How to Apply For Certificate of Good Conduct (Malaysia)

Basically , you want to migrate/study/work overseas. You realize that one of the requirement is to have a Certificate of Good Conduct (Sijil Kelakuan Baik). It’s basically a certificate to tell you that you are a good person (no past criminal records). This is needed when you apply for overseas visa. In this blog post , I would share the step-by-step guide on how to apply for it


If you have searched the Internet , there are tons of articles (a bit out-dated) that says you can get it within few days/weeks in Malaysia. However things have changed and now it takes about a month to process. Here I’ll share what you need in order to get it all started as I’ve done all the digging and hardwork for you . I would like to thank the bigkiwicandy blog and their readers for the information



  • A PC with Chrome and Internet Connection (better use a Desktop instead of Tablet- the website is not OPTIMISED FOR MOBILE)
  • A Passport Sized Photo (for Malaysian and Non-Malaysian). The upload thingy is picky about the size . So I  recommend you to take  – Persofoto. You take a picture with your webcam or any picture and you can make it passport size.
  • Your Passport Front Page (for Non-Malaysians)



  1. Go to
  2. Create a log in account (read the registration guideline first! It may contain updated information and a lot of other information)
  3. Once you log in, click on the “Application for Certificate of Good Conduct” option
  4. Fill in all required information and upload a photograph (Make sure the photo is in the right dimensions/size )
  5. Click Submit

Once you’re done with the application procedure, you will be given a transaction code and you will also receive an email from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). Most important of all, you will be issued an acknowledgement of application for CGC. You need to print and keep this acknowledgement slip for reference and collection of CGC.

You’ll need to check on weekly basis. In earlier blog posts , people check on daily basis – but these days (I guess due to stricter checks) . On average (as of 2019) it takes about a month (or 6 weeks) to be approved. So please wait patiently and please plan ahead (if you need to). Calling the consular or the foreign affairs wouldn’t help.


Once it’s ready! What’s Next ?

  • If you are in Malaysia , go to the office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs – It’s located in Putrajaya (there are other branches in Sabah and Sarawak) , check with the website. You’ll need to bring your acknowledgement application and RM 20 also.
  • If you are not in Malaysia , go to the Malaysian Embassy and then you would need to bring in RM 20 (or equivalant in foreign currency). For this , I recommend you to call/walk-in to the embassy and check with them. There are cases whereby even after
  • If you want it to be mailed , then you’ll need to send some proof to them. It’s better to read the guide that they have posted for further details

That’s it – then you can go ahead with your visa application.  If you have any questions feel free to ask

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