dbForge Studio for MySQL Review

In the past , I have talked about MariaDB and my thoughts about it. This time around , I would like to do a product review of a SQL Development IDE. I mean we have used various different tools such as phpMyAdmin , SQL Developer , MySql workbench.
Let’s take a closer look shall we

The familiar UI
The folks who developed this wonderful software decided to keep the look and feel of how Oracle SQL Developer works. If you have used Oracle SQL Developer – then there is not much of learning to do
You have everything up in your fingertip. I had no issues what-so-ever transitioning from Oracle SQL Developer to this software. You do not have to re-learn everything , it’s just all there

Overview of the UI
Overview of the UI

Easy To Use SQL Builder
One nice thing I noticed about this is that I could easily build up SQL Queries in Visual Representation. I can just simply drag and drop the tables , I want. Automatically it tells me which is the PK (Primary Key) . I know a lot of people who are learning SQL might have trouble with ALTER JOINS and such , I find that this tool makes it easier. It reminds me of another software  – but having this functionality in one software is a bonus (hey you don’t have to alt-tab !)
Thanks to the great folks over at dbForge whoever thought of doing this (Also thanks to the folks over at Google that came up with a music icon when you have strange things playing from Browser – yep two awesome inventions). This is because even at times , I have trouble building queries and often times i have to draw it out to understand on what sort of information that I want , with a visual representation , I could clearly see and visualize much more better
Easy to use SQL Editor
The nice thing about the SQL Editor is that it has auto-complete that got it correctly. It pretty much tells me is this a table , a schema , what am I doing . Plus I like the automatic allias generation as well , which makes life much more easier . Trust me , if you are a SQL Developer that manages a lot of server and you write a lot of scripts (especially tweaking and stuff) , you would truly appreciate what this software has to offer
Building Queries - No Problem. Let the Auto Suggest/Complete Help You
Building Queries – No Problem. Let the Auto Suggest/Complete Help You

Administration Tasks
dbForge Studio also includes Administration tasks that allows you to check tables for errors ,  backup , manage users  , which I think is standard. There is nothing fancy here , you get the standard stuff
Data Pump/Export Functionality
I think a lot of people would truly like this easy to use function , especially if you want to load data that you have obtained into the database directly. There is a simple data export/import function that allows you to easily to export
SQL Designer
I remember when back in my undergraduate days that I had to use SQL Power Architect to come up with the whole diagram on how the tables are related and such. The same thing can be done with dbForge. They have included a data modeling tool.
Other things behind the hood
There are a lot of things which they have included in the Professional version such as Query Profiler (that measures the time taken for queries – it even helps you to tune) and also there is a debugger. I did not test these because I did not have any reasons to do it. However it’s good to have these because it could have you to gauge how well is your query is performing and such. The last thing you want to do is  execute a query that takes a long time to complete and bog down a production server
There are offering 3 different version  in their website. There is a free version , standard version and professional version. Each with it’s own feature set. You could evaluate the professional version with all the functionality  for 30 days . Personally , I’ve taken a look at the express edition (which is free) and I think the features are pretty good (for something which is free). For more details , kindly click here
There are also offering discounts with High Five Discount campaign. For instance liking on their facebook page grants you 10% discount. Also if you write a review about their product , you do get a free product for yourself. For more details , kindly check out the HighFive program
My Thoughts
Honestly , speaking some of you may argue and say that some of the functionality already exists in other tool’s that you are using , but think of this – the ease to use , all the functionality in one software . Now that is something that is very hard to get.
This software is pretty much great for SQL Developers who have access to 4 to 5 machines which he/she develops and want to be in total control. Also this is a great software for students (especially if you are doing an introductory course to database and such) , because of the reasons that I have mentioned above
I recommend you to give the Free Version (or evaluate the Professional version take a look if this is what your organization should be using or you should be purchasing
Psst – DevArt folks if you guys are reading this , why do not you offer a special .edu discounts for students that wish to purchase the Standard Edition
The only other downside which I can think of at this moment is that it does not support MacOS X

Disclaimer: The great folks over at DevArt did contact me asking me to take a look at this product – which i did and the reason why I wrote this review  It is quite possible that there are other competitive products in the market that offer similar features, so please do your own research !

If you are interested in me reviewing your product , feel free to contact me

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