Must Have XBMC Addons to Pimp Up Your Raspberry Pi

Got a Pi ? Managed to transform it into an AppleTV ? Cool , now we can take it further by turning our Raspberry Pi into a media center which allows us to watch football , movies and all and on demand. Best of all you are in control and it is for FREE.
You may finally get rid of ASTRO or probably use it as a secondary ASTRO (Cable/Satellite TV) (more after the jump)

Disclaimer/Legal Stuff
Some part of these guide may not be legal in your country. So do keep that in mind. (It seems to be ‘okay’ in Malaysia – but things may change
Before you get juiced up , there are certain things which you need to do/have :-

  1. Internet Connection of 4Mbps and above (i.e Streamyx 4Mbps or UniFi 5Mbps) – Wireless Connection such as from P1/YES are unreliable , if you have been getting consistent speed, then yes – otherwise I wouldn’t recommend
  2. Willing to spend USD$3.99 (~RM 14/month) to subscribe to a server (Optional – The service allows you to watch programs from the UK , US and other countries!)
  3. XBMC installed (you can refer to my guide on how to get it started with a pi – which can be done under RM 200) XBMC works with Windows,MacOS X as well 
  4. A lot of patience and the ability to use Google 🙂

Installing SuperRepo
SuperRepo is the holy grail. You would have to install it. You may follow this video guide which I’ve taken from SuperRepo site. It is pretty straight forward to follow
If you are using Raspbmc/followed my tutorial , the default username and password is :-
Username : pi
Password : raspberry
Once you have it installed , the next step begins which is the fun part.
Installing Addons
1. Go To Settings –> Addonsaddons
2. Then Select Search
Then search for the following addons below. I’ve included a summary of what each addons that you should get !
Icefilms (English Movies and TV Shows) 
Basically it is an on-demand movie streaming site that allows you to stream movies and shows on demand – which is great if you want to watch movies and such uncensored from ASTRO and also movies which are banned in Malaysia
Another good alternative would be 1Channel , you could easily get the latest TV shows and movies as well.

Enjoy watching movies like Wolf of Wallstreet which is banned in Malaysia
Enjoy watching movies like Wolf of Wallstreet which is banned in MalaysiaP

These two addons are pretty neat , you can say goodbye to torrenting and downloading !
Flim Links 4U (Bollywood/Kollywood Movies)
If you want to watch latest Hindi movies (or Telugu or Tamil). These two addons are great as you can basically stream them on demand. Some of the movies do have english subtitle but it depends on case-by-case basis.
Another great add-on. Mash-Up contains Live Streaming Links and a lot of other things as well . Another must-have
Must have for sports fan. SportsFan allows you to watch all sorts of live sports event. Let it be EPL , or Cricket – you have it all in SportsDevil. Who says you need to go to Mamak or pay a lot for ASTRO Sports package when you can have it for FREE !
PS – It’s fun to go out to Mamak with your friends but at times you may just want to sit back on your couch and drink a beer (or coke) and enjoy the game
Other Addons
The following addon requires you to be in US/UK. However if you are not , you would need to use a special service such as VPN and so. However , I prefer to use services such as UnoTelly or Unblock-US. This is because it is done at dns-level , which simply means you do not have to worry about slow surfing speeds using VPN. UnoTelly/Unblock-US automatically tricks certain sites that you are from UK/US !
UnoTelly/Unblock-US is not free , you would have to pay monthly. But they do offer trial service which you can check it out 🙂
BBC iPlayer allows you to watch classic BBC shows such as Sherlock , Top Gear and you even have the option to stream live BBC News Channel , BBC 1 , BBC 2 and so on. Plus you have an option of streaming BBC Radio as well
Great for watch US TV Shows such as MasterChef , Tonight Show with Jay Leno and other great shows. I just love watching Daily Show with Jon Steward  They have others in their line-up as well. If you can , opt for Hulu Plus if you want to maximize it.
Free Cable
Awesome add-on for XBMC , it basically pulls from all the network in the US such as from Food Network , ABC , CBS , which allows you to stream shows. It works something like hulu/BBC iPlayer , but you have a variety of channels that you want to stream content from
It’s great to have an alternative to ASTRO especially when ASTRO is down. Keep in mind at times – you may not get all the streams working. Sometimes there will be huge buffering. If you services provided by Hulu/BBC iPlayer – there shouldn’t be any issues as I have always been able to stream without any hitches !
Feel free to share the addons that you use for XBMC , so that I can continue to update the list. You may also tweet me @prasys

5 thoughts to “Must Have XBMC Addons to Pimp Up Your Raspberry Pi”

  1. Could you tell me how to watch news channels such as BBC, CNN and MSNBC on Raspberry Pi? I don’t have access to these channels in my country.

    1. Yes you can actually , just install 1Channel addon , there are live channels in it. For BBC , I recommend getting UnoTelly or unblock-us , so you can use BBC iPlayer addon and watch bbc news channel !

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