We Have a Winner for ZTE Acqua V880E !

Good news everybody. Finally the server is up and running and I have managed to run the draw and post it properly. It seems that the server was having some hardware issues but it is all up and running now. The good news is we have a Winner and Congralutions to
Nik Ezani
I’ll be contacting you shortly to get your details. If you are curious how the winner is picked , it is simple , I put all your names into (according to the date which you have posted and whose answers are correct) into pastebinĀ  and random number between 1 to 42 is choosen (Notice the numer 42 , it is the answer to life , galaxy and everything else). Afterwards , I generated a random number using Random.org (with that following parameters). Voila , Number 16 was selected (and a screenshot is attached) . The number was generated on 2012-12-20 , 10.44 AM (+8 GMT)

Number 16 is the winner
Number 16 is the winner

I’ll be contacting our winner here , suppose if he is unreacable , I would conduct another draw. To the rest of the participants , thank you very much for participating in my first ever giveaway. I hope in the future that there will be more epic give-away
Oh yes if you are a sponsor and plan to do giveaway , feel free to contact me as I could organize one for my reader

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