AMD and OSX Lion Progress

It’s great news for AMD users out there as bronzovka has finally managed to get up AMD Systems to play nice with OSX Lion. A guy by the name R:A:W:X86 took a step further by allowing AMD Bulldozer CPU to work with Lion and as well as fully 64-bit support for AMD processors (yes you can run in 64-bit kernel mode). At the moment there is no clear guide or installation software that to work with AMDs yet. I was hoping that my good friend , Conti updates his myHack to make it AMD compatible or a special version with AMD. If I have the time (which I should find),
So what I would currently recommend to folks that want to try AMD is that , you would have to a working OSX86 Installation and try with swapping with the kernel (I am quite sure that you have probably installed on an Intel system). Get RAWX86’s kernel , swap it and test it out. At least your system should boot , if it does not. Its time to troubleshoot and remove offending kexts.
AMD Users rejoice and I am quite sure that in OSX 10.8 , there would be good news – as we have people who have managed to get AMD working in OSX 10.7 and have released their sources and diffs so that talented developers out there can carry out their work and improvise it !

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