed about the history of razors. If you want more in-depth history I would recommend you to visit the Wikipedia page which I have linked. Alternatively if you are intrested in straight razors (the ones that barbers generally use) , I would recommend you to check this link out and finally if you want to know in-depth of electric shavers , be sure to check this link out as well.
An article from a newspaper from late 30s stating the benefits of using an electric razor

The Leap (First Impression and Unboxing Video)
For your information , I am a big advocate of using razors for all the while because it is “cheap and cheerful” (as Jeremey Clarkson would say). Why ? It is because it is very simple and straight forward to use.  I have tried an electric razor (as before and I did not quite like it as it only works in dry shave and there is sort of learning curve involved with it , like fine tuning the settings and most importantly it does not work with wet shaves.It was not my sort of thing. On the other hand there are some drawbacks of using a razor as well. For instance , it is time consuming. “Oh God” , that is what I would say every single time I shave – to get a clean shave I have to do it 5-6 times and you’ll have to be extra careful  – otherwise bam you would have bruises and it hurts . I have always wanted to have best of both words (i.e the beauty of using a razor and electric shaver)

Thankfully , Philips AquaTouch AT750 is here to solve the issue for once and for all . Instead of writing it out on how awesome Philips AquaTouch AT750 , I did a video which explains the features (and not to mention unboxing of AquaTouch AT750) and as well as issues that I face when I use conventional razor and how the features of AquaTouch AT750 helps to addresses some issues and not to mention some of the unique features which is found only in the AquaTouch. Generally I would write a long-winded post on the features , but since the Philips AquaTouch AT750 is so awesome and there aren’t any words to describe it – I decided to do a video of unboxing and explain some of the features of what AquaTouch AT750 has to offer.
Now for some reason if you can’t watch YouTube or if you think my voice is not sexy enough. No worries , I’ll briefly explain the key features of Philips AquaTouch AT750


  • AquaTec – as the name suggests , the Philips AquaTouch AT750 works with gel/foam and as well as dry shaves. It is much like a hybrid that caters the needs of every man out there. I know some of us prefer dry shaves and others (like myself) would prefer a wet shave.
  • Smooth Glide & Dual Blades – It reduces skin damage and not to mention dual blade helps in cutting hairs much more comfortably
  • QuickRinse System – It allows the shaver to be rinsed , thus making it easier to clean
  • 40+ minutes of cordless shave – That is about 14 shaves in a single charge (compared to a razor which is only capable of doing 5-6 shaves for a single razor)

You see , it is pretty amazing that an electric shaver that acts beyond like a traditional electric shaver that we are all accustomed to by offering the benefits of razors  which I find it interesting as I have not seen any
Size & Pricing 
I have snapped this picture just to show you the sizes of various things. Just so that you would have a rough idea on the size and looks of the AquaTouch. For your information , the shape looks like much of a traditional razor which I think is great as it seems that Philips even took tiniest detail into consideration. However , it is heavier compared to a traditional razor (Duh !) , but I guess it takes a little bit getting used to of using it. Hopefully in the future that it would be light as razor

From Left to Right , A Remote Control , Philips AquaTouch AT750 , a razor, USB WiFi Dongle,16GB SDHC Card

Anyhow, you wouldn’t believe that the AquaTouch AT750 only costs MYR 199.00. Now the million dollar question is it worth the money ?  I can’t answer that question right now as I have not fully tested this product yet. I guess we are able to find out at the end of the review that if it is indeed worth MYR 199
What’s next ? 
Its time to get serious AquaTouch – just the two of us

Well , in the next part of the review. I would be taking a closer look on the AquaTouch and putting it into action. So do stay tuned. If you have any questions , feel free to post a comment or tweet to me. I would do my best to answer any of your questions
You could also vote for me here , well by voting you would make yourself feel better and you give me a chance to get a complete make-over which I think would be the suitable gift that my readers give it to me for Christmas. With that new make-over , who knows – I might be able to find Mrs.Prasys !
I would like to say that its not a sponsored post by Philips Malaysia but more towards my experience with the Philips AquaTouch itself. The review can be negative or positive as they have spent out that each reviewers have their freedom of expression to express their thoughts
My Journey with Philips AT750
Part 1 : Saying Hello
Part 2 : <3
Part 3 : Tips & Tricks
Part 4 : 100% Aqua
Part 5 : Conclusion

Samsung ML-2160 Review Part 3

This is the last part of my SAMSUNG ML-2160. You should read the previous two segments , which are located here and here before reading this. In this segment , I’ll be wrapping up everything and giving you my final conclusion of the printer

Printing Speed
I’ll let the video be the judge. In this case I decided to print a lecture note which is in powerpoint file format (PPT) and decided to print 6 slides a page with SAMSUNG Easy Eco functionality. I’ve posted a video which I would like you to be judge
It prints relatively fast as you could see in the video (faster compared to Inkjet printers which are priced the same) . The printing quality is not bad at all (bear in mind I turned on eco-saving features so probably it has toned down on sharpness to save toner’s ink)
Final Thoughts
Lastly , here are my thoughts. If you are a student who prints their lecture notes for revision and stuff and wants an affordable printer , this is the printer that you are looking for. The additional things that the printer includes is pretty much one of its kind , that you can’t find in any other printer of this price range. However if you are kind of person who would like to print things in colour or are just looking for a multi-function printer , sorry to say that this printer is for you at all. You are better off with an Inkjet printer. I’ve summed it up all in a simple pros and cons point form

  1. Affordable Price & Compact
  2. Broad Compatibly  (works with Windows and Mac)
  3. Toner which lasts pretty long
  4. Awesome Bundled Software (suc as Eco Drive)


  1. Noise of the Printer (It can get a bit loud at times)
  2. No Automatic Double-Sided Printing Capabilities
  3. No Stop Hardware Button if you want to abort Printing

Again this printer is great. Some of the cons or drawbacks of the printer are outweighed by the benefit. For instance there the hardware physical stop button is replaced by SAMSUNG Eco Drive so you could review your pages before printing , but however I still prefer a hardware stop button. That’s just being me. Overall , this is the first time I am using a monochrome laser printer  (and reviewing a printer) and it seems to be perfect for my everyday use. Not only its affordable as I have pointed out early but it is also compact. SAMSUNG does deserve some praises in this area. So kudos SAMSUNG , hope that you guys could release a laser printer that allows to print colour pages in this similar price range
Overall Rating : 4/5
I would like to say that its not a sponsored post by Samsung but more towards the printer  itself. The review can be negative or positive as they have spent out that each reviewers have their freedom of expression to express their thoughts. I would also like to thank SAMSUNG for providing me with the review unit

Samsung ML-2160 Review Part 1

Printers are essential for two things – printing reports and printing notes. It becomes an essential tool for every student who is currently in college or university. It is because more and more of our lecture material , tutorial questions are being posted online. Not to mention that printing them in your college/university could be a hassle – especially when everyone is using the library printer for instance – you will see people printing their assignments at the 11th hour or simply printing the entire stack of lecture notes , tutorial questions for the semester and not to mention that at times , the printer could broke down and most importantly – printing in university could be expensive

Now you may say that if there is only a way I could get the awesomeness of university printer for my personal use and which does not cost a bomb. Thankfully your prayers have been answered – SAMSUNG ML-2160 series printer. A printer that is easy on the wallet and the environment too – and not to mention that it’s a laser printer (similar to the ones used in your university for printing documents)
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Yes 4G Go Review – Part 1

There are tons of broadband providers in Malaysia. The ones that offer fast speed broadbands are generally fixed line and then you have wireless broadband – traditionally wireless broadband are pretty much provided by Mobile Service Operators in Malaysia except for one or two. But what if you want mobility and speed together – this is where Yes4G has come into play ! Let me put into test to see how good is go as a mobile broadband service

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iPhone 4 Review – The Verdict

It has been 2 weeks since I’ve first gotten my iPhone 4 review unit from Maxis Malaysia (No , its not MAXIS that made Sims , its a cellular corporation in Malaysia). Basically in this post , I would like to sum up and conclude on my experience of the iPhone 4.
Before that let us take a look at few things . Firstly its the upgrade path. To make it easier , I’ll be doing it in bullet form (point form) , which is easier to read. I am not going to be long winded as I am quite sure you are eager to know about it. It would give you a clearer idea on which iPhone set to get and if you should upgrade or not , what are the pros and cons , etc
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iPhone Review Part 4 – Camera and Video

In this part , basically I’ll be focusing on the camera quality and video quality and how these two can be combined to make something useful , which I’ll show you in a while.
As you’ve read in my previous reviews on how iPhone 4 works generally , in this part – I’ll be focusing on the Camera and HD Recording functionality. As we all do know that iPhone 4 camera is somewhat way behind compared to other phone camera , for instance when iPhone 3G was launched in circa 2008 , other phones were already using 5.0 Megapixel with LED Flash. Now in 2010 , iPhone 4 has 5.0 Megapixel camera with LED flash and with HD Recording functionality.
PS –  If you’re looking for a good camera , just get a DSLR (the professional camera) or a good digital camera. Phone cameras are generally mediocre and no doubt iPhone is one of them !
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