Philips AquaTouch AT750 Review Part Four: 100% Aqua

This is going to be my next epic. Just kidding , if you haven’t read my Philips Aqua Touch Review , please do so now. Read from part 1 so that you’ll understand the whole journey. This week , we take a look at how Philips AquaTouch even improvises lives of celebrity. The celebrity is no other than  Kuah Jenhan. Now some of you may not know who is he , well basically he is a part of MACC , no not Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency – it is  Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedian.
Kuah Jenhan is Russell Peters of Malaysia , basically you can do a YouTube search and watch his comedies. Anyhow , he is also an ambassador for Philips AquaTouch in Malaysia. Here take a look on how Kuah Jenhan uses his Philips AquaTouch
So yeah , there you have it even celebrities love the AquaTouch 😛 I am just posting this to give you another reason to convince yourself or your loved ones to get an AquaTouch
If that is not convincing  enough , continue to read on
Is it really “AquaTouch” ?  As in 100% Waterproof
This is where I wanted to find out if it is indeed 100% water proof. I know that some companies tend to lie to their customers about their product being able to do it all and that comes with extra stuff. Philips did tell me that they have personally tested with up to depth of 4 meters. So I did a little test of my own which you can view it to see if it is indeed water-proof , you can see the video for yourself
I have not edited in any way , it is straight from my iPhone 4 itself
I have also not tested with soap water , oil , petrol , some chemical liquids and I am assume that it will be all be working. Oh keep in mind , let the AquaTouch be completed dried before plugging in into the charger , just to be on a safer side.

What’s next ? 

I would be concluding. I have received comments from my readers (both positive and negatives alike). I’ll sum it all up and say if it is indeed worth the money. Trust me you do not want to miss about that
You could also vote for me here , well by voting you would make yourself feel better and you give me a chance to get a complete make-over
Alternatively if you want AquaTouch for free , you could participate in #Philips50Shaves competition , just head over here to find out more (Be sure to like their Facebook Page)
I would like to say that its not a sponsored post by Philips Malaysia but more towards my experience with the Philips AquaTouch itself. The review can be negative or positive as they have spent out that each reviewers have their freedom of expression to express their thoughts. Stay tuned for that


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