Feedback on RM 200 smartphone rebate for all

Last week or so , I did post about my thoughts on the RM 200 smartphone rebate. Today , when I checked Amanz , I was shocked to see that the government removed the requirement stating that it can be only used for phones below RM 500. Now it seems that they allow you to buy any phone of your choice with any price. So it means you could buy a Galaxy Note or iPhone 5.
PKB_home1Well there is good news to the folks who  wanted to purchase the phone of their dreams. My question is why don’t they do this in the first place , there wouldn’t be any drama or sort or better yet come up with 2 options such as offer phones which are < RM 500 but with some awesome pre-paid plans for the people who really need it. It is that simple , bundle something like UMobile – RM 28 for 500MB data , voice calls and SMS . The second package could be for those who wish to apply for a premium/flagship phones such as Galaxy/iPhone 5. If they would have done this in the first place , I would applauded . Question is why isn’t a proper research being carried out before implementing such a thing
Anyway it is never to late and I just hope that it wouldn’t be abused. Knowing Malaysians

2 thoughts to “Feedback on RM 200 smartphone rebate for all”

  1. hye..can we really purchase iphone 5/galaxy?so we just have to go to any stores n then simply buy one?bcause ive already registered for the i dunno whether i can really buy either one of the two..n what about the procedure? tq 🙂

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