Honest and Brutal Thoughts on Smartphones Offered by Youth Communication Package

Few days ago , I wrote an article stating my thoughts on RM 200 smartphone rebate which was offered by the government of Malaysia. I have just discovered that my blog article was featured in MalaysiaKini  (alternatively read here for free) which is great and a good thing for my humble blog. Anyhow , it seems that MCMC has released a list of RM 500 smartphones , and I’ve managed to get the list via Amanz.my (Malaysian Tech Blog in Malay language). Here are is the list and my quick response on you should get the phone or not. If you want to know the reasons behind it , feel free to read whereby I explain what are the drawbacks/benefits of each phone


  • Alcatel One Touch Inspire 2 (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  • The Buzz Phone (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  • Huawei Ideos X3  (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  • Ninetology Black Pearl II  (UNKNOWN/CAN’T RATE/BENEFIT OF DOUBT)
  • Nokia 2730 (GREY ZONE)
  • Nokia 7230 (GREY ZONE)
  • Nokia Asha 305 (RECOMMENDED) 
  • Nokia Asha 308 (RECOMMENDED)
  • Nokia C2-03 (GREY ZONE)
  • Nokia Lumia 610 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) 
  • Samsung Galaxy Chat (RECOMMENDED)
  • Samsung Galaxy Mini  (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  • Samsung Galaxy Pocket  (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  • Samsung Galaxy Y  (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  • Sony Xperia Tipo (RECOMMENDED)

Thinking of getting any of the smartphone – fear not. I have done my research and even had the opportunity to review one of the smartphones. This would be brief and simple and it would give you an idea of what kind of smartphone that you are expecting and my recommendation which is either a yes or no. Before that I would once again recommend you to read this article which says why Cheap Android smartphones are bad 
Alcatel One Touch Inspire 2 – Never heard of this brand before. But after digging up in the Internet , i have stumbled across to this page. Looks like  a Basic Android Smartphone with cheap stuff inside and running an out-dated version of Android. Stay Clear . DO NOT GET THIS PHONE/NOT RECOMMENDED
The Buzz Phone (aka Yes 4G Buzz) – I have reviewed Yes 4G stuff over the past and in fact it helped me when I was in Australia to make calls and things like that. It is great to have a Voice Over IP. However having a basic smartphone is not really worth it. Firstly , you are running on their own system (limits the apps you can have) , secondly it only works in Yes 4G areas (so if you move out of Yes 4G coverage area you phone is dead) . It is not really worth it , it may be worth it if it came along with Android or something else. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE/NOT RECOMMENDED
HTC Wildfire – I was reading the reviews , some of them say it is alright and others say it is a bad phone. The problem is with HTC and I am not a big fan of HTC and plus you are stucked with Android 2.1 . Unless you are willing to void the warranty by flashing to third party firmwares , then it is possible. I have seen ROMs for Anrdoid 4.0 on this device but it requires you to root and install third party Android system. Not worth the hassle and plus HTC does not even provide any official system updates. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE/NOT RECOMMENDED
Huawei Ideos X3 – I was fortunate enough to test out this phone at CrazyJohns (an awesome place in Australia where you can find the best phone deals , best phone with best plans). It was going for $89 AUD with OPTUS or Virgin (I can’t recall) and now it is going for FREE . This phone is very old and it runs on Android 2.x . Best part it can’t even run any graphics intense games , running Angry Birds causes a huge lag.  DO NOT GET THIS PHONE/NOT RECOMMENDED
LG Optimus L3 – No idea , CNET review says it is bad. But I am giving benefit of the doubt , but keep in mind that it is still a low end smartphone but I am not sure how it behaves , one thing for sure it kind of looks sexy and slim and a second phone. Will it be an awesome phone ? Probably not. But again untill we get our hands on this phone and test it out. I can’t say much about it. BENEFIT OF DOUBT/TBA
Ninetology Black Pearl II/Ninetology Palette – Not much review about this product as it is because it is made in Malaysia. I have seen the specification , it sort of looks good. It looks alright although Palette looks much like Huawei Ideos X3 and other low-end smartphone. However the Black Pearl II looks pretty neat. I have not seen one of those so I can’t comment how they work or how they perform. BENEFIT OF DOUBT/TBA
Nokia 2730/7230/C2-03 – Ah yes Classic Nokia phones. They work alright , but they aren’t your typical Android smartphone. I mean Symbian is dead , unless you do not mind using this phone because of long battery life an durable. This is the phone for you. It may not appeal a lot of people because you can’t install and play games on it and do lots more. It is in the grey zone, it is recommended to get it , if you like basic and simple to use smartphone. GREY ZONE
Nokia Asha 305/308 – What more do you want – Nokia Asha offers you dual SIM , that itself is a huge advantage. I believe the Nokia Asha 308 comes with pre-loaded EA Games such as FIFA and all , so you do not have to spend any money on Google Play Store or something in buying these games. Plus I have seen these games running on the phone. It is smooth. It does all the basic stuff you want , Twitter/Facebook/WhatsApp and even Angry Birds too . I recommend this phone on people who are planning to have two numbers and want in one phone. RECOMMENDED
Nokia Lumia 610 – Compared to getting crappy Android phones , this seems much of a better choice. You sort of get a premium-like phone at unbeatable price. Windows Phone does provide a good experience , however keep it in mind that it would serve your daily needs such as light gaming , tweeting , whatsapp , taking photos and checking out Facebook. However the storage is limited to 8GB and you cannot expand the storage at all . It may not be a music lovers phone because you would take up space easily when you start storing all your music. However despite that , it comes with a huge screen , decent camera and a good operating system. To be honest , I think that this phone is much more worth compared to the rest – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Samsung Galaxy Chat – It is much like a Blackberry except it is made by SAMSUNG. The beauty of is that you get a QWERTY keyboard. As the name suggests it is meant for Chat. People who love to spend their time on Twitter , Facebook Chat , WhatsApp and even SMS would love this phone. You get Android 4.0 (which is great)  , a QWERTY keyboard and a decent camera. However keep it in mind that this phone is not meant for gamers or people who like to load up their phone with games. The screen resolution is too weak meaning that games would ugly or may not even work. I would recommend this for social-media junkies and plus with Android 4.0 which is great – RECOMMENDED
Samsung Galaxy Mini – Do not be fooled by the name. It is not the awesome galaxy in a small variant. It is pretty much an utter crap. That’s about it. It runs on a low-resolution screen , old android version and nothing else. It is much like Ideos X3, One Touch Inspire 2 – a crap Andorid phone. In fact do not buy it at all , it just ruins your smartphone experience – NOT RECOMMENDED
Samsung Galaxy Pocket – Much like mini , the screen is smaller and specifications are bad enough. You can’t even whatsapp decently or even watch porn on the screen at all. This phone is only great if you plan to use your smartphones in receving or placing calls. But if you want to do that , Nokia 3310 does a far better job compared to this – NOT RECOMMENDED
Samsung Galaxy Y – I am not sure if SAMSUNG is pushing out every single phone out there. They should just stay with their flagship models (some may disagree). Much like the other two  aka Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pocket it is yet another crappy phone. There is nothing much you could do on this as well – NOT RECOMMENDED
Sony Xperia Tipo – It seems to me that is it worth it. At least you get Android 4.0 , the specifications are somewhat decent and it looks alright. I have read reviews and people do say that it looks to be a pretty good phone with a decent battery life. Sure the camera and few other things may not be great. But hey it is a SONY , with ICS and phone that looks pretty decent and runs current Android System !  – RECOMMENDED 
ZTE Acqua – I am surprised to see.  Anyhow I have reviewed this phone myself and I have to say that this phone is much more of an entertainment phone compared – you get a huge screen , 1Ghz Processor (which is speedy) and ICS Vanilla which is all great. The only one major disadvantage is the camera , for some reason camera quality is very poor and it takes ages to load the camera. However if you are looking for a great entertainment phone with loud speakers and clear screen – this is the phone to get – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 
So there you go people. I have compiled my list , hopefully it would help you out in making your decision. I just hope that they lift the RM 500 restriction and allow us to get any smartphone that wish. I am quite sure that some of us are saving up for a Galaxy Note/Nexus 4/Galaxy S3/iPhone 5

14 thoughts to “Honest and Brutal Thoughts on Smartphones Offered by Youth Communication Package”

  1. bajet terhad, pilihan terhad
    jadi kena pastikan apa yang kita beli tu berbaloi
    terimakasih untuk review ni…sekurang² ada maklumat untuk dibuat perbandingan.

  2. ICS and above, really sucky on phone that got ram below 1gb. I used to have Sola, which at first using gingerbread.. and then sony release ICS, I updated.. and it really stretch the phone too much.
    I wish I never update it, but in the end I let it go. So even stuck with 2.1, I not mind that much, unless the phone got more than 1gb of ram.

  3. Why don’t offer Sony Xperia U the price is around 500 too…they’re blind for sure…UMNO can do nothing but contraband people money, can’t even figure out good phones to be offered..

  4. kalo based on list hp yg dikeluarkan pada 26/12/2012, u missing out another two alcatel set which is ot-993d and touch and the ZTE V790.. if u say touch is crap, i couldn’t agree more.. but Ot-993d? sy masi pakai htc wildfire with froyo 2.2.1 for almost 2 year already.. quite a good phone if treat as a phone, signal better than my friend’s SGS2 both courier n wifi.. con is lack of future update, internal memory low, no GPU, low RAM and slow processor.. but still satisfy with the performance,its a good phone actually but i agree with you, its not worth it nowaday

    1. @fern in todays technology memang tak berbaloi , semua apps dh nak guna android 4.0 , things have improved. Two-Three years ago like you said it is fantastic , but in todays terms . It is not worth it

  5. Mr. Pradeesh..dengarnya Chili5 – 3G Android Smartphone with NFC (Malaysia made supported by MOSTI) will be part of the Rebate Phone by end January early February 2013..dpd. spec yg. dinyatakan dibawah tolong beri comment sikit..
    Modem : 4band GSM + EDGE + 2band 3G HSPA
    Screen : 4inch 480×832 IPS capacitive touch + Gorilla Glass
    Processor : MSM8225 Dual core 1GHz ARM cortex A5
    Memory ROM/RAM : 4GB/512MB
    Camera Back : 5Mpix AF
    Camera Front : VGA
    SIM : Dual SIM
    NFC / SWP : YES / SIM+SD card
    WiFi/BT/FM radio : WiFi b,g,n / BT3.0 FM transceiver
    Dimensions : 120X60X10.4mm
    Battery : 2,100m/Ah
    Android OS : 4.0 ICS – 4.1
    Market price : RM488.00
    Chili5 will come with services -Universal Instant Messaging (group chat) and push email. Using low bandwidth RM10 (150Mb)/month- for unlimited chat and push email.
    NFC – Bolih digunakan utk. micro payment spt Touch&Go, ATM card, Visa & Master card (wave) ,Exchange of Business card,Pictures, Songs dll.(ready)

  6. Adakah semua penerima rebate kena daftar Data Plan dgn telco. Bolehkah mereka menggunakan Data Plan prepaid yang banyak dijual dipasaran, U Mobile RM18 sebagai contoh..Jika mereka terpaksa mendaftar Data Plan dgn kontrak selama 1 tahun dgn telco misalnya sudah pasti telco akan memasukkan harga telefon juga dalam plan tersebut dan akan membebankan pengguna..so yg untung adalah telco dan Rebat RM200 tu tiada maknanya…dan lagi telefon tu bukan bawah RM500 sebenarnya.

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