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It has been a long time since I have updated my blog. If you are wondering, if I am still alive – yes I am. I got myself a job and I am more into tweeting instead of writing articles. I choose to tweet because I can get responses instantly and sharing two-way works wonders. Anyhow , I decided that for some awesome stuff , I need to do a full-write up in my blog so that it stays here for a long time and becomes a point of reference for anyone who wants to learn or to discover new things.

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Today , let us take a look at fragmentation and why it happens and learn a little bit more about defragging your hard disk

How fragmentation happens?

 When a new file is  saved to a hard disk, it is placed in the free space at the end existing saved data till the hard disk is full or you delete some previous files. When a file is deleted from the hard disk, it leaves a free space (an empty spot). The more files you delete , the more empty spots you have. The problem is free space will not be continuous as you keep deleting data and this poses a problem.  What’s the problem , now when new data is written it will be filled in the empty spots and the data is written would not be continuous , so your hard disk would have to spin and pick up bits and pieces , this  would translate to slower access time to files.
However this does not happen with Solid State Drives due to the nature of these drives , it happens with regular hard disk that we  commonly have in our computers

Think of it as Rubik's Cube - an unsolved Rubik's cube is how fragmented data looks like
Think of it as Rubik’s Cube – an unsolved Rubik’s cube is how fragmented data looks like (Image Source  : Computer-Repair)

Benefits of Defragging 
These are some of the benefits associated with defragging :-

  • To Improve the Speed – Programs will launch faster when their data assosicated to it , grouped together. This means the hard disk would spend less time in rotating and collecting data. You would get faster response time
  • To Improve life span of the hard disk – Mechanical parts of hard drive travel less when the disk is defragmented which reduces the chances of your hard disk failing

Why MyDefrag ?
It is a freeware Defragging program that works wonders. It started off being jkdefrag and the author decided to call it myDefrag and make it closed-source (it used to be open-source).
Anyway unlike many other paid applications or hoax application. It does wonders actually. It uses standard Windows API de-fragmentation to perform the task.
What this means is that unlike some third-party tools , this application is safe as it does not forcefully move the files , instead the changes are handled gracefully in Windows. Plus , the default Windows application is pretty slow and it is somewhat limited. MyDefrag allows you to write your own custom script and allows you to specific how to defrag files and such. This gives much more customization and control over standard Windows tool.

MyDefrag – Simply select a script , select a drive and hit run !

You may download MyDefrag from here. In order to take myDefrag a step further, I recommend you to get Jasipon script – it simply allows you to customize your needs. For instance games/big data that you use frequently (which you can specify  gets pushed front of the disk (where it is much more faster) whereas less frequently used data (such as backups , old files) gets pushed to the end of the disk.
As for me , my performance boot time did increase and I did notice in overall performance , especially when trying to access my data disk (which is not SSD) .
Oh yes , feel free to comment to share your experience. If you have any other programs to recommend (freeware) or if you are a developer of a defrag program and want it to be reviewed. Just drop a comment below 🙂

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  1. MyDefrag is a freeware Defragging program which defragmented the fragmentation created while deleting files. Fragmentation is discontinuous holes present in the HDD. Defragging has lots of benefits like it speed up and increase the lifespan of HDD.

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