[Guide] Backing up your WordPress to Dropbox

Recently my site was down and it appears that my old hosting provider – XenServ , decided to bid farewell to their business and poof there goes my site along with it. I thought I had lost it all , this is because the only cPanel backup , I had was dated somewhere in December 2012. But little did I know that I’ve had installed an addon called WordPress Backup to Dropbox.
It’s a nifty addon that actually backups your wordpress (your whole site including pictures , posts , addons and what-not) along with the database to dropbox and best of all ,I don’t have to worry about running it manually , it runs automatically at a configured. The problem with backup is that you need to take the pro-active step of doing it weekly/monthly or daily but with this – I do not have to worry at all , it just does by itself. The nice thing about this addon is that it uses Dropbox oauth – which means that you authenticate the application and it does not store your username/password – much like how Twitter/Facebook oauth works.

There are premium addon for this plugin such as the ability to zip it (which makes restore easier) , but the price seems to be bit steep . However if you site is a high-traffic site and you must need it , I would recommend grabbing it . But to be honest , the plugin works great even without this functionality
This is what saved my blog , I’ve managed to recover everything , transfer it over to my new host (HostGator). I will write a guide on how to do recovery , it is a bit tedious if you are moving hosts and all. I’ll be writing that later
For now let us go into configuring WordPress Backup to Dropbox.
Requirements :-

  • You would be obviosuly be needing a Dropbox account and you must be using a self-hosted wordpress (not the ones which are hosted on WordPress.com) 

1. Download and install the plugin , you may download directly from WordPress by going into Plugins –> Add New and searching for WordPress Backup to Dropbox or alternatively you may download it from here and transfer manually
2. Once you have it installed , you would see WPB2D on your sidebar , something like this
Capture3. Click on it and for the first time you may have to Link your Dropbox account with WPB2D. This process is very fast , just click on link , it will take you to dropbox page. Authenticate it and bam done. Keep in mind that all your backups are stored under the /Apps folder in your Dropbox and this application has no permissions to see other folders in your Dropbox (just in case if you are paranoid about what third-party apps can see and what not) 
4. Once you have done that , the rest is easy to configure. You can specify the frequency on your backup. In my case I’ve set it to backup daily and at 4 AM (Server time). So during that time , it would just dump the whole site along with the database.
Keep in mind of your bandwidth , if you have limited bandwidth you may want to tweak the frequency of your backup !
Also you have an option of excluding folders that you do not wish to backup and all . This addon gives you that flexibility as well !  Basically if WordPress is installed on the root of your web-site (i.e public_html). I just recommend backing it up all 
5. That’s about it . Now you can sit back and relax , while your site automatically backups . So when disaster strikes , you are well prepared
Also do keep your own backup too , such as the ones from cPanel or manual backup. This could also come in handy
In the next segement , I would be talking about how to restore your backup (i.e moving from one hosting provider to another and all)

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