How to Apply For Certificate of Good Conduct (Malaysia)

Basically , you want to migrate/study/work overseas. You realize that one of the requirement is to have a Certificate of Good Conduct (Sijil Kelakuan Baik). It’s basically a certificate to tell you that you are a good person (no past criminal records). This is needed when you apply for overseas visa. In this blog post , I would share the step-by-step guide on how to apply for it


If you have searched the Internet , there are tons of articles (a bit out-dated) that says you can get it within few days/weeks in Malaysia. However things have changed and now it takes about a month to process. Here I’ll share what you need in order to get it all started as I’ve done all the digging and hardwork for you . I would like to thank the bigkiwicandy blog and their readers for the information

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