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Some of you may be wondering why there is not much of an update from my blog or from nawcom. Lets’ just say that the hackint0sh scene is now cooled down a bit. Since we have managed to get retail experience  , there is no need to post updates for every now and then.
Our primary goal now is to get MacOSX Lion to work well with our hackint0shes. Once MacOS X Lion hits gold – when its out. You’ll be seeing more guides and stuff on how to install. There are un-official guides on how to get them in your PC now , but its mostly illgeal as OSX Lion is currently meant for developers.
No worries , I am not dead yet. When the time comes , this blog will be updated with new information on OSX Lion how-to and stuff.

10.6.6 legacy kernel is out

For those who are using AMDs and legacy Intel processors and unuspported Intel processors such as Intel Atom. Nawcom has released a kernel for those of you. It includes support for Intel Sandy bay processors as well , so feel free to give that a go. If you’re using AMD processor , you’ll have to grab this first before upgrading to 10.6.6 !
You may read the entire information about at nawcom’s blog post. I’ll be just focusing on how to install and providing download links. Feel free to mirror it and please include credits where due !
Download links (Mirror #1) (Mirror #2) (Source diffs)

Installation Instructions (For those who are going to upgrade from 10.6.5 to 10.6.6)
1. Download 10.6.6 Combo Updater (Yes I know its going to take ages on your dial-up connection)
2. Run the Updater , when it prompts you to restart. Do not restart , instead run nawcom’s kernel installer which you’ve downloaded.
3. After the kernel and the patches are installed , you may reboot your PC
Suppose if you have a problem after installation , simply pop back in nawcomBoot CD , EmpireEFI or whatever installation disc you used and let the troubleshooting session begin. For in-depth help , I recommend you to drop by , #snowleopard

tonymac , seriously ?

While I was busy leveling up my character in World of Warcraft , it seems that there are few things which have forgot to blog about and to bring to your attention. Thankfully , nawcom did his research and posted regarding this matter over at his blog. Once again , I’ll try to make it simple to share on what is going on actually and explaining on why is it wrong and what he should have done.
Recently , tonymac released a kernel for OSX that supports Intel’s Sandy Bridge. Again its a good thing at first glance , I thought well , thats something close. Upon a closer inspection by nawcom , it seems that tonymac stole the code from qoopz , nawcom , AnV and few others that made the legacy kernel. The kernel that made AMDs , older Intel processors the ability to run OSX. . On top of that , its against Apple’s APSL which requires you to release any modification.

Qoopz' SSE3 emulator in the kernel ?
Qoopz' SSE3 emulator in the kernel ?

If you’re wondering why I wrote this blog post up , well I’ve worked with qoopz , nawcom and AnV and I know the team very well and I find it unfair that some guy comes along , steals the code (without giving any credit) and claims that it was his original work. For your information , the legacy kernel is important for a lot of people especially for those who are using AMD. Plus the legacy kernel enabled a lot of support , for instance 64-bit mode on AMD and old Pentium 4 computers , SSE3 emulation. These are fundamental things and it was done by great people for free of charge. Its not easy to write a SSE3 emulator , if you re wondering how hard , think of translating from Latin to English and then back to Russian.  I would like to highligh that stealing is wrong. The least tonymac should do even if he doesn’t want to release his source code is to give due credits to great people.
The community needs people’s support , if you realize any great work that I’ve done is that I’ve added credit. I am not perfect myself and i made a public apology myself in blog if I’ve made a mistake. Tonymac , if you want to help people at least do by the right thing. These great people have not even asked for a single cent nor have a donate to get personal support crap at all and they have been here for a very long time.
Nevertheless , nawcom and the team would be working on adding Sandy Bay support. As part of the OSX86 community team , I urge my readers to go by the correct path that is by going to ProjectOSX , nawcom’s site – just to name a few

MacOS X 10.6.6 update is out

Apple has released the newest update for OSX , which is MacOS X 10.6.6 and it includes the Mac App Store. If you’re thinking of upgrading your hackint0sh , feel free to follow my simple instructions. I am making it simple. To keep it short , its pretty same as upgrading to 10.6.5 , which I recommend you to read first
Things which have changed in OSX 10.6.6 :-
1. New Mac App Store
2. Improved nvidia drivers ( yes finally my World of Warcraft is pretty smooth on my MacBook Pro) but sadly it breaks compatibility with Fermi
IMPORTANT Notice : Please make sure that you’re downloading the updater from Apple’s site and not via software updater
UPDATE : 10.6.6 kernel is out and updated instructions for AMD/Legacy intel users ! , click here to read about it
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10.6.5 Legacy Kernel is out with Good News for AMD Users

Its a very long title. I thought of saying this , for once AMD users are able to rejoice as nawcom , AnV , azimutz got an awesome kernel in store for you. This allows you to get 64-bit working in AMD and as well on the fly opcode patching (now you don’t have to patch 5,000 files like you used to). The kernel is way cleaner and it handles better
There are few exceptions however. For instance QuickTime doesn’t decode H264 videos in 64-bit , as its related to SSSE3 instruction set. Rest is assured that work is constantly being done to improve the OSX experience for AMD Users
For details , I suggest you to head over to nawcom’s blog. If you wish to install the kernel , you may do so by download via one of the links below :-

Building a compatible Hackint0sh

First of all , before i get into the details. I would like you to take a look at this video. Credit goes to netkas for posting it up in his blog. In this blog post , I’ll be talking about the secrets of bulding the right hackint0sh. What exactly do you need. I am not going to post a bunch of hardware components like other guides that you may have read . Trust me , this one is going to be a bit different (more after jump)

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Useful Tips & Tricks before Upgrading OSX on Hacks

A lot of times , I’ve seen people faced a lot of problems with the hackint0shes after upgrading MacOS X (i.e from 10.6.4 to 10.6.5). This is common , even if your system is vanilla or if its as close as the real thing. Its a common thing , remember that we are running on an unsupported hardware. You must always bear in mind that there will be time that when things that can go wrong , it will go wrong. Therefore , making sense to why Murphy’s Law is always true.
To be honest with you , I’ve faced a lot of problems after upgrading. But thankfully I’ve written some tips and tricks for you to prepare your PC  (more after the jump)
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How-To : "Native" Card Reader driver for OSX86

As we know , as with OSX 10.6.5 , Apple has improvised their Memory card support by adding Memory Card in system profiler and including exFat. As we all are eager on making our hackint0sh as closely as possible for the real thing. So I decided to embark on another journey , as firstly I would like memory card slot on my MSI Wind U100 to be detected as a native memory card slot
The advantages of making it native are :-

  1. It will look cooler , OSX sees the memory card slot as a memory card slot and not as a generic usb drive
  2. Improved performance especially when R/W to Memory Cards

As I do have a MacBook Pro with SD Card Slot , I’ve managed to test and find out on how a real mac is able to identify a real card slot  , as both of my MacBook Pro and my MSI Wind U100 uses a USB Interface for its card slot. Then bingo , I hit the jackpot , I found out that a kext called AppleUSBCardReader.kext is the kext that is in charge of identify a memory card slot in a PC which uses USB Interface. Bingo ,after a bit of fiddling with the kext , I’ve managed to get it to work.  This is the result
As you see every time I insert a memory card (i.e SD , XD , CF) into my memory card slot. OSX sees it as a memory card instead of ugly looking generic drive , which is cool (more after the jump)

Screen shot 2010-11-12 at 11.56.43 PM
Voila , my 5-in-1 Internal Card Reader is now detected as a Card Reader

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MacOSX 10.6.5 Update

Apple has released MacOSX 10.6.5 update for OSX. Basically it includes a bunch of bug fixes and additional things which may interest a lot of people

  • Intel Core i3 Support (Apple has added supported for Intel Core i3 processors which means that the System is able to identify the processor correctly and Core i3 processors can use native kernel)
  • Updated Graphics Card Drivers (Two new framebuffers for ATI HD5xxx card and improved OpenGL performance on Nvidia card especially when running games such as Left 4 Dead 2. Fermi should be supported )
  • SD Card Support (exFAT is added , plus there is a new SD Card Information – As for compatibly with laptop internal SD Card reader , it will be updated soon)

How to Update
Backup , backup and backup. At least – just backup your entire Extensions folder which is located in System folder. Keep a copy of it , and please keep a copy of your EFI partition extensions
Download OSX 10.6.5 Combo updater (Yes , I know its kind of huge , please do not use the system updater).  Before you go and run the installer , please make sure that offending kexts such as SleepEnabler.kext  are removed. For more details , please refer to my earlier update guide
Before updating , ask yourself this question. Are you willing to take the risk of breaking a working system. If you’re a risk taker , please proceed on with the update. Else , I recommend you to wait , till a lot of people have experiment it , especially if you’re using your Hackint0sh for production use (i.e music , iPhone development , etc)
Please keep EmpireEFI CD/nawcom bootCD/iBoot or whatever Boot CD or disk that you’ve used to create. If you’re using NFI by merklot , feel free to use that as well. You need something to boot just incase if your system goes FUBAR. This is very very very important. I repeat , its very important ! I REPEAT , ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE A HANDY DANDY BOOT CD. PLEASE DO NOT COME AND CRY SAYING THAT YOUR SYSTEM HAS BEEN MESSED UP AND YOU’RE UNABLE TO BOOT TO IT !
For Netbook users you may have to boot using your old kernel. Bear in mind that OSX 10.6.5 ! If you insist on upgrading , just backup your old kernel and boot using your backup kernel. You may experience broken USB , to retrify this , visit nawcom’s blog for more details or scroll down
As for AMD users or legacy Intel users (i.e Pentium D , Pentium 4). Please wait as I’ll write a guide for you
For EFI users or those who have did their own DSDT and made their system as near vanilla as possible , proceed on with update. It doesn’t conflict anything !

Post-Installation Issues
These are some issues faced by people , after updating. I’ll update them
Broken Keyboard/Mouse – Simply use your boot CD , boot it up and re-install PS2 Keyboard/Mouse drivers using myHack. Alternatively google search for Vodooo PS2 Drivers and re-install them manually !
Broken Sound (AppleHDA) – You may have to re-install patched AppleHDA.kext. From your backed up extension folder , simply re-install AppleHDA.kext either via Terminal or tools such as Kext Utility or you may drag and drop the kext to Extensions and run pfix !
Broken WiFi (Broadcom/Atheros) – Simply get the b43patcher and run or use your old IO80211Family.kext and re-install it back. It should be fixed
Broken USB (Very important)– Boot via Boot CD and download patched USB Drivers from here. Apply them , it should fix (Mirror #1 , insanelyMac – iGomi has posted the kext and step by step solution)
Broken nvidia Graphics Card (non-Fermi) (i.e HDMI is not working) – Just simply get my patched nvidia drivers and re-install
Broken Sleep Thank you OmniAtlas for posting an awesome solution. Just scroll down and read his comment

nawcom ModCD v0.3 is out

Nawcom has updated his modCD again. This time addressing most of the issues which is found in the original post. If you are wondering whats nawCom BootCD basically it makes it even easier to install OSX. There is no more postInstall crap like myHack , multiBoot. This CD will pretty much take care most of the things for you , thus making OSX installation on PCs as easy as possible. For more details on nawcom’s modCD , do check out this post or over at his blog.
Changelog (from the previous version) :-

  • Changed the boot screen
  • Used the kernel blacklist code to disable graphics kexts when using the CD. This way there won’t be issues anymore.
  • Hardware autodetection is now done in rc.cdrom instead of OSInstall.mpkg, so the Install Customize dialog now 1000% faster since theres no conditions to go through for each one.

Screenshots (thanks to nawcom)
Automatic On the fly patching - kernel , drivers , etc

Adds custom drivers during installation
Adds custom drivers during installation , so you dont have to do any work !

Please note , its not a distro. It automatically patches your disc on the fly , and includes all these wonderful and simple to use options
Oh yeah , the download link (more mirrors soon) (Mirror 2) (Thanks reuploaded/ Mirror 3)
It simply translates to you’re able to install int variety of hardware and hopefully there shouldn’t be any black screen issues during installation. Again , its a work in progress by nawcom and I’ll be helping him as well. Feel free to post comments and any feedback , as I’ll collect them and discuss with nawcom !