[How To Guide] Installing XBMC for PC [Windows/Mac]

I’ve gotten huge responses from Twitter on the guide I have written for Raspberry Pi and how to watch TV for Free.
It’s basically simple and straight forward 🙂
First thing first , you need to go to XBMC Official Site and download XBMC , which you can get it from here . Download for the correct platform
Once you have done that , you may start following my guide here from enabling AirPlay and to change the theme to AppleTV Theme
After you have done that , read my guide on addons.
That’s about it

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  1. Dear Pradeesh,
    please remove the “XX total views, X views today” and the related posts from the RSS feeds. It is very annoying when the blog post is marked as new/updated every time the reader checks for new content.
    P.S. I understand that this is done in order to get you’re site listed/indexed faster but the idea is to have an extra feed with this information so it won’t interfere with the normal users and get the job done instead of including it in the mine one.
    Thanks in advance.

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