Xperia E Comparison with DiGi and Maxis

This is a honest comparison on price , plan and coverage and my thoughts of it. I am not reviewing the phone itself but I am more covering on the plan to see which one is bang for buck. Since Hari Raya (Eid) is around the corner in Malaysia , and people would be shopping for gifts and such. I thought why don’t we take a look at these two devices offered by two different telcos


The Xperia E is an entry-level smartphone. It retails about RM 499 , and it comes with 3.2MP camera , Android ‘Jelly Bean’ , Touch Screen , Sony Audio. Pretty much it is a basic entry phone that is good for people who do not want to pay a lot of money for an expensive smartphone. More after the jump

DiGi’s offering
Basically for DiGi , you have two packages , either the RM 78 package or RM 98 package. The RM 78 package gives you RM 100 worth of calls/SMS  and 250MB of data and the RM 98 package gives you RM 100 worth of calls/SMS and 1GB of data.
In other words you could call up to ~666 minutes (RM 100/RM 0.15) or you could send 1000 SMS. Assuming that you split calls and SMS evenly  that means ~333 minutes of call and 500 SMS to any telco. It seems to be a pretty good deal.
However you would have to pay RM 410 up-front which would be then given up as rebates , which means that monthly you would only have to pay RM 63 (for RM 78 package) and RM 83 (for RM 98 package) which seems to be like a good deal.
digi offering
Simple Math : you pay RM 410 up front regardless of plan and the contract period is for 24 months
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Maxis’ offering
Maxis’ offering seems to be a little bit more interesting. They seem to have two plans the RM 56 plan and RM 76 plan , both of it offering 200mins of voice calls , 100 SMS to any telco in Malaysia as well as giving 200MB and 1GB data respectively.
They have more plans over at their web site which includes other TalkMore packages
So assuming that you are going for 200MB data and TalkMore 28 for 24 months , the total cost that you need to pay up front is RM 529 , this would include the device price of RM 199 , Device Advance Payment (Rebated over 5 months) and Plan Advance Payment
However if you decided to take up the 1GB offer for RM 76 , you would only need to pay RM 330 up front
Simple Math : you pay RM 330 for Talkmore28/1GB and RM 529 for TalkMore28/200MB up front for 24 months.
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Celcom’s Offering
Yes , Celcom does offer Xperia E , however the monthly commitment is RM 78 , whereby it is RM 40 for the plan and RM 38 for the data.  I am assuming the RM 40 plan can be used up to 265 minutes of calls or 266 SMS or combination of both , which I think isn’t worth it at all as opposed to what the other two telcos are offering
Celcom does not offer 24 months contract , assuming that you go for 18 month contract , it would cost RM 288 and an advance payment of RM 250 which brings it to RM 538. It is being the most expensive among 3 telcos
Simple Math : you pay RM 538 for Celcom First Prime Basic and get 1.05GB of data
Quick Comparison & Verdict 
Assuming that you plan to take the lower-end package (aka the cheapest one with the lowest monthly commitment). It seems that Maxis would be offering RM 45 worth of “credit” (200mins*0.15 + 100 SMS * 0.15) as opposed of DiGi offering RM 100 credit. However DiGi allows you to spend the credit as you wish , in whatever way. But maxis has already determined the minutes and SMS that you could use before you are charged.
Also secondly the monthly commitment , RM 56 for Maxis as opposed to RM 63 for DiGi. Maxis seems to be a cheaper choice here for people who aren’t the call fancy type. However DiGi seems to be giving more bang for buck when you think about it as the RM 100 worth of call . This boils down to how you plan to use your phone
Lastly but not least , coverage also plays an important factor. I am not able to help you with this. Suppose if you have good DiGi coverage in your workplace and home , I would say opt for DiGi , if Maxis has a stronger coverage , opt for Maxis. These are some of the factors that I would consider.
Oh , do not forget to read my article on choosing the right telco !

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