Ordering from GearBest to Malaysia

Malaysians have heard of Lazada , Shopee , Taobao and other online shopping places. These places offer a variety of things from clothing to technology , however one thing that most of us who aren’t aware is GearBest. GearBest as the site name sounds has a lot of things that they have – mainly on gadgets but they have clothing and other stuff also.

Personally , I’ve tried comparing GearBest and most of the time you can find some products which you can’t find in normal Malaysian ecommerce site. Best of all is that they ship to Malaysia and the shipping fee is affordable. Just take a look at this product , it’s a CHUWI Android Tablet – I am comparing in Lazada vs GearBest. Over at Lazada , it is over RM 1000 , whereas in Gearbest , it is around RM 764 (inclusive of free shipping)





Things that you can get in GearBest

Pretty much everything you find in Lazada and other places but much more. Sometimes you can find spare parts for your electronic components. Just imagine that you have so many options that you could actually use and do.  You can even find a lot of exotic gadgets which is either expensive in lazada or you couldn’t just find them in our normal retailers


Items to take a look at

Personally , I fell in love with the following item. It’s a mini game-boy like device that you can use to play old games. If you are an old-timer  like me , certainly you would enjoy the extra company and stuff.


Ordering From GearBest

Pretty much straight forward.

  1. Pick an item
  2. Create an Account
  3. Choose a Shipping Method (You can choose Slow Snail Mail method which takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive). Of course you can pay more to get it. I am not too sure about custom charges yet – but I am going to order something soon and hopefully will keep you guys updated about it


Let me know your experience – I would love to hear it from you. I’ll share my experiences soon 🙂

How to Apply For Certificate of Good Conduct (Malaysia)

Basically , you want to migrate/study/work overseas. You realize that one of the requirement is to have a Certificate of Good Conduct (Sijil Kelakuan Baik). It’s basically a certificate to tell you that you are a good person (no past criminal records). This is needed when you apply for overseas visa. In this blog post , I would share the step-by-step guide on how to apply for it


If you have searched the Internet , there are tons of articles (a bit out-dated) that says you can get it within few days/weeks in Malaysia. However things have changed and now it takes about a month to process. Here I’ll share what you need in order to get it all started as I’ve done all the digging and hardwork for you . I would like to thank the bigkiwicandy blog and their readers for the information

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The Easiest Way of Migrating WordPress Content

In my earlier blog post , I did share about my experience about migrating my blog from a Shared Hosting to a VPS . However one thing that did trouble me is of course to migrate my entire WordPress installation.

No doubt there are actually some easy way out for us to do , including plug-ins and a lot of guides out there. I realised that migrating the whole WordPress along with its settings may not be the right thing to do in my case as I want to start fresh – but then I want to retain the whole content + structure.

Second reason being is that I realized my earlier WordPress installation was hacked and the hacked manager to put a script that pretty much sends out spam to the outside world (that made sense on why my blog was penalised for a very long time).

Keep in mind that this does not back up your plugins and other configuration. It just moves your content. I had to set up the rest basically

The way how I did it was into two steps :-

  1. Migrate the content out (using built-in tool)- You can read more about how to do it here
  2. Copying the upload folder – this is inside wp-content folder and it contains all of it. Personally , you may want to use a File Manager to easily import and export it.

Overall , it took me about 2-3 hours to restore my WordPress installation. Clearly I did not lose any content but I need to check my older posts if something is not showing up properly such as embedded YouTube video.


My Experience of Moving From Shared Hosting To VPS

Much like the rest of you – I’ve started (well decided to kick-start again) my blog with a shared hosting (or a hosted solution like Blogger or WordPress hosted). My blog used to be hosted on several sites before I made a move to host it on HostGator a couple of years back until about few weeks ago , I decided to move to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). I thought of sharing my experience in my blog post on why I made the move , what are the things that you need to be aware of and if it is suitable for everyone


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Buying from Taobao in 5 Steps for Malaysians

Taobao is basically eBay or Amazon of Asia. You could find anything that you can imagine and you actually wanted to buy. Of course , this is why services like Lazada have parted with Taobao to bring the collection to Malaysians.
Taobao logo
There are two problems with that , one the choices are limited and second its slightly overpriced compared to what you get from Taobao.
A lot of my friends who are Chinese or who know how to read and write in Chinese buy directly things from Taobao directly. The reason being is that it’s cheap
Now as a computer scientist + marketer + geek myself. I will share with you on how to purchase things from Taobao in this easy to follow steps. After all it’s much more fun compared to say using agents to purchase things on behalf of you
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Enable SSL in WordPress With CloudFlare in 2 Easy Steps

HTTPS is gaining ground just about everywhere and the important of surfing websites securely have raised in the given years. Given that Google loves to rank sites that are on HTTPS higher compared to non-HTTPS , it is become uttermost important for WordPress blog owners to get their blog or site to be on HTTPS.

In this simple , how-to guide.  We would look into how to enable HTTPS for free , provided that you have your own WordPress blog hosted (just like in my case). This would ensure that connection to our WordPress site is secure
Best of all it can be done in 2 easy steps
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Getting Chromecast to work with Unotelly

Few months ago , I bought a Chromecast. It was a nice little device that allowed me to cast stuff from my mobile to my TV. I bought it for my Bedroom TV as I already have an Apple TV for the living room. The main reason why I bought it was to stream Twitch from my mobile phone to the TV. However I wanted Chromecast just to do more in Malaysia. For example with my Apple TV , I am able to watch hulu and netflix , thanks to unotelly. I just want to replicate the same steps , so I changed my DNS to Unotelly DNS in my router. This simple step should work , because all of my computers in the network would automatically use Unotelly DNS – except for Chromecast
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ASUS RT-14UHP Wireless Router Giveaway

In conjugation with the spirit of Merdeka , I am  giving away an ASUS RT-14UHP Wireless Router for free (worth RM 289) and also 10% discount on ASUS RT-14UHP purchases – which is made possible to the great people at ASUS Malaysia 

  • Lag when you play DOTA ?
  • Poor WiFi ?
  • Spending too much $$$ on electricity bill for leaving your PC 24/7 to torrent ?

If you have answered all of it as a yes (or not). Then uh , step right up to the giveaway.
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