WMC Plugins that I use

As you know that I have setup a HTPC which I have described it here. My HTPC project is still ongoing and ever ready to evolve.  In order to enhance my HTPC experience , I have decided to use additional Windows Media Centre plugins to make my life easier (I could just control it with a remote). This would allow me to do additional things and expand my HTPC.
Here are some of the plugins or software that I use
1. Kylo Web Browser
Download link

Kylo is an amazing browser. It is built upon Firefox and it is designed for big screen . As you could see the buttons and text size are large enough so that you could sit back and surf the Internet. Its great for reading news online , checking out scores or simply just quickly check your e-mail on the big screen. With Flash compatibility and the ability to use Windows Media Center Remote for navigation , it makes an ideal Web Browser for your Media Center
2. Hulu Desktop Integration 
Download link

Hulu made an awesome application that allows you to watch hulu programs without a web browser. This Intergration tool serves as a middle man , allowing you to launch Hulu Desktop via Windows Media Center. What it basically does is that it minimizes Windows Media Centre and starts Hulu Desktop. If you close hulu desktop , bam it shows back Windows Media Center. So it makes it seamlessly
3. BBC iPlayer for Windows Media Center 
Download link

There is even a BBC iPlayer addin for Windows Media Center. It makes it easier for me to watch programs such as Top Gear , Click and BBC News. All done with a touch of a button that is.
Oh yeah if you are outside US/UK , you would probably need to use VPN , so that you could use BBC iPlayer and Hulu . So what other add-ins do you use. Kindly share and leave a comment

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  1. Prasys,
    Tks for sharing your experience on HTPC.
    How do you set up VPN to use BBC iPlayer and Hulu for those outside US/UK?
    Have a nice day.

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