ASUS PCE-AC68 Review – Hackint0sh Compatible

This time , I’ll be taking a look at ASUS PCE-AC68. It’s a 802.11ac Dual Band Wireless PCI-E Adapter for your desktop and best of all it is compatible with Hackint0shes – that’s right it works with MacOSX 10.85 and above. So if you are looking for a Hackint0sh compatible card – have a look

Overview & What’s Inside the Box
The ASUS PCE is a PCI-E adapter , basically it is meant for your desktop. The box itself comes with the WiFi Adapter , antenna and a nice stand that allows you to place antenna anywhere you like (which I find it very neat). Also this card is basically a Broadcom BCM43xx 802.11ac card which is compatible with MacOS X , Windows and Linux.
IMG_1274 IMG_1273 IMG_1272
Installing it is pretty straight forward , find an empty PCI-e slot and just plug it in. It works well with small cases especially if you plan to use it for your HTPC
OSX/Hackint0sh Compatibility
This card is 100% compatible with Hackintoshes. All you need is a compatible Hackintosh. What’s good about this card is that (assuming that you get sleep to work on your hackintosh). This card is capable of  Wake On Wireless (again you need to have a compatible router in my case ASUS RT-AC66U router , but most routers do work. You need to have WMM turned on) – what it simply means is that you could wake your hackintosh wirelessly . It’s something like Wake-On-Lan minus the cable

100% Kosher - I mean compatible with Hackintosh
100% Kosher – I mean compatible with Hackintosh

There is a patch that allows you to make it into an Apple AirPort . To do that , do check out this post in InsanelyMac. It did fix an issue when my Hackint0sh on resume whereby my sound did not work.
This is what it did look like after patching the kext
In fact if you are wondering , it is the same card that Apple is using for their MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with 802.11ac !
Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.02.24 PM
Windows compatibility
Duh ! It works. However you would have to use the driver supplied by ASUS with the box. I find the drivers were bugged and it caused my Windows 8 to give a blue screen of death (well a sadface screen). I had to pick up a generic Broadcom driver and it did work well afterwards Like in OSX , the card is capable of Wireless Wake On Lan. It’s just that you would have to turn it on – if you want to wake the PC wirelessly – which is neat if you plan to pair it together with ASUS RT-AC66U router that allows you to AiCloud to access your PC remotely (even if it is asleep)
You would have to turn Wake On Wireless by going into Device Manager - take a look at the screenshot
You would have to turn Wake On Wireless by going into Device Manager – take a look at the screenshot

I’ve used this card to perform a benchmark of ASUS RT-AC66U router. You may refer to so by clicking it here. Overall , it does give a good performance. This card is capable of TurboQAM (Broadband propriety technology) that is capable of giving you speeds up to 1.7Gbps (however this is not the real world result and you would need a compatible router)  and TurboQAM does not work with MacOS X . It requires Windows
Final Thoughts
What do I need to say ? If you are looking for a 100% Apple Airport compatible card for your Hackint0sh PC . The ASUS PCE-AC68 is the card that you should be looking for. I think it is specially built for Hackint0shers in mind ! Of course if you are not into Hackint0shes , this is a decent card for a Desktop as one of the beauty of is having mountable antenna which you can place anywhere
Suggested Retail Price is RM  329
Pros :-

  • 100% Hackint0sh Compatible – Do I need to say more ?
  • Wake On Wireless compatible (You Need to Make sure your Motherboard supports this – most motherboard do anyway)
  • Mountable Antenna !

Cons :-

  • TurboQAM (aka speeds up to 1.3Gbps) is not compatible with OSX and Linux. Works with Windows
  • ASUS Drivers Had Issues – Had to resort to Generic Broadcom Drivers

The router is a review unit given as a loan by ASUS Malaysia Sdn Bhd for reviewing purposes. This is not a sponsored post. The review can be negative or positive and like many other things I’ve reviewed in my blog

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