Philips AquaTouch AT750 Review Part Five: Conclusion

Like all great things , there is a start and there is an end to it. In this part of the review , I would be concluding my thoughts on the AquaTouch AT750 . So if you haven’t read my Philips Aqua Touch Review , please do so now. Read from part 1 so that you’ll understand the whole journey and how I am in love with the AquaTouch
In this segment , I would be answering to some of the popular questions which I have compiled from my comments section and as well as via Twitter with the #Philips50Shaves hashtag or @direct mentions
Questions Asked By My Followers & Readers
Q : Would this make a suitable gift for my boyfriend/husband ?
A : Why not . If your boyfriend is using a razor or even an electric razor and you want to gift him this , it makes a prefect gift anyway. Trust me , I wouldn’t mind one for my birthday
Q : Is it worth it to spend RM 399 (~USD$ 131) on this ?
A: It depends if you have heaps of facial hair. If you do , yes this makes it much much more easier to maintain it. Otherwise I would say, you could stick it to a traditional razor.
Q : OMG I was following your reviews and it is ‘teh sucks’. I know that razors are the way to go , I have tried and electric razor sucks to the max. YOUR REVIEW IS BIASED !!!111oneoneone
A: Uh probably you have tried a different electric shaver and it may not be to your liking. It is unwise to generalize. Anyhow , if you like razors go with it. I am just sharing my experience here with my readers about my experience about the AquaTouch. It can be positive or even negative , but mostly my experience with the AquaTouch is positive 
Q : So what makes AquaTouch AT750  to stand out against other electric shavers ?
A: The word AquaTouch , to be honest , the biggest thing I like about the AquaTouch is that it is 100% water-proof and the ability to do a wet-shave. That’s about it
My Thoughts & Conclusion 
Well I have been using the AquaTouch for nearly a month and it has been a pretty good experience. Mostly I am enjoying the ability to either perform a wet-shave or a dry-shave. Being waterproof is another bonus as well. To make it easier , I have summed it up for on what are the aspects that I like & dislike about Philips AquaTouch AT750


Pros :-

  • Lightweight
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Works with Wet Shave (Ideal for Folks who are migrating from traditional Razor)
  • Eco-Friendly/Energy-Star Compliant (Drains ~ZERO Watts When it is fully Charged)

Cons :-

  • No Pop-up Trimmer
  • Poor Dry Shave Performance

As you can see , there are some drawbacks with the Philips AquaTouch AT750. Firstly and foremost , this model lacks of a pop-up trimmer . The trimmer can be found in higher end models , but however I think Philips should have included that as well as it would be handy-dandy for people like me who would want it to just trim my beard. Another thing which I quite didn’t like about the AquaTouch AT750 is that the dry shave performance isn’t that great. Even my old dad’s shaver outperforms the AquaTouch when it comes to dry shave (remember the small electric shaver – yep that is the one) .
Having said that , I think that Philips AquaTouch AT750 makes a great first time electric razor/shaver for those of us (like myself) who want to migrate into the world of electric shaver. It makes as a perfect gift for your son/husband/boyfriend/father (especially if they are still using one of the  old razors). It is reasonably priced well , although I would appreciate if Philips Malaysia would try to price it under RM 300 as it would attract a larger crowd here in Malaysia for people to migrate to an electric shaver. Overall my experience with AquaTouch has been smooth , I did not encounter a single technical problem or what-so-ever during the period of my review
Once again I would like to this this opportunity to Philips Malaysia for giving me this review unit and to review an electric razor and thank you to my readers as well for reading and commenting on the Philips AquaTouch AT750
I would like to say that its not a sponsored post by Philips Malaysia but more towards my experience with the Philips AquaTouch itself. The review can be negative or positive as they have spent out that each reviewers have their freedom of expression to express their thoughts. Stay tuned for that


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  1. Really good review! I actually had that model a few years ago, but they have since come out with better shavers. You can’t get something better for the money though.

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