BenQ EW2440L Review – Part 3 (Conclusion)

This is the third part of my review of the BenQ EW2440L monitor.  You may read my initial impressions of the  monitor by clicking here and the second part of it by clicking here.
Here we take a look on the power consumption of the monitor, and lastly if it is actually worth to purchase the monitor

Power Consumption
I’ve measured the monitor’s power consumption with Kill-A-Watt (awesome tool that says how many Watts) it’s drawing and here are the results

  • Standby – 1W
  • Desktop (Static Picture/Standard Brightness) – 13W
  • Desktop (Low Brightness) – 11W
  • Desktop (Low Blue Light) – 12W
  • Playing Games (World of Warcraft) – 15W (sometimes it does spike up slightly higher especially when there are lots of moving objects nad such)

The power consumption seems to be normal , I mean generally LCD monitors would consume around 20W-30W , the reason why this monitor consumes lower is probably because of the LED that it being used instead of the usual LCD.
Is It Worth it or not ?
The price of this monitor is RM 799 SRP. But the question is it worth it to buy a 24″ monitor. For instance Samsung offers 24″ around RM 530. A lot of us would be asking , is it worth to spend the extra.
I would say YES if you are a computer programmer or someone who stares in front of the monitor for an extended period of time  , the no-flicker technology and combined with the hardware option of Low Blue Light is a great additional. I did not have any headaches while using this BenQ monitor at all. Also , those who work late night as well should opt in for this monitor
However if an average Joe who wants a plain monitor which is cheap and good , I would not recommend this. It would be great if BenQ produced say a 19″ or 21″ monitor with a lower price tag

  • Sharp and good Colour Reproduction – it’s something like an IPS Panel
  • Flicker-Free Monitor (one of a kind) , Ability to reduce blue light in other words – a monitor which is good for the eye
  • Slim bezel


  • Lacks of DVI Input
  • The controls are very hard to see under low light conditions (i.e to adjust brightness and such)
  • Unable to mount it on the Wall

To conclude , I find this monitor great and BenQ is one of the company that is looking into making. They are in the right step , I do hope that our monitor manufacturers would follow BenQ foot-steps and as for BenQ , I hope that you continue awesome monitors ! Please make’em affordable as well
The monitor is a review unit given as a loan by BenQ Malaysia for reviewing purposes. This is not a sponsored post. The review can be negative or positive and like many other things I’ve reviewed in my blog. I would also like to thank goldfries as well

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