Philips AquaTouch AT750 Review Part Deux :

If you have not read my first part of the review , you should do it now (seriously – you should – otherwise a poor bedbug would be killed). This is my second segment of my in-depth review of the Philips AquaTouch AT750. As I have described in my previous blog entry, this is an entry level electric razor or shaver (or whatever you call it) that is suitable for people (or even presenting it as a gift to your beloved boyfriend) who have been using a regular razor. Now in this segment , I would describe in details (with pictures of me – again please try your best not to laugh as I am not photogenic nor a hot chick)

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Comparison with old razor
I’ll let the picture do the talking. Yes , that is me alright. How many times have you suffered from nicks and cuts by using this traditional tool. Not to mention that it  requires more time (to lather & rinse, for example). For the name of science (Again kids , please do not try this at home). I tried a dry shave using this traditional piece of tool and trust me you do not want to know the results.

Yep , that typcial face when you use a razor. You know that feeling. I am quite sure that this would be a meme !

Clearly if you have skin that is sensitive and you get those little red spots and cuts after using a normal razor. I know some guys who do get this after using a razor. Now look at me – see the unhappy face . Yep , thats how I feel every time I use my razor .Fear not , let us see how the Philips AquaTouch AT750 performs here
A closer look
The Philips AquaTouch AT750 does not feel like a cheap lump of plastic piece being put together  It is solid and durable in fact. It is not much like some other electric shavers in the market. The build quality is there. Think of it comparing to a cheap china tablet and say iPad/Nexus 7. It feels pretty solid and you can actually get a firm grip. I like the idea on how they have actually designed it , it pretty much takes shape of a razor which is great to hold unlike cheap razors which I use.  Another beauty of Philips AT750 , you could use while you are on-the-move. Airports ? In the car ? Not a problem at all as you do not need to head over to your bathroom sink and worry about your hair. It works anywhere – so you have the portability factor , and you can’t have that with a typical razor !
Yep , it is much more easier
Yep , it is much more easier -*phew , a sigh of relief.*

Performance wise 
Well , it is pretty easy to get started. It is much like a point and click camera. It follows the contour of your face which is really neat so it cuts the way how you want it to be. On top of that since it comes along with dual blades , it cuts hair twice as fast as compared to a normal razor and it is not painful at all. The way how the blades are designed are just amazing. Plus , it glides smoothly over your skin. I find it bit un-natural at first as it feels smooth and soft and plus seems that Philips have put into fine attention to detail on the blades. (I wish I had a decent camera to take up-close pictures of the blades just to show you the ‘beauty’ of the blades)
As I said the way how it cuts , it is pretty hard to describe , either because of my limited vocabulary of the English language or there aren’t any words in the English language itself to describe it. I guess one would have to try it in order to understand it fully , just like “The Force” in Star Wars – you’ll have to feel the force and the force is strong with this one
Maintenance  wise 
This picture would describe a thousand words. The Philips QuickRinse system allows you to clean under the tap or can be used in the shower. You do not need special care or some sort of equipment – just plain old H2O. I know that generally you would have to use lubricant or some sort of de-greasers made specially for electric razor .  This makes it easier to take care of the shaver. As for the blades itself , I was told that it would last for 2-3 years before it needs to be replaced. I am not too sure about the replacement costs (I would probably do some sort of math to compare if it is worth it in the long run).  I would have to do the math later and present it to you later. Plus you get a protective cap to protect the elective shaver blades against dust and foreign particles when you are not going to use it
It is easy on the cleaning and maintenance , ideal for lazy guys guys such as myself


What’s next ? 

I was thinking of maybe having a Google Hangout with other #Philips50Shaves reviewer as they have different models and probably asking them to share their experience. Alternatively If I can’t get them , I would share my shaving styles and probably some sort of price comparison and how it works out in the long-run as we know. Trust me there is more to come
You could also vote for me here , well by voting you would make yourself feel better and you give me a chance to get a complete make-over which I think would be the suitable gift that my readers give it to me for Christmas. With that new make-over , who knows – I might be able to find Mrs.Prasys !

I would like to say that its not a sponsored post by Philips Malaysia but more towards my experience with the Philips AquaTouch itself. The review can be negative or positive as they have spent out that each reviewers have their freedom of expression to express their thoughts

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  1. The review is a load of bull. Stick to your razor. This electric shaver and any with a similar set up is just painful. It will feel like your hair is being pulled out.
    Time spent on shaving has increased to. Plus you will end up using the razor to shape your side burns. I don’t bother commenting but the review was so far from the truth and made the product seem like the holy grail of shavers. There is, it’s called a razor.

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