My Experience of Moving From Shared Hosting To VPS

Much like the rest of you – I’ve started (well decided to kick-start again) my blog with a shared hosting (or a hosted solution like Blogger or WordPress hosted). My blog used to be hosted on several sites before I made a move to host it on HostGator a couple of years back until about few weeks ago , I decided to move to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). I thought of sharing my experience in my blog post on why I made the move , what are the things that you need to be aware of and if it is suitable for everyone



Why I made the leap ?

  • Cost – I’ll be honest , I have been paying $109 USD (around MYR450 a year) for HostGator. It’s not that bad you get a decent plan but the problem is I have an DigitalOcean account that I have been paying for the last 3 years and the server is sitting idle except for some random projects that I do for time to time. I decided to save the $109 annual cost and move to VPS (I pay about $5 for their basic VPS)
  • Ownership – You own the whole end-to-end from the OS installation and configuring application server. This allows me to own the whole system and be in control
  • Learning – You get to learn about setting up a proper system and how to use the tools. This way you would know how it is being done. This experience can truly help if you are looking to be a System Administrator


The journey….

The journey of migrating is somewhat easy. Now I could have migrated the whole database and configuration from my old host to my new server. However I did not do that , instead I migrated content (my old blog posts/images/comments) and started a fresh WordPress installation. One of the reasons was that I kept migrating my WordPress for a long time and it has become bloated and butchered with a lot of plugins. On top of that performance was bad (a lot of plugins/quick and lazy modifications that broke everything !)


One thing to remember about VPS – you don’t have fancy cPanel (you could set up such tools) , so most of the time you’ll be using Terminal (and UNIX commands would be your friends). This is where Google comes into play in giving me information and experimenting with it. I have to admit that before you make the leap , be sure that you are slightly more tech savvy.


I still have not fully setup my site but I just got the basics going on. I would be sharing soon on how I did migrate my WordPress (I know there are tons of articles on the Internet but I did something slightly different here)


Is it for you ?

Well it depends. If you plan to take control and have ownership – then I would say go for it . Remember with great powers , comes with great responsibilites. You are the one to be blamed if someone hacks your site. It’s your sole duty to keep everything safe !

However for an average person out there , the route you would take is from Hosted Solution (Blogspot/Wordpress Hosted) and then to Shared Hosting (where you get your own website) and slowly to VPS. For some of us , there are happy on Shared Hosting or Hosted Solution especially if you are just focused on content creation and content writing



2 thoughts to “My Experience of Moving From Shared Hosting To VPS”

  1. Just use only to look for cheap vps. I got my vps last year thru there. 20gb space,2TB bandwith,1 ipv4 address for $12/year

    1. I wanted to do that , I have some cheap VPS there also. But I prefer DigitalOcean – they have been in the business for a long time

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