About The Site

prasys.info (previously known as prasys.co.cc)  was started back in 2008 as a humble blog talking about my thoughts and issues in Malaysia and tech-related stuff. Soon I started going into hackint0sh and started posting hackint0sh tips and tricks (the ability to run MacOS X on PC) and worked on several projects such as EmpireEFI and other hackintosh related projects. As my site grew , I was grateful enough to be hosted for free by XenServ (the awesome hosting company which hosts my site for free of charge) .Soon , I have started reviewing items and post tips and tricks related to Computing. Currently my blog is more geared towards reviewing products and as well as sharing my personal tech tips&tricks.

About The Author 


Pradeesh (that’s me) . Born and raised in Malaysia. I am pretty much a nerd in my heart. My objective is to help people out when they are having difficulties , thus the main reason why I started blogging. I want to change and I wanted to tell that “There is no one way of doing this”. I also wanted a medium whereby I could hear my voice . Hence the reason why the blog was started. Currently , I vent my anger and my thoughts via Twitter and kept my blog as a medium to share beneficial information to my readers out there.

I am also listed as in ASTRO Awani as ‘Top 10 Influence Person in the Social Media Scene‘ . I am also a moderator in Malaysia #1 Online Community – Lowyat.net.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter (be warned that my tweets are bi-lingual) . I do welcome invitational to launch and blogging events , so feel free to shoot me an e-mail over at pradeesh[at]gmail[dot]com