Revolutionising Car Server in Malaysia

Cars in Malaysia are very common. It is essential to have a car if you live in the Klang Valley and a lot of us do commute from Work to Home using a car. (That’s the reason why the roads/highways in Klang Valley gets clogged up easily).  Cars and Malaysians go hand-in-hand. Its ying and yang

Of course having a car is not about having it and forgetting about it completely  – you would have to be committed to it , such as taking good care of it . After all , you have purchased your car for long term use and the prices of cars aren’t that cheap. Just think of it as raising a baby !
Regular service ensures that our car stays in tip top shape regardless if it’s old or new. You do not want your car breaking down in the middle of the road and causing a jam and being late for work ?
The common problem faced by Malaysians when it comes to servicing their car or sending to workshop is to find one that provides satisfactory service and quality at the same time. It is very hard to find , yes there a few but the numbers seems to be diminishing
According to the National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC) 2012 annual report (click here to read the report), there were 1,695 complaints made with regards to car care service centers and 90 percent of the grievances were on the quality of service provided.
The number seems to be alarming but I am quite sure that we have had similar experiences before when sending our car to workshops. We tend to ask ourselves , thousands of questions such as :-
1) Is the additional repair really needed ?
2) How do I know genuine parts are being used ?
3) What about the pricing ? Is it priced correctly ? Am I being ripped off
To understand the concerns and such facing by you and me , Carama is working with Paul Tan to conduct a survey on car maintenance to find your thoughts about car services in Malaysia.
What Is It for Me ? I hate Surveys ! 
Well ,Fear not , the great folks over at Carama would gladly pay you Carama Dollars worth of RM 10 upon completing the survey. You could use it to redeem for your next repair. 1 Carama Dollars = RM 1
Personally do take part of this survey , who knows it might reveal some interesting information about results. With that results , probably Carama could help to uplift and improve the quality of service and repairs of Independent Workshops in Malaysia !
Survey link:
Cara What ?
I know , you may have heard of Paul Tan (well who doesn’t – especially if you love automobiles and if you are in Malaysia , this site is pretty much like Top Gear of Malaysia) , but fear not if you haven’t heard of Carama , it is basically launched by Castrol that serves as as as a one-stop online platform that connects car owners with trusted workshops around Klang Valley. Just think of it as myTaxi for car services
Plus on top of that Carama Site includes service price calculatorworkshop locator, and their own reward system.
The good folks from Carama contacted me and they were conducting a survey and needed opinion from my fellow readers/twitter followers  on car maintenance ! Hence the blog post

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