Flashing ClockWorkMod for ZTE Acqua

This guide explains on how to flash ClockWorkMod for ZTE Acqua.  Generally ClockWorkMod is a third-party Recovery Tool that allows you to flash or upgrade your Android easily. You could basically unlock the potential of your android device. It allows you to perform a full backup of your device. On top of that it allows us to upgrade our Android version to 4.1.2. Yes , that’s right folks it is possible for us to upgrade to Android 4.1 and enjoy the new benefits as well. Even if you do not plan to upgrade , you could use this tool to easily root your device which unlocks a whole new chapter (more after the jump)


First thing first . I would like to take this opportunity to thank KonstaT for porting ClockWorkMod (CWM) for ZTE Acqua and for porting CM10 (Android 4.1.2) for our device. Without his efforts , basically we would be stuck with ZTE’s horrible 4.0.4 (it is decent but then it just does not cut it)

  • ZTE Acqua (Malaysia Model) – There are many variants of this , the Malaysian Model is V880E 
  • You must be familiar with Command Line and ADB. XDA-Developers is a good place to start (I’ll try my best to walk you through)

These steps were obtained from MoDaCo. I have modified it to include additional information
First thing first is you need to ensure that Android Debugging is enabled. For more information on how to enable it kindly refer to this guide here 
1. Download the  ZTE USB drivers
2. Download and install Android SDK tools and platform-tools to get adb and fastboot (Alternatively if you are lazy or if you have limited bandwidth you may download adb and fastboot from here  which was uploaded by TheManii)
3. download recovery-cwm6027-atlas40.img recovery image , which you may obtain it from here 
4. create a new directory somewhere (I would recommend creating a directory in C: and call it as flash) and copy adb.exe, fastboot.exe and recovery-cwm6027-atlas40.img into it
5. plug in your device via USB cable and install drivers . Windows will ask you for ADB Device , just simply point it to ZTE ADB Debugging device and it should be alright.
6. Once that is installed fire up Command Prompt (be sure to run it as Administrator)
6. cd into the directory (i.e C:\flash) you created and execute following commands in terminal window

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery recovery-cwm6027-atlas40.img
fastboot reboot

7. If everything goes alright , you have installed it perfectly
To boot into ClockWorkMod by pressing volume down while powering on or using ‘adb reboot recovery’
If you have any issues , feel free to report them to the developer and if you are stucked or need assistance , feel free to leave a comment here or just tweet me @prasys . I’ll gladly help you out
Next week , I’ll try to write up a guide on how to flash CM10 (Android 4.1.2) on ZTE Acqua

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  1. Hello, as I see at the end of this post, you have promised to write up a guide on how to flash CM10 (Android 4.1.2) on ZTE Acqua, if you’ve already tried it on, please, let me know it were successful or not.

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