Prasys x DressLands Metallic Skater Dress

Prasys x DressLands Metallic Skater Dress – Shimmering Gold/ Flared Skirt
This prasys x Dresslands metallic skater dress is a fabulous choice for summer parties. Its shimmering gold stretch, metallic fabric will cause heads to turn. Simply put, it is beautiful! It is comprised of 80% Nylon and 20% Elastane for a comfortable stretch. This dress may be hand washed in cold water and line dried. It features a fitted bodice with a scoop neckline. The bodice is supported by thin spaghetti straps that are the self-tie type. This means that the wearer can adjust them for her perfect level of comfort. There is a fitted seam under the bust where the flared skirt joins the upper portion of the dress. This is a short dress, with a hemline that ends at the upper thigh area. The full cut of the skirt allows for a greater range of movement, making this a great dress to wear for a night of dancing. This prasys x is available for purchase in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Fixing Lion Annoying Resume

MacOS X Lion has lots of great features and it somewhat makes MacOS X as close as iOS (this is what Apple is trying to do) . One thing which I hated in OSX was its resume functionality , like how application and system resumes when you shut it off or restart it. Of course you have the option of turning it off every time you reboot/restart , but you’ll have to untick it and reboot for a clean reboot , else it would load up all the applications that you had previously and this would have an impact on boot time (unless of course you are using SSD).
I’ve found this great guide in MacOS X hints which describes how to do it , but unfortunately , it was not clearly explained as I would prefer to explain on what these commands do as you could understand them and improve your UNIX skills.
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