OSX 10.6.1 and Hackint0sh

Generally Snow Leopard 10.6.1 works , if you’ve followed my method. All you have to do is run it from Software Updater. Do not worry as it doesn’t update the kernel , the kernel is still version 10.0.0. So those of you who are using modbins patched kernel for AMD/Intel Pentium D/4 , you may still continue to use this update.
According to netkas, you’ll have to edit some of your kexts for ATI 48xx users. Do check it out. As for NVIDIA Users , it seems that Apple has updated graphics drivers and it seems to smoother for me. I’m not sure about you !

Understanding Kexts

Over the time , I’ve been getting tons on questions via e-mail (okay at most is 1 a day) and via IRC on what are kexts and how to identify how they work and what its used for. I’ll briefly explain on what is kernel and what are kernel extensions
Kernel is actually the heart of OS , it basically the one that gets your OSX. So do be friend with the kernel. You can read complete explanation on what is a kernel here (Wikipedia). Now kexts (or also known as Kernel Extensions – thats how it got its name from Kernel + Extensions) , are actually drivers on macOS . Its analogous to linux modules !. I wouldn’t’ say drivers but something to extend the functionality of a kernel , as kernel is very basic. So it takes it to another level. Of course for simplicity sake , one may call it as drivers. However its not the right term. Suffice to say, if you want to playParty poker , use PhotoShop or pretty much anything we take for granted on our computers, you need a kext. They are added power.
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Quartz Extreme and Core Image in Snow Leopard

This is a simple how-to check to determine if you have Quartz Extreme (QE) and Core Image (CI). It seems that OSX 10.6 “Snow Leopard” doesn’t state that if you have both of it enabled or not. Prior to this , in order to determine if hardware acceleration was indeed working , one would take a look at System Profiler to check if both Quartz Extreme and Core Image are enabled or not. Apple has removed this functionality in OSX 10.6. Its because , all Intel Macs (yes, including Intel GMA 950) are capable of both Quartz Extreme and Core Image. There is no need to display if both of it is supported or not.
Anyhow it has a major drawback for Hackintosh users , as there is no way to determine if hardware acceleration is indeed working or not. There is no way to tell by looking at system profiler , to check if your injectors such as NVEnabler or your EFI strings are working correctly or not. However , don’t panic and don’t yell around saying that there is no way to check if you have hardware acceleration or not. I’ve included simple steps to determine if hardware acceleration (QE/CI) is working or not

Screen shot 2009-09-04 at 1.40.46 PM
There is no way to tell if QE/CI is working with then new system profiler.

Note : Another thing to note , Apple has removed support for GeForce 5 series graphics card in Snow Leopard and as well as pre ATI X1000 series (i.e X300 , X600 , 9600 , 9550). You may get it to work with Leopard , so do try Leopard instead of Snow Leopard
1st Method
This is the easiest method of all time. All you have to do is run Chess application. Fire it up and play chess. Now if you are able to move the piece . Congraluations , hardware acceleration (QE/CI) is working.
If you aren’t pleased or if you do want to check if it really works. I’ve included other alternative methods. Do continue to read
2nd Method
Check if screensaver works. Its fairly simple to do. All you have to do is go to System preferences and then select Desktop and Screen saves. Select Screen savers tab and do test out a screensaver. If you see a blank screen , it means that your Graphics acceleration is not working !
3rd Method
Test out Dashboard (Press F12) (or F3 if you’re using Apple Aluminium Slim Keyboard). Drag and drop a widget . If you see a ripple-like effect (or cool effects) when you add a widget. Congratulations everything is working
There are other ways to test as well  for instance running DVD Player. Downloading and playing mac games such as Neverball.
4th Method (thanks to iHack)
Try Front Row. If Front Row works , QE/CI is in place , otherwise it wouldn’t work at all !

fakeSMC "MacBook Air" Release for Wind

As we all do know , the wise and mighty netkas (yes indeed) has released fakeSMC controller for us – hackint0sh users. Firstly some of us may not know what is SMC. SMC stands for System Management Control. What it does on a real mac is that it controls fan levels , tells the system when to wake , how to wake , how to shutdown , which devices to shutdown and basically it controls all other power management related stuff.  FakeSMC tries to emulate a real SMC device so that its possible for Hackint0sh users to run several programs and most importantly to fix annoying SMC errors and such during boot up. This makes it one step closer to vanilla and to be closely as real mac as possible.
Now you may ask , why on earth – would you want to recreate back  something which has already done. I’ve had several reasons to do it. Firstly , it started when i installed fakesmc.kext from netkas’ site. When I ran system profiler , I saw a SMC update for “Macbook Air”.  Therefore I want it to be like a real MacBook Air , having similar stuff to the real thing. Secondly , SMC Version 1.23f20 is needed to run CoolBook in Snow Leopard. It wouldn’t work with older versions of it. I am not sure why , it just checks for SMC Version in System profiler. If it sees anything < 1.23f20 . It will not run and it will ask you to update SMC verison of your MacBook Air
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Installing Snow Leopard for OSX86

This is a very quick guide which I made up. Again its not prefect , I’ve made this to teach on how to restore your MacOS X Snow Leopard disk which you have bought it for $29 to a USB Stick in order for you to run Snow Leopard Retail installer and install it on your drive.
Before we begin , do make sure you have (the following stuff) :-

  • Snow Leopard 10A432 DVD aka “$29 DVD” (By the way its a full DVD and its not an upgrade DVD)
  • A working MacOS X installation (Tiger or Leopard) (even Panther would do if you’re still using PPC that is)
  • 8GB USB Stick (if you have a hotswap , another hard disk , external hard disk – by all means use them) *If you don’t have a 8GB or larger USB stick , there is alternative method) (even iPod would do)
  • -or – 128MB USB Stick (if you plan to use Retail DVD to boot) (Not recommended) -or – a blank cd
  • Common sense (yes you’ll be needing them)
  • ADDED Advantage – Have installed OSX Leopard Retail discs via boot-132
  • IRC Client for you to grab some of the required files
  • Basic knowledge of how to patch DSDT manually , troubleshooting and stuff
  • USB Keyboard/Bluetooth (It works with PS2 keyboard as well – Tested)

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