[Thoughts/Review] Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S (RM 50 Smartphone)

Recently in conjunction with RM 200 Smartphone rebate which I blogged way back , a lot of changes had happened. For instance the limit for smartphones have been lifted (which means you could use the rebate for any smartphone). Various telcos are offering various things. For instance Maxis offers free smartphones when you sign with a contract (postpaid)
DiGi on the other hand seems to be the only telco that is offering a smartphone for RM 50 (after the rebate). The phone is free , you would just have to pay for the prepaid SIM Pack which is RM 50.
There are a lot of people asking about this phone , if it is good or not. Sadly you are not able to find a review for this phone. So I decided to write up a short review , the time I spent playing with the phone. I did not get the chance to snap some photos otherwise it would be here as well.
To know more about the package , kindly visit here.
Phone specifications 
DiGi’s website does not specify much about the phone and if you Google it around you may not even find a lot of information. The reason being is that the phone is marketed as Alcatel One Touch T’Pop elsewhere in the world
The phone runs on Android 2.3 , 1Ghz processor , Bluetooth 4.0 , WiFi (802.11n) , 3G capable (HSDPA) and a basic screen resolution of 320×480. You can take a look at full specs here 
First Impression counts…..
At first glance , it seems to be a decent phone (have a look at the YouTube video). However , the screen feels cheap and very fragile (What do you expect – Gorilla Glass ? IPS panel ? AMOLED ?)
There is nothing to rave about quality. Well it is good enough to make home-made 3GP videos . That’s all I would say.
Worth it ?…..
Well if you are looking for a secondary phone or if you are looking for an entry-level smartphone and not willing to spend more than RM 100 , then this is the right phone. You could easily use it to WhatsApp , Tweet , Instagram , Facebook and do light surfing. It could handle CandyCrush too I suppose.
I would certainly pick this phone up and use it as a backup phone , no doubt about it. I’ll try to get the full phone and review it
If you have used the phone and have anything to add , please do not hesitate to comment
[label style=[label style=”warning”]Oh yes keep in mind that the phone is locked to DiGi. [/label][label style=”warning”]You need to contact them to get it unlocked !. [/label]

9 thoughts to “[Thoughts/Review] Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S (RM 50 Smartphone)”

  1. hello 🙂 your entry help me a lot. my brother gave this phone to me, but i cant use my maxis sim.so where should i contact? place where he bought the phone or digi centre? hihi thank u 🙂

    1. Hey Sarah
      You can go to any DiGi Store. I recommend the one in Mont Kiara or you can actually call them up. The phone is locked , I’m not sure if you need to pay extra to get it unlocked or not

  2. hai.. sy perlukan pertolongan… hp sy touch screen problem… dgn siapa sy bleh hubungi.. x boleh nak off mlalui screen… kna cabut bateri…

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