~ Hacking ~

Well , hacking (again its a very subjective) has become common these days as there are lots of tools for professional script kiddies to play around with it. An unprotected computer or system can be easily compromised by many different ways (I call it flavours , lots of flavours). Some will try to use a worm to gain entry to your  , others will silently install a keylogger to log all your keystrokes (including your password and other things) and some other folks will silently hack your WiFi so that he/she can get Free Internet service. You may ask , what do they want out of me , why do these hackers want. Some of these hackers want to get confidential information from your system (especially if you are in a government sector) ,others want to get your personal information which they can they can use (pretend to be you that is) or that can be sold to third party folks and make a profit . Others will do it for the lulz (or in other words – for fun) , and there are some hackers that do it for educational purpose (to teach these people a lesson so that they will secure their PC)
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000webhost and TmNet Streamyx

Great just great. what more can I say. I do not know if its the web hosting provider or TMNet Streamyx that is giving me the issue. Every 1-2 hours , I can’t access the site and this forces me to do a reconnection the internet which is painfully annoying. I tried to contact my web host provider (000webhost) and they said that over at their side everything is fine , but over here I can’t access my site at all. So I’ve tried to disconnect and reconnect (the typical method that you guys use to get a new IP address) to see that if it resolves the issue or not and yes it did (wewt). I am guessing that TmNet is having some issues with routing again , no wonder people over at LYN and everywhere in the Internet rant and complain about. I’ll call up Telekom later and see what they have to say. Hopefully they don’t point fingers. Just would like to add another thing that the customer support for 000webhost is superb and they respond you on time – which is great to know for a free hosting company that does a lot in fact !

An In-Depth Look At Wireless Broadband (HSPDA/3G)

Being a Lowyat.net Forum Moderator is fun and at the same time its challenging. Over the past few months , the demand for Wireless Broadband users in Malaysia is tremendously increasing (This is based on the number of threads . I am guessing this is because most of us are looking for a portable broadband service or that our location is not under Telekom Malaysia (TM) Coverage zone , hence TM weren’t able to service us. Nevertheless , some of us are glad that finally we can enjoy what has broadband has to offer. For instance , lightning fast speeds ,fast downloads and most importantly a fixed charge for unlimited usage – 24/7. Now let us take a look at the realilty of Wireless Broadband. No , this is not one of those rants post out there that condemning  on Wireless Broadband Providers. 
For your information , I was an ex-user of Maxis Wireless Broadband. The service was great but then eventually it did not cater for my needs as Maxis have imposed a lot of restrictions to ensure that they can live up to their expectations Few months ago , I did a speed test and I was shocked that my connection could get 1.2Mbps to 2.3Mbps (Keep in mind that it is not consistent/stable at all). If you compare it with your ADSL (Streamyx) connection , you’ll notice that Maxis performs far better then your streamyx connection in terms of download speed and possibility upload speed 
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The Malaysian Internet Connection

As we all do know that in Malaysia , there aren’t many options or choices for us to choose from and we are pretty much tied down with limited options. Basically, I personally do not mind such thing as long as we do get a decent connection. Unfortunately , that is not possible here. Despite of us having growing number of ISPs , their services aren’t par with what they advertise. I do hope that our Internet Connection does grow onwards. I’ve outlined couple of suggestions that our ISPs and government (The Malaysian government) should consider.

  1. Enable Bandwidth Restriction Cap – Some ISPs such as Maxis are using this model to ensure that no customer out there that hogs the whole bandwidth and causing slow downs. I would strongly suggest that our ADSL Provider , Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) to set a monthly cap for Broadband users (especially heavy broadband users) so that it would be fairer for others as well. That if they do not have enough capital to buy more bandwidth. I strongly agree if they do such a thing as it would improve the overall connection speed and other things. Just take a look at countries such as Australia and New Zealand. They are doing fine with it , plus with that TM can offer higher speeds also
  2. Open up the last mile – It would be great that if our Phone Line company opens ups last mile so that other ISPs can provide us with ADSL Service. It would be a fair win-win situation for both the consumer and for the producers (in this case – the ISP companies). TM can generate more revenue by letting other ISPs to set up their own exchange and for consumers they would be more choices. 
  3. Bring in Foreign Players –This may sound crazy and outrageous but then it may not be praticial in reality. We have think about lots of issues here. 
Lastly but not least , our ISPs also should try to extend their coverage zone as far as possible as there are still many people out here in Malaysia that still do not have a broadband connection. one of the reasons is that they are not within the coverage area. I do hope that with WiMax (by P1) , that they can service more people especially for unlucky folks who are stranded all this while !