Samsung ML-2160 Review Part 2

Let’s take a look at what else Samsung ML-2160 has to offer. In the previous section of the review , we took a look at price/performance ratio and the hardware aspects of the printer such as its size. In this segment , we will take a look on the software aspect of the printer.

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Setting up the printer
Setting up the printer was a breeze. All I had to do on my MacBook Pro was to plug the printer and MacOS X automatically installed a driver for me and the printer worked out of the box.  But for this test , I’ll be conducting the review on a Windows computer as majority of students and people are using Windows computer.
For this purpose , I have decided to test it on my HP tc4400 Tablet PC computer which is running on an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz , 2GB of RAM and Windows 7. Installation is pretty simple by putting in the CD and installing it. Suppose if you are installing on a laptop or netbook without CD-ROM Driver (which is becoming more and more common) , drivers can be obtained from SAMSUNG’s Site or by clicking here 

SAMSUNG Printer Installation
SAMSUNG Printer Installation

Installation was a breeze. After answering few questions and after printer detection (which took couple of seconds). Driver Installation was on its way
Printer was quick detected and drivers were installed
Printer was quick detected and drivers were installed

Kudos SAMSUNG. The installation is not a bloatware nor it installs a lot of unwanted stuff which can make your PC to slowdown.
SAMSUNG Easy Printer Manager 
SAMSUNG Easy Printer Manager acts like a command centre. From here you could view every detail about your printer  – from its toner level till how many papers are left to print or sent to printer. It also alerts you whenever your toner is low.
Samsung Easy Printer Manager
Samsung Easy Printer Manager - Your one stop shop for your printer details

It also allows you to set when your printer should sleep and other advance settings
Samsung Easy Printer Manager Settings
Samsung Easy Printer Manager Settings

Its a neat software , but probably you would use it when you want to troubleshoot or to view your toner level
SAMSUNG Easy Eco Driver
For some reason , SAMSUNG Easy Eco Driver did not get enabled by default for me. I had to change it in Print Settings (Printer Preferences) and put a small tick here
SAMSUNG ML-2160 Printer Settings
SAMSUNG ML-2160 Printer Settings

It may be enabled by default if you have installed from CD , since I did not have any CD-ROM Drive on this PC , I could not test that. But certainly when you download driver from the Internet , it is not turned on by default. I do hope that SAMSUNG takes note of this and prompts the user during installation if they want this feature or not (this would be great).
Anyhow , let us take a look at how Easy Eco Driver works. When you print something , Eco Driver will send it to a buffer or to a temporary location and then it will prompt you on if you want to use any of its eco-saving features such as removing images/graphics or scaling them down. This is ideal say if you are student and you want to print tons of reference material to support your thesis or your assignment.  For instance I tried to print an article from The Star . Eco Driver shows how it looks like when you turn or turn off the settings. This is how it looks like for me with its default settings
SAMSUNG eco Print Driver
SAMSUNG Easy Eco Driver - Default Selection

Now , after playing around with it. I’ve managed to get it to tweak. For some reason remove images turns the image into white. The nice thing about the software is that it tells you how much energy,money,toner,paper that you are saving by adjusting the settings
SAMSUNG Easy Eco Driver - After some tweak

There are tons of settings that you could play with and best of all you could store these settings , for instance everytime you would like to print a news article , just use your ‘news article’ from preset.  I would like to take this opportunity to praise SAMSUNG for providing a simple to use interface for people to remove unwanted stuff when they are printing from the Internet or even from their lecture slides to save some ink. Its a win-win situation , it helps the owner to cut costs on paper usage , toner usage and not to mention helps our environment. Thank You SAMSUNG. 
A suggestion is that if the application can detect from where its printing (i.e Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome , it should automatically apply a certain profile).
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Kindly click here to read Part 3 , whereby I test the printing speed and sum my thoughts on the printer
I would like to say that its not a sponsored post by Samsung but more towards the printer  itself. The review can be negative or positive as they have spent out that each reviewers have their freedom of expression to express their thoughts. I would also like to thank SAMSUNG for providing me with the review unit

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