Nightly Chameleon Builds

I’ve decided to go ahead with the Nightly Chameleon Builds , after taking into consideration of my readers input based on my previous blog post , The reason why I started doing Nightly Builds is based on my previous experience on PearPC. Back in the good ol’ PearPC days (yes , it was the only emulator out there that could run MacOS X in PC ,before the Intel transition) , I use to compile nightly builds and custom builds and put it up on my site. It did generate a lot of interest from people and not to mention rapid feedback from all folks to the development team. I decided to use the same thing with Chameleon. Anyhow , lets get into the content of this post
Oh one more thing , be sure to read the FAQ (after the jump) before embarking on the journey to download nightly build !

Download Link

FAQ (after the jump)

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Nawcom's BootCD – The sucessor to EmpireEFI

As we know , EmpireEFI , tonyx86 boot cd and other boot cd variants has helped a lot of us to get retail OSX installation in our beloved Dell Computers (and clones alike). What nawcom has done with his boot cd is that he has taken entirely it into next level. His bitchblog may seem a bit technical. So I am here to translate that to plain english on simply what it means. It simply means that now you can install OSX alongside with Windows on a MBR partition without the need of formatting the entire drive as GPT and using complicated procedures to dual boot. Plus on top of that , nawcom has added support for a variety of graphics card  (well almost all which Chameleon native Graphics Injector supports) as opposed to my EmpireEFI. It will automatically detect your hardware through I/O Registry and post-instructions will be posted over at Desktop , thus making it a lot easier for you to get to know about your hardware and to determine if its supported. For your information , I’ll be working with nawcom to come up with an awesome boot CD which shall supersede EmpireEFI.
UPDATE #1 – Updated version can be obtained from here (changelog + details) Read More

Need Feedback on Chameleon Nightly Builds

I was thinking of making nightly Chameleon builds available for people to download , which means that you do not have to compile chameleon builds nor seek somebody to put up latest chameleon builds in message board. This allows you test out latest version of chameleon without the need of hunting down installers.
I would like to know your thoughts on this and what do you think about this idea. Feel free to post if you think its a great idea or not. I’ll be giving it a test run in a day or two times. Basically I am trying to come up with an automated script which would automatically fetch latest chameleon from svn , compile it and put it up as binaries in my ftp repo , so that you can download it and test out the latest version.
Of course , its just the binaries , which means that you would have to do a simple installation by yourself to enjoy the latest bug fixes and variations of chameleon !

NVIDIA Kexts for OSX

This is is an official driver , which I’ve patched for Hackint0sh. It was released by NVIDIA to address some issues with MacPro Late 2009 model with GeForce 2xx series graphics card. Basically what this driver does is that it gives you :-

  • Improved performance for games such as Team Fortress 2 , Starcraft II and other games (It gives a large frame boost)
  • Improves overall stability with OpenGL applications (I’ve found out that my old Rayman III game doesn’t crash anymore)

However , I’ve patched it , basically I’ve removed a script inside the installer which checks for the right Mac Model and Graphics Card. Thus allowing real mac (yes I’ve tested it with my MacBook Pro Core i5 with GeForce 330M) and as well as Hackintosh to work.
It requires MacOS X 10.6.3 and above. It works with NVIDIA GeForce 8 , GeForce 9 , GeForce 1xx series , GeForce 2xx series. It does not work with GeForce 4xx series.
There are few drawbacks. Firstly , you’ll be losing Power Management -which translates to noisy fan (Fan will stay at 100%). This is somewhat bad if you are using a laptop or if you care for a noise-free environment. Secondly , this kext has known to cause kernel panics with certain configuration.
Download link
Any problems ? Feel free to leave a comment

Nawcom's latest Boot CD – allows MBR installation

With the latest work of meklort , whereby he has created a way to patch OSInstall.mpkg on the fly – which allows you to install OSX to a MBR partition , which means that you don’t have to format the entire drive to GPT in order to install OSX. This should be pretty good especially if you want to keep your recovery partition or your current windows partition and would like to install OSX along side with Windows. Nawcom , on the other hand sliced it alltogether and created a boot CD for you to test it out
Bear in mind that , this is still experimental. I am not responsible if your computer blows up , if an alien abducts you , or if your PC wets the floor for some odd reason.
Download Link
Feel free to post a comment if it did or did not work for you.

new myHack v1.14 released

nawcom has modified Conti’s myHack to be more up to date and to be more recent. Its recommended for all myHack users to update to this latest version.  I’ll be brief on this , basically its just click and run and the new myHack v1.1.3 installer will take care everything for you.
Changes from the original myHack :-

  • Latest Chameleon RC5 (includes a lot of fixes , such as automatic memory detection , cleaner code , and a lot of other changes , automatic resolution detection on boot {especially for Intel GMA users} )
  • It uses Default Chameleon Theme (enables users to opt or install Themes later on)
  • OrangeIcon Drive Fix (Makes your Hard Disks to appear as Internal Hard Disks)
  • SleepEnabler.kext for OSX 10.6.4

Download Now
Edit : If you are having any issues , please come and see me personally @ IRC ( , #snowleopard). Grab a Client such as Linkinus or Colloquy and hit me up. If I am not around , somebody there would able to help you out

New FakeSMC is out

The new FakeSMC is out. The new team put by slice , mozo does a lot compared to the original FakeSMC that we love. This new fakeSMC includes temperature monitoring for CPU , Northbridge and a lot of other things. It even monitors your nvidia GPU temperature as well. Basically if you want to monitor your temperatures for your system. Feel free to check it out
For laptop users you may need additional modification as Slice pointed out in your dsdt to get information about your voltage and stuff. It may or may not work great on laptop. But the bright side is if you have an nvidia card or intel onboard video (X3100) you can use it to view its temperature
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New Kernel – 10.6.4 is out (for AMD and legacy intel users)

Just letting my readers know that , the patched kernel for old AMD and intel users (pre Core series). nawcom has created an installer that would just do that for you. You may download it from here. Please make sure that you’ve followed my updating OS X Guide first if you are about to update 10.6.x to 10.6.4 .
The good news about OSX 10.6.4 is that now we have variety of support for Intel Core i series and not to mention new drivers for the onboard Intel card. I’ll update EmpireEFI in the upcoming weeks to enable support from booting from OSX 10.6.3 DVD with the new stuff. Be prepared for that guys !
Changelog after the jump !
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Getting help with your OSX86 related problems

I am quite sure that most of you guys are “stuck” at some point whereby you’ll be needing assistance from the experts. In this guide , I’ll be showing you on how to connect to OSX86 IRC Network and try to get help from the experts there. The main reason why I am writing this guide is to help some of you poor souls out there who tried their best to sought help from a lot of places.
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Good News to Mobile Core i5/i7 and Intel HD Users

As we all do know that recently Apple has updated their MacBook Pro lines once again – this time with Core i5-M , Core i7-M and as well as Intel HD Graphics. What means for laptop users (those who bought Core i5/Core i7 laptops with Intel HD Graphics).
It means that your laptop is capable of running OSX 10.6 , but wait – just not yet. Currently we don’t have (well I) the requirded stuff from these new MacBook Pros yet. So basically in order for me to make an Empire EFI disc for these new laptops , we’ll be needing the new kernel , new kexts and new framework from this new laptop. Bear in mind , Apple is using a special build of OSX 10.6.3 for these new laptops – which means that OSX 10.6.4 upgrade should GIVE Mobile Core i5 /i7 and Intel  GMA HD Users a near vanilla system – provided that your laptop uses the same chipset as these MacBook Pros
More to come , I’ll be getting my hands dirty once again to look out for the source and to come up with a new EmpireEFI disc for Core i5/Core i7 users. This is it people , embrace yourself !