ZTE Acqua V880E Review Part 2

This is the second part of my ZTE Acqua V880E Review. I highly recommend you to take a look at the first part of the review , where I take a closer look into the phone (hardware) and you can have the taste of the phone itself
In this part I would be looking at Multimedia capabilities (this includes camera !)  , Battery Life , Social Media experience and other goodies that the phone has to offer

Multimedia capabilities
Out of the box , this phone already has a FM Radio and Music Player installed. If you have Google Play account , it automatically gets all your music which you have uploaded to the phone and you can play back them straight away without any issues which is neat as you can see here. The sound quality of the speaker is okay and in fact it is louder compared to an iPhone 4

Google Music works very well out of the box – ZTE Acqua automatically obtained all my songs and I was able to play my library without any issues

So if you are looking for a good music player, this phone does that. The beauty of transferring music is just drag-n-drop , there is no need of using iTunes. The phone (just like any Android device) mounts as a USB Device . Plus you buy microSD cards and store all your music there or store them in the cloud (like I did) . YouTube works well as well and videos are crystal clear , so for YouTube lovers this phone does a great job as well since the 4″ screen really comes in handy when you are going to watch long YouTube clips . As I have mentioned earlier in my first part of the review , it can handle most of the games out there designed for an Android and it plays well.
Camera Quality 
The camera is a mediocre camera . It does come with touch-to-focus but however it takes somewhat decent photograph , which is alright for quick instagram shots. However it is not a camera phone and I do not recommend you to use this as primary camera phone. However I face couple of issues with camera , for instance it takes 10 seconds for the camera to load up and for some reason when I take shots with camera and if I have music player playing in background , it seems to cause the entire phone to lag. I hope ZTE looks into it , it could be probably a software bug because this phone is able to handle games and tons of other application open and running without an issue .
Even with Touch to focus it was not able to capture the photo properly as the texts are blurry (Zoom in to have a closer look)

Swype Keyboard
It is a nice thing that ZTE Malaysia included their own Swype-like keyboard (it is called TouchPal) that is commonly found on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The added advantage of is that they have added support for Malay language (Bahasa Malaysia) and Chinese language as well. Now TouchPal works very well with English (at times it guesses the wrong word but that is alright) and as for Bahasa (Malay) it works pretty well with Standardized Malay language , it is not friendly with Malay language that is commonly used in SMS , Twitter and in BlackBerry Messaging.  I have to give credit for ZTE for including Malay predictive text
TouchPad (Swype-like keyboard) which supports Malay , Chinese and English languages that comes pre-installed with Acqua

I had no issues in fact it made typing on this phone much more easier. For some reason it was not turned on by default and I had to activate it manually. I hope ZTE makes it as the default keyboard instead of the Standard Android keyboard because it is awesome

Social Media

This phone seems to have been catered for social media hippies , I installed Twitter , Facebook Chat , Facebook , WhatsApp and this phone seems to handle everything without an issue. I can multitask (juggle between these four applications and there weren’t any signs of slow downs which is good. It did excel in social media tests as I can upload pictures directly from the phone , view photos and tweet without an issue. However , battery life becomes an issue which I’ll explain shortly .

Social Media apps such as Twitter works flawlessly , no "lags" or "hiccups"
Social Media apps such as Twitter works flawlessly , no “lags” or “hiccups”

Battery Life

The battery capacity of 1600mAh works pretty well for every day usage. I could get up to 3 days standby time , if I use the phone to call and SMS and as well surf the internet from time to time (10-15 minutes) which is ideal or makes a perfect gift for your mom or dad whereby they wouldn’t be on twitter or facebook 24/7. Now the phone does perform well much like other smartphone when I conducted a stress test (this involves turning on GPS , WiFi, Bluetooth and setting the screen to maximum brightness and playing Angry Birds Star Wars)  and the battery lasted for 4 hours  As for social media junkies and much like any other phone (even my iPhone) it lasts a day (this includes heavy usage of WhatsApp/Twitter/Facebook with Push Messaging Turned on) . Here is a summary which I made which tells you how long the battery lasts :-

  • Social Media Junkie (Push-messaging/3G turned on and on Twitter/Facebook whole day , phne calls and SMS)  – Battery lasts for 1 day
  • Casual user (3g turned on , surfs the web for 15 minutes , WhatsApp , calls & SMS) – Battery lasts for 2 days
  • Mom & Dad (no 3G/pretty much used , phone calls and sms and light surfing) – Battery lasts for 4 days

There hope that sums it up for you
Final Thoughts and Conclusion
Priced at RM 699 , this phone is bang for buck. You get all the nice features found on higher end smartphones such as 4″ Screen , snappy processor and latest Android OS and this phone makes it ideal for college students or people who have started working who wants to own a smartphone. Pair it together with Malaysian government smartphone rebate for 2013 , you can easily purchase this phone for RM 499 (after RM 200 rebate). ZTE Malaysia did a good job in coming up with an affordable phone in the market whereby it makes an attractive purchase.  I do hope that ZTE Malaysia continues to update and provide Jelly Bean for this phone !
Pros :-

  • Virgin Android OS (without any sort of bloatwares) which makes the phone very fast
  • 4″ Display which is huge and amazing when watching videos
  • TouchPal Keyboard (Swype-like) which supports Malay , Chinese and English language
  • Decent Battery Life (on par with High-end Smartphones)
  • Large Built-in Memory for the price (4GB/RM 699) and expandable memory via microSD
  • Price (RM 699)

Cons :-

  • Sub-Par Camera (Camera application takes a long time to load up and the camera does not capture good photos)
  • Changing microSD card requires the phone to be powered off as the microSD slot is located where the battery is installed
  • Touch Screen is not sensitive towards light touches

As I have said earlier , I would recommend this phone for anyone who plans to get an android smartphone which offers the raw Android power without breaking your wallet.  Do not be fooled by the company that makes it , it is indeed a very good phone for the price !
I would like to say that its not a sponsored post by ZTE Malaysia but more towards my experience with the product itself. The review can be negative or positive as they have spent out that each reviewers have their freedom of expression to express their thoughts. I would like to thank ZTE Malaysia for providing me with a review unit !
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  1. Adakah tlpn nih adalah untuk rebate SKMM RM200? sbb dalam entry nih camera adalah 3.2MP n android version ICS, tetapi bila saya cari ada banyak jenis ZTE Acqua ni..ada ZTE Skate Acqua dan ZTE Acqua sahaja..Camera satu 3.2 MP dan satu lagi 5 MP..so untuk rebate SKMM telefon yang nih ker?

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